$240 Per Day Goal

So over the passed few weeks we took a break from this blog so that we could take our business to the next level.  The only problem was that we only had a certain amount of hours in the day to work and we were already starting to run short.  We needed to organize a system that would allow us to get the most work done in the least amount of time.  Our solution to this was organized outsourcing.  Outsourcing is not really a new concept in the internet marketing world.  There are several people who already know about using VA’s and some people even have multiple VA’s working for them at any given moment.  However, many people don’t utilize organized systems to run their VA’s.  By keeping things organized you are able to lessen the amount of time that both you and your VA have to work.

Creating Organized Systems

So what systems have we set into place?  The first system that I put into action was our very own personal article writing service.  By combining a free support ticket system (osticket) with our favorite outsourcing company (odesk.com) I was able to build an article writing service that allowed us to get as many quality articles done as we wanted in a short amount of time.  I modeled our system to be very similar to Textbroker.com (a well established article writing service).  So why did I build our own versus just buying from Textbroker?  Because it saves us a TON of money.  We want the ability to be able to build 100’s of pages of content every month.  So even saving a few dollars per article can add up very quickly.

The next system that we organized was the structure of training our VA’s.  Before, we would just send files back and forth between our VAs.  However, over the past few weeks we built a new site just for the VAs so they can learn and reference any of our ongoing projects.  The site utilized a membership plugin so that only they could log in and view/download the information.  We created detailed videos and tutorial pages for them so that they would understand precisely what they need to be working on.  The VA’s would then mark and keep record of their daily accomplishments so that we could actively track the work that’s going on.  So how much has this helped?  Well a site that might normally take 4-5 hours to build and backlink will now only take us about…10 minutes 🙂

So what are our goals now?  Well, in the beginning of May we set out to hit $50 per day by the end of the month.  So far we have exceeded that amount and are now hitting around $80 per day.  With our new and improved systems we suspect that we will be able to drastically increase this number in a short amount of time.

The Goals For June:

In the month of June we plan to take our Daily Income from $80 to $240 per day.  At the same time we want to start selling some of our sites.  Typically one would want to wait at least 3 months or so before selling, however, we’re doing it a little earlier so that we can gain a little extra capital to invest in other projects.

We are also planning on building our very own course that will teach people step by step how to build “Online Real Estate” using the exact methods we do.  It will likely be built on a membership site which will be constantly updated with tutorial videos, pdf, and webinars.  Because of the sheer amount of work that will go into creating it, it probably will not be free.  If you are subscribed to our email list, you can be sure to receive a discount on this.  We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this project.

Anyway, as always we love hearing from you so ask a question or leave a comment below.

We wish you all the best!
– The WSO Testers

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  1. TedTed05-29-2012

    glad to see your stride, so could you reveal a bit, are you still targeting adsense?

    • Josh E.Josh E.06-01-2012

      Yes, we’re still targeting adsense. We plan on using other monetization methods soon though.

  2. DaveDave05-29-2012

    Great work guys. That’s a massive increase from your previous month. I have been focussing on Amazon for last few months and starting to really scale it up. Have you guys done likewise or just focusing on Adsense at the moment?

    Also how many sites have you got up and running and what is the average monthly return for each site?

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-30-2012

      Hey Dave,
      At the moment, all of the sites are Adsense based. We are looking into building some Amazon sites though. We have one amazon site right now, but it’s not earning anything. I may need to look back into that site to see how we can improve it.

  3. Tyler HermanTyler Herman05-30-2012

    Congrats on the continued success. Looks like you got a system nailed down. I’ve been thinking of raising some capital to hire some more writers but I hadn’t thought of building out a whole ticket system for it. Probably save tons of time in the long run.

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-30-2012

      Hey Tyler,
      It definitely saves a lot of time. We have about 10 article writers that check the site for new articles. So we can post that we need ten articles tomorrow and it will be done.

  4. JasonJason05-30-2012

    Great job guys! How much content do you add per post? How much backlinking are you doing for newer sights? Any Help would be appreciated!

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-30-2012

      Hey Jason,
      We’re adding 1000 word articles for our first post. The secondary articles get 500 word articles. For most of the sites we have a VA build about 100 high PR backlinks.

  5. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff05-30-2012

    Awesome guys!
    How many sites have you built so far? How many of them are in top 5 in SERP?

    • Josh E.Josh E.06-01-2012

      I would have to say that about 30 sites are at the top of Google for their main keyword. So far we’ve built around 70 sites. Some of them are not yet ranking and some of them are earlier sites that we decided not to follow through with.

  6. Luke ClarkLuke Clark05-31-2012

    Wow you guys are destroying this niche site game!
    I’ve been making mini niche sites for 2 months and still counting.
    I haven’t looked into getting an angel investor so I’m going quite a bit slower than you guys.
    I’m at 21 sites as of right now.

    I’ve been writing all the content myself with some help from my wife as well.

    Here’s the basics of what I’m doing:
    3 500 word articles on the site – seriously considering using 1000 words for home page
    UAW and Social Bookmarking – Ranking well because of my keyword research (lots of longtails too)
    Sticking with EMD’s only

    I’m absolutely no where near where you guys are; like I said I’m going rather slow just because I don’t really have the resources to outsource right now.

    I’ve been able to keep costs down to about $14 per site not including UAW and hosting fees.

    I’d really like to connect with you guys; I have some interesting ideas that I wanna run past you.

  7. Josh E.Josh E.06-01-2012

    I always enjoy connecting with other marketers. Feel free to email me at josh@wsotesters.com

  8. JackJack06-01-2012

    Hey Josh,
    You said that your VAs are building ~100 high PR backlinks to the sites, are these from a blog network? And are you seeing your sites getting sandboxed if you’re sending mass backlinks to a new domain? Congrats on the success!

  9. AzizulAzizul06-14-2012

    Hello admin..

    I am sorry if my comment not relative with your article post..i am actualy very newbies and i dont in what way you can make money until $240 per day..i hope i can learn anything from you and at the same time i also can make money like you..

    Thank you.

  10. jayjay06-26-2012

    Hey Josh,

    I’ve been following your threads on the warrior forum. Thanks for sharing your online success. I just started using MS a few weeks ago for my niche sites. I’ve been wanting to connect with you. Currently screening VAs… I’ll shoot you an email.


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