How To Take Action

How To Take ActionI thought I’d make a quick post about one of the things that many people new to online marketing struggle with.  With all of the hundreds of different ways to make money online, it is easy for internet business entrepreneurs to get caught up on which direction to take.  They buy one internet marketing guru’s “method” to make $10,000 in a couple weeks and before they get the chance to implement, they end up buying another guru’s million dollar method.  This in turn leads to a cycle of spending lots of money while making nothing.  The truth is, if you try to look at everything in the internet marketing world from a broad perspective, it’s is very easy to fail.  You have to chop it down and learn from the bottom up.  Learn and understand the basics and then grow from there.

We All Start As A White Belt

Being a practitioner and fan of martial arts, I’ll use “learning how to fight” as an example.  If I were starting my first day as a white belt with no previous fighting experience, I cannot walk up to a black belt or UFC champion like Anderson Silva and expect to dominate.  Before I can become a formidable opponent I must first learn to build a posture/stance.  I then need to learn how to understand my balance and limits.  Then I’ll need to learn how to twist my hips and body for leverage and momentum.  After that I can finally learn to throw a punch.  Without knowing how to do each of these properly, my punch becomes a jumbled mess.

This concept can be applied directly into internet marketing.

1) Build A Posture/Stance – Don’t just dive into the sea of internet marketing information.  Don’t think you can become an SEO expert, Social Media Expert, and Pay Per Click Expert all at the same time.  Rather, choose one and start building a laser focus.  Don’t let your focus go off course even if you see a shiny new “Make Millions In One Hour” method.  They are all distractions that hinder your success.

2) Understand Your Balance and Limits – Organize how much work and time you can commit to internet marketing.  Know the limits of how much money and time you can invest.  If you can invest money to save time, then do it – but only do it after carefully researching and understanding what you are buying.

3) Leverage and Momentum – Stay laser focused on your stance!  Leverage your time properly.  Utilize tools to keep you on task like Google Calanders and Google Docs.  Imagine you are still at work and your boss said that you have to get a specific project done like building a niche site in 2 hours.  If he told you to do that, would you still be playing around on Facebook or reading about other ways to build online fortune?  No, you would be laser focused on getting that task done.  If you set time limits on everything you do, I guarantee you will double or triple your productivity!

4) Throw A Punch – If you do the above steps you’ll be throwing punches (making money) in no time.  Congratulate yourself for a job well done!… But don’t think you’re able to compete with the best of the best yet. You need to learn how to perfect that punch of yours and learn variations as well.  Once you’re already making money, maybe you can start taking a peak at learning how to kick (a new method) 🙂

So what are you waiting for?  Choose your stance and get to it!

We wish you all the best!
– The WSO Testers

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  1. TedTed06-04-2012

    i agree with “Don’t just dive into the sea of internet marketing information”, i was too dive-into when i just joined im world, thanks your nice tips

    • Josh E.Josh E.06-05-2012

      Most everyone starts like that. But once we’ve gone over that hoop, everything starts to fall into place 🙂

  2. BrentBrent06-05-2012

    This is very good advice, I found that when I first got started in internet marketing that there was so much information available, especially if you buy a lot of WSO’s like I did that you can try and take on to much at once. Once I took a step back and only concentrated on one discipline and focused all of my energy on that one discipline that I was able to see some success.

    • Josh E.Josh E.06-05-2012

      That’s Great Brent. I was in that exact same boat for the first month after hearing about internet marketing. But after honing in on one direction I was able to see almost immediate profits. Keep up the good work!

  3. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff06-06-2012

    Can you tweet once a week what is your current earning per day?

    • Josh E.Josh E.06-06-2012

      Hey Paul, Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely consider doing this.

  4. KaleyKaley06-10-2012

    I like the how you related it to boxing… ^^

  5. Josh E.Josh E.06-10-2012

    Yes indeed Mr. Kaley. I believe we’re about due for a chat so we can catch up on old times 🙂

  6. AronAron06-10-2012

    I agree, leveraging your time is crucial. I still find myself over-checking stats and wasting time. I will have to stick to a short list of daily items from now on. I now have a series of steps to take to grow my internet marketing business, but it is the “doing it” consistently that is tough:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.06-11-2012

      Definitely. I actually also struggle a little bit with staying on task, because I love to learn new things. In the end I figured that what works best for me is keeping track and scheduling everything via Google Calendar. It really works wonders for me.

  7. Mike M.Mike M.07-14-2012

    Josh – just wanted to say great website. Your content is wonderful and the video presentations on some posts are great. I don’t have anything ‘post specific’ to say other than keep it up!

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