From $70k to $0…

In March of 2012, my friend and I launched We spent days researching how to build and rank microniche websites in Google. After a few months we had it down to a science. We were seeing “residual income” and our online real estate value was pushing $70k. And then it hit… Google released a change to their algorythm called the EMD update. We had survived the penguin and panda updates, but this one was different. In the course of one night, 90% of our sites lost their ranking and their monthly income. Technically we didn’t drop all the way to $0, but it sure felt like it! In the wake of the rubble, we were forced to look for another source of income. We searched, but ultimately we were not able to find any online income sources that could sustain our cost of living.


Before I go further, I’d like to offer an apology to any of our old followers who have been waiting for an update from me. I should have posted earlier, but with bills coming, I put 100% of my focus into other things and I completely neglected this site and it’s followers. I am very very sorry about that…


What has happened since October of 2012?

First of all, I no longer have a partner here on WSOtesters. I am now the sole person running this site. Also, I can no longer call myself a full time entrepreneur. Yep, that’s right folks…I am back in the 8-5 world working in a corporate office. The interesting part though is that the company that I work for is a company that has a prime focus on internet/digital marketing. This means that I’m able to receive pretty good pay while I continue to learn and put my skills to work!

New Direction

As you can see, I’ve finally been able to get a grip on things and I can once again put some focus back on this website. I’ll be taking on a new direction from here on out and I will no longer be focusing only on microniche sites. Instead I will be moving this site more towards the direction that it was initially intended, which is towards testing and diversifying income. In the past, I was able to make thousands of dollars using various methods. Many of these methods had a short lifespan, but while they lasted, they were pretty much goldmines. Even though I would rather have long term sustainable income, I don’t mind cashing in on a few temporary goldmines along the way.

How will this benefit all of you guys?

Well, have you ever seen a product that showcased testimonials and great reviews about how well an ebook was written? Or how about those reviews that raved, “This is the best course ever!  I’ll test this out next week…Buy this NOW!”  Weren’t you frustrated when after hearing all those amazing reviews, not a single person came back to really share their story?  Well, I’m here to break that trend!  I plan to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of internet marketing.  I’ll dedicate my time and money to reveal which methods actually work, and which ones are just there to eat up your hard earn dollars.  Although I will do my best to pick winning products, I can guarantee you that I’ll run into duds as well.  After each experiment, I’ll rate the methods based on their start up cost, amount of work/difficulty, income potential, and income sustainability.  I’ll then give an overall score and I’ll either continue the project on the side, or i’ll kick it to the curb and call it “busted”. At that point it’s up to you take and do what you want with the info.

Goals For 2013

My goals for this year are simple. I want to get WSOtesters back and running stronger than ever before. I’ve learned a lot from the past and this time I won’t let myself become victim to a single income stream that can be blasted off the map in the blink of an eye. There’s going to be a lot of work ahead… so If you’re up for it, then join me while I embark on huge successes or epic failures 🙂

All the Best!
Josh @


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  1. mattmatt02-27-2013

    Glad your back, looking forward to your future and updates! I myself have been turning my successful micro niche sites into more content/niche sites. Most of them that we’re hit are making a come back!

    • JoshJosh03-01-2013

      Hey Matt, that’s really great to hear that they’re starting to come back! Very interesting indeed.

      • jamesjames05-10-2013

        Do you have any niche sites for sale at the moment?

  2. JayDeeJayDee02-27-2013

    Welcome back mate !!!!

    Jay (Sydney. NSW)

  3. RendellRendell02-27-2013

    Great to hear from you guys again.

    Was also affected by the EMD update and lost a huge portion of my income too.
    Manage to divest my effort away from AdSense niche sites to a few other income streams.

    Will be following this blog for more income ideas 🙂

    Good luck!

    • JoshJosh03-01-2013

      Thanks Rendell. Glad you’ve found some nice new sources of income. I’ll do my best to find some goldmines out there for people and not let anyone down.

  4. StevenSteven02-27-2013

    welcome back, josh

    and what i want say is:

    “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger”

  5. SudarshanSudarshan02-27-2013

    Hi Josh,
    Happy to know that you are back 🙂 Would love to hear from you if you are still creating microniche sites. Looking forward to your experiments and reviews 🙂

  6. JCJC02-27-2013

    Glad to see you back! I look forward to this site being active again and providing me with the motivation I need to stay strong in this crazy world of internet marketing. I’m glad to hear you were able to get your financial situation figured out, congratulations on the job.

    I like your plans and I can’t wait to see the results during your journey.

    Thanks for coming back!

    • JoshJosh03-01-2013

      Thanks JC. I find that working for yourself can sometimes be harder and more stressful than working for someone else and having someone tell you what to do. I have some really awesome things in store for everyone and with all of your feedback I know we can turn this site into something great!

  7. SlyteSlyte02-27-2013

    Glad to here you are back =)

  8. TanTan02-28-2013

    Glad your are back. In fact, I am not affected by EMD update, but my wife lost her adsense account. The problem is we shared the same account. So, I know I can not lazy again. I have to learn more how to diversifying income before I apply for new adsense account for myself. I am now focus on building content for another batch of websites.

  9. BaneBane02-28-2013

    welcome back mate.

    good on you for coming back!

    i look forward to your new direction. I hope it’s not just some bias review of everything so we buy the products..

    I hope you will accept suggestions for products to trial! That would be awesome.


    • JoshJosh03-01-2013

      Hey Bane, they definitely won’t be like that. And yes, I will be taking suggestions for products to trial. I’ll give more info on that soon.

  10. ChrisChris02-28-2013

    Thanks for sharing your story, certainly an interesting and honest insight!

  11. MikeMike03-01-2013

    Nice to see you back Josh. Way to get back on that horse.

  12. Tung TranTung Tran03-03-2013

    Hi Jost,

    It’s nice to finally see you come back 🙂

    I’ve been hit as well but I never gave up and finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel :D.

    Best wishes for you


  13. Alexander Bastian SmithAlexander Bastian Smith03-05-2013

    Did any of your sites come back? Some of mine did naturally over time. I was a bit disappointed you guys just disappeared but I guess coming back and apologising is good enough for me!

    • JoshJosh03-05-2013

      Hey Alexander. Some of the sites did come back, but not much. I’ll soon be examining the reasons why that may be and you can expect that microniche sites will be the topic of some of my future posts.

  14. Josh, welcome back! That was QUITE a hiatus. Will you be providing regular updates this year?

    Any idea why our friends Spencer and the Adsense Flippers guys haven’t posted any more income updates? I’m very curious to know how things have changed since the EMD update and the end of Feb Google update.

    Seems like when things are good, we reveal. When things are bad, we avoid. Kinda like stock wins in the PF niche which I’m in 🙂


    • JoshJosh03-14-2013

      I’m going to try to update as much as I can, but times are really busy for me right now. I have a lot on my plate and not much time to do it.

    • Glad to see you back, Josh! Looking forward to your updates!

      FS – We’re still planning on doing income reports/updates, but I thought we’d switch to a quarterly schedule. They’re a bit of a pain to put together each month and I was thinking doing it 4 times/year might make it a bit easier.

      Joe’s thinking we should go back to a monthly report. (but he’s not the one that has to write them! lol) We’ll put out a Q1 report and then look at either quarterly or monthly from there….

  15. JaanJaan03-12-2013

    Maaaan, you got owned by Google badly..

    Well, just start over and start living the life you have always wanted 🙂

  16. Joyce NormanJoyce Norman03-20-2013

    Hi Josh,

    Great to see you back again. I lost a number of lucrative partial EMD sites and they never recovered, even after months of hard work. I’ve given up for now as I find that the whole process is too unstable, no matter how big/old your website is. So many good websites were hit with the updates and no one seems to know for certain what the rules are. Once someone finds a great way to make money, Google are onto it and the process becomes obsolete.

  17. adviseuradviseur03-27-2013

    welcome back.

    I hope you can get this site up and running again.

  18. JCJC07-31-2013

    Knock knock! Is anyone home in the brilliant mind of Josh? LOL

    Hopefully everything is going good in your personal life and career. But, I want to be selfish and see you back here making this site active again…


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