Increase Adsense CTR

One of the best ways to increase the income your making from a site is to increase adsense CTR (click through rate).  Many people only think about building a site and ranking it, but they neglect to work on click through rate.  If you’re one of these people than you’re leaving money on the table.

First of all, what exactly is “click through rate”.  Click through rate, or CTR for short, refers to the rate in which visitors click the link that you want them to visit.  In the case of adsense, this rate is normally expressed as the percentage of visitors who click on your adsense ads.  Depending on how well your site is optimized for adsense, your CTR percentage could be under 1% or it could be well over 20%.

Here are a few tips/factors that may help you achieve higher CTRs.

  1. Blend your ads with the theme color.

    By blending your ads with your theme color it typically makes the ads more clickable.  So If your sites theme is red, then make your adsense ads red.  Google makes this very easy to do.  All you have to do is click on the color box as shown below when creating your ads.

    blend adsense
  2. Use Premium Ad PlacementBy placing your ads in premium spots, they will be more visible and clickable to your visitors.  Instead of just putting ads in the sidebar, try placing ads within the content as well.  Below is a heatmap of which ad placements get the most clicks.  The darker the color, the more clicks that ad placement should get.  Keep in mind though, that this isn’t always 100% correct.  For some sites/themes, other placements may get more clicks so it’s always good to test a adsense placements
  3. Pick high converting keywords.

    If you want to have a high click through rate, then this is the most important factor.  When you’re doing your keyword research you need to pick high converting keywords that have a high amount of advertisers targeting those keywords. Actually look at some of your competitors sites and see what ads are showing up. If my keyword is “red apples” and the ads that show up are not about apples, then your CTR is not going to be that high.

  4. Write good content.

    If you have bad content, especially in your first few sentences, then people will immediately leave your page. So always use good relevant content.  This will also help in getting higher click through rates towards the bottom of your page.  When you capture the visitors attention, they’re more likely to stick around longer and then click on the ads at the bottom of your page.

  5. Once you find a good keyword that converts – Dominate the Niche!

    Normally if one keyword in that niche is open, there’s at least a few more that are open as well.  Seek these keywords out and add them to your site or to a new site that you create.  You can also find out what long tail keywords your competitors are targeting and start ranking for them as well.  Also, if one keyword has a high CTR, then it’s likely that other keywords within that niche also have a high CTR because the same laser targeted advertisements are hitting those keywords as well.

Now that you have the tips, start putting them into practice.  With a little extra time and effort you should be able to raise your adsense income!

I wish you all the best.
Josh @

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  1. Jimmy HansonJimmy Hanson09-16-2012

    A nice summary

    Using CTRtheme which template theme (of the 5) do you find converts the best?

    Also the same question for the ad layouts (I love 336left)?


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Hey Jimmy, the one that seems to be converting the best is the one that’s all blue. As far as ad layouts we use these ones: The one with the dark red arrow pointing to it converts the best for us. Remember, we don’t use the pushdown images when using CTR theme.

      • Jimmy HansonJimmy Hanson09-18-2012


        Thansk for the reply.

        the all blue theme. thats the one with the light blue background? top left og the 5?

        • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

          Yea, it’s the one with the light blue background. When I look at CTR theme set up, it shows up as the first theme on the second row.

  2. Jimmy HansonJimmy Hanson09-16-2012

    Oh al;so meant to ask are you selling sites Ive not seen any on your site for a while or on flippa?
    wondered if all was ok with them as sales are important arnt they?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      I’ll probably put some sites up for sale soon.

  3. BrentBrent09-16-2012

    Great information Josh, thanks for always having great information.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Thanks Brent! So when is that site of yours going to start filling up with content. I keep checking on it 🙂

      • BrentBrent09-16-2012

        I got a lot of work done on it this weekend, should have my first post as well as my first income report posted in the next couple of days. I had to go to Charlotte NC all of last week for business and wasn’t able to get any work on it done.

        • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

          Sounds great, Brent. Can’t wait to see it!

  4. barrybarry09-16-2012

    Great tips:) I could be wrong put does the CTR theme automatically change your ad colors to go with your theme? Also, can we blend the theme will the ads are active without causing a problem…should we diable ads first. Thank you

  5. hennahenna09-16-2012

    How many adsense themes are you guys using? and what are they? Thank you!

  6. JCJC09-16-2012

    Nice! I’ll be using these tips on the site I create.

  7. Hey Josh! good tips! I believe having great content is the key. Also the link colors to match your site palette is really important.

  8. darrendarren09-16-2012

    Does that first layout have enough content above the fold? Looks a bit risky with what looks like a roadblock of ads.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Hey Darren. As long as you’re not using the pushdown images, then there should be enough content above the fold. That’s how it’s been for our experiences at least.

  9. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff09-17-2012

    In one of your tutorials i heard that you are using SEOPressor for on page seo. Are you still using it and if so on how many of your sites?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Paul, we are NOT using SEOpressor at all anymore. We used it for the first sites when we were still learning, but we soon realized that SEOpressor was not a good plugin for our sites.

      • max waymiremax waymire09-18-2012

        Hi josh, could you please let us know why SEOpressor is not a good plugin for niche sites. I have it installed on my new niche site. This will be of great help. Thanks.

        • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

          It’s just outdated and the percentage of optimization that it gives isn’t reliable from my experiences. Last time I checked, the suggestions that it gives for optimizing your site is clearly over-optimization. I have since learned to do it manually. Maybe SEOpressor will catch up with the updates, but even if it does, you can easily make the optimization changes without using a plugin.

  10. FrederikFrederik09-17-2012

    Hi, I’ve recently discovered your blog. Very encouraging to see you gain such succes in 2012… Couple of days ago I wondered wether it would be profitable enough to live off your niche sites income, and definitely working for you, so congratz. 🙂

    Also, when will you guys release more websites for sale? I would love to buy one!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Hey Frederik, thanks for dropping by. We’ll release some sites for sale this week if everything goes according to schedule.

  11. James LongJames Long09-17-2012

    Hi Mosa,

    I’ve been following your progress from the start regarding this site and your niche sites as you have updated us all. I just wanted to advise you if you were not aware that the dark red arrow theme you use MIGHT have your sites penailzed by google for ‘using too many ads above the fold’ which was a recently a big issue.

    Just a heads up if you were not aware 🙂

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Hey James, thanks for the input. I’ve read a bit about that, but the truth is we just haven’t seen that impact on any site yet. That being said, I don’t want people to just follow us without thinking about the risks and deciding themselves. Trevor and I do occasionally break rules because we want to test for ourselves what is working and what is not. At the moment our sites are doing fine with this layout, but once again, remember that we don’t use the pushdown images.

  12. Josh JohnsonJosh Johnson09-17-2012

    Hey josh i really need you help, I have a business plan to write for a guy that is going to invest in me. I have no idea where to start. I really need the investment, if you would be willing to talk to me on skype or something i would be very happy. a few seconds of you time would be amazing thanks.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Hey Josh, i’m not sure what sort of help you’re looking for here, but you can email me at and I can see what I can do.

  13. DougDoug09-18-2012

    Hey Josh,

    I just wanted to weigh in a little on the “To many ads above the fold”. Are people understanding that the CTR Theme is rotating the ad placements. Even if one of the selected rotating ad placements might be breaking the rules, it wont be used constantly use, so it might then lean towards not being penalized as much or at all.

    Just my two cents.

  14. JamesJames09-19-2012

    Hey Guys, I’ve been following this blog a for awhile now – Great stuff. I would just like to point out that CTR theme also has options to show a diffrent ad-layout depending on whos viewing the website (like Google for example). I believe there is a video on CTR themes website that shows you how to do this and gives you the IP’s to block. That should help lower the risk with the ads, but removing push-down images alone should be enough in my opinion.

  15. BluebellBluebell09-20-2012

    I’ve just dropped using the 2 ads at the top (the option which looks fairly blocky, dark red arrow) and my CTR has gone from 2% to almost 4%…really is worth playing with this for your sites. Bounce rate down lots.

  16. LeslieLeslie09-21-2012

    Great tip! Don’t some themes do that for you?

  17. GaryGary09-23-2012

    Hi fellows! Say a website theme is to place add is 120X600 and adsense code is 160X600, can i change the size in adsense code to 120X600 or it will just resize? Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      Hey Gary, Why not just add the correctly sized ad?

  18. dalidali09-26-2012

    Great information guys! How long did it take to get to a $1000 a month? Thanks

  19. StewStew09-28-2012

    I think blending your ads gives you a great CTR. Next Month would Like to see a screen shot of adsense earning…obviously without breaking TOS.


  20. paulpaul09-29-2012

    hey guys,

    ive just set up my 1st adsense site using your video based on ctr theme in your money making ebook, however i think ive uncovered a minor flaw in the set up process. Now bear in mind that i have followed to a tee the exact set up process with all plugins, theme and seo. now what you dont say is which sub theme to use as there are 5 of them . if i use the same sub theme you are using in your video my pages dont show up in the sidebar as the only widgets that are available for that sub theme are the left column below and above the ads or the privacy in footer widget……..however if i switch the sub themes to the top right theme then it allows me to use the top nav and above ads widgets…using your process and theme gives different options to how it is in your video from your book…..if i change to the same theme you are using then i cant get my pages to show in the side bar at all unless i put a pages widget in the above ads widget…this is not how your set up process appears in your video……in your video you are using top nav and above ads widgets however the appearance is different to your video as those widgets only show up in the top right sub theme…hope you get what im saying as although i have now figured it out the error appears to be in your widgets that are being used

  21. paulpaul09-29-2012

    id also like to know what in your video your how to start a blog and make money is showing twice in the category sidebar

  22. DavidDavid04-17-2013

    What’s up everybody!

    This is my first time here, but I had a question, if it’s alright with the webmaster?
    I have quite a few sites, however, two of my sites in the weight loss niche are doing good with adsense. I went right through the Penguin and Panda updates like I was untouchable!

    I couldn’t believe it, especially with my Adsense sites, but sure enough I went through in remarkably good shape!

    Anyway, now out of nowhere I have been seeing changes that I don’t like! I can’t give the sites names out, but I just copied and pasted some stats I just took from my Adsense account on just one of the two weight loss sites I referred to earlier.
    pageviews: 4,725
    clicks: 1,071
    CTR: 22.67%
    CPC: $0.21
    RPM: $47.41
    Earnings: $224.01

    Now normally I would be seeing a CPC of around $0.72 or higher, but as you can see above there is a CPC of $0.21

    Not only that but I am seeing a direct correlation between high click rates and low CPC?

    I really sincerely hope that they are not playing that game, because to me taking my hard earned money is no game!

    I have been watching this very closely all month, and I am beginning to really see a pattern developing with this. This would be very very bad!

    I sure hope I am very wrong about this because it makes no sense. Google is an awesome search engine and truthfully I really like Google.

    Please let me know your views or opinion on this please. I would really respect what you have to say about this, one way or the other.

    I have been making an extra $1500.oo a month with very little work needed, but I still maintain everything to keep my content fresh and all my links checked and working. I have a great backlinking
    strategy that I use. There is just no way possible to do backlinking for dozens of sites without using automated software to do it.

    I have an account with Senuke XCR and Senuke Inferno, and SEO Zont which is a great program, along with Article Builder, Submit Your Article, Best Spinner, Long Tail Pro, Market Samurai
    Anyone who thinks making money online is easy, or cheap, or takes very little time, better take a second look before they leap.


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