How To Set Up Hosting And Start A Blog

Many people are hesitant about starting a blog/site because they feel like it requires too much technical knowledge or coding. I can honestly tell you that it requires neither, and that starting a site is a very easy thing to do. In literally 3 minutes, you can have your own blog/site up and ready to go.

To help you start your blog, we’ve created the following video tutorial (You may want to make the video Full Screen by clicking on the button on the bottom right of the video.):

BlueHost Hosting Services


Cost of Hosting Unlimited Domains (Using the discount though our affiliate link):
$4.95 per month if you sign up for 1 year
or $3.95 per month if you sign up for 3 years.
** UPDATE ** Bluehost is no longer offering this discount through many affiliate links.  They are still a great host, but we are currently looking into cheaper options for our readers.  –  Josh

What Exactly Is A Hosting Account?
In order to start any site, you need to have a hosting account and a registered domain. A hosting account is the place where all of your site files and databases are stored.

What Is A Domain?
A domain, is basically the URL or “written address” of a site
(e.g. “”)

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  1. LarryLarry07-26-2012

    Great video 🙂 How do you go about adding on domains to the bluehost account. Is it as easy as hostgator?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-26-2012

      It’s very easy. Just go to the cpanel and under the domains tab, you click on Addon domains. From there they have a step by step layout on the page that you can follow to add your domains. It’s even more straight forward then hostgator, in my opinion.

  2. BatuhanBatuhan07-26-2012

    Hello Josh

    Why you choose BlueHost, Why not Hostgator ?

    Thank you for every motivational thing and post (:

    Take care

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-27-2012

      Well, BlueHost is cheaper and I like their hosting support better. They are even offering direct support for wordpress users now. Personally I’ve never tried the new wordpress support team yet, but then again I consider myself a little more advanced in wordpress than most. If you’re a new user though, this could be very helpful.

  3. ErnieErnie08-13-2012


    I just want to verify something. So with Bluehost, you can pay 4.95 a month and host an unlimited amount of domains? So you only need to pay 4.95 per month to run twenty sites,(minus the domain name cost)?

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