Long Tail Pro Discount Expiring + Other Updates

Long Tail Pro DiscountJust to let everyone know, our Long Tail Pro Discount is set to expire at the end of this month, so that means you only have 2 days to get the discount.  Maybe we can talk to Spencer about allowing us to keep the discounted rate longer or allowing us to use it in the future, but if not, then it could be gone forever.  So if you’re interested in taking your keyword research to the next level and you want to take advantage of saving a good $20, then click here and grab your copy.  Try it out, grab some amazing keywords and start ranking and making money.  If you don’t like it, it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so just get yourself a refund.  It’s pretty much a no brainer if you ask me.


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Having A Little Fun

So we’ve been a little absent from the blog and forums for the last couple of weeks but it’s a little tougher than we expected to keep up with everything between camping trips and trips to Las Vegas.  Stack birthdays, family visits, and new hobbies on top of that and you’ve got yourself a busy schedule.  I guess we can’t complain, because not every job offers the opportunity to take time off whenever you’d like.

Amazon and Niche Sites

Besides all of that fun stuff what have we been up to?  Well, for starters we’ve already begun building another 70 niche sites for adsense.  We’ve also finally begun building our very first Authority Site (besides this one), and guess what… we’re targeting Amazon.  We’ve had a few authority site ideas sitting in the back burner, but we’ve decided to start taking action on the Amazon one first.  We’ve already learned a LOT from this process and we’re continuing to put the pieces together to make this project successful as well.  The cool thing is we’ve already started to make a few sales!

Expect us to start becoming a lot more active on the site and throughout the internet.  We’re hoping to even start a podcast pretty soon here, we just need to get a little more organized and then we’ll be launching that full scale.  Also, I’m planning to start building more tutorials.  Maybe even a day by day guide – not exactly sure how I’ll format that yet though.

Anyway, that’s all for this update.  Once again, if you haven’t yet picked up Long Tail Pro, this is the last chance to do so at our discounted rate.  If you haven’t yet seen our tutorial on how we do keyword research then you can check that out here as well.

All the best!
Josh @ WSOtesters.com


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  1. JCJC08-29-2012

    To everyone who hasn’t purchased Long Tail Pro yet, get it now! It will definitely help you with keyword research and there’s a great tutorial on this site that basically holds your hand and shows you how to use it productively!

    Glad to hear you guys are having fun and are able to pretty much do what you want when you want. You guys are truly living my dream LOL. Being your own boss, taking time off work whenever, and living life to fullest. Once again, you guys are great motivation! Congratulations on your success!

    I look forward to hearing more about your authority site progress. Once again, thanks for the update and keep them coming 😀

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Thanks for the support JC. We’ll definitely keep everyone updated with everything as it comes.

  2. TimTim08-29-2012

    Thanks for the update! Must be nice to be your own boss:) Cant wait for other tutorials and the podcast.

  3. SlyteSlyte08-29-2012

    I hope you’ll share your experience with Amazon. =)

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Hey Slyte, we’re still in the learning phase for this. We considered documenting and posting what we’re doing as we’re doing it, but unlike the adsense niche, there seems to be a much higher possibility of saturation for the method we’re using. So basically we want to wait to see if we can find evergreen holes so that everyone won’t be dipping into the same pot.

  4. mannymanny08-29-2012

    Can’t wait for more tutorials! Maybe how to flip websites? Would like more on adsense then amazon…just my opinion. Hopefully you still have the LTP discount on Friday that when I want to buy it:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Hey Manny, we’ll probably start blogging about both amazon and adsense. Ultimately we want to be able to cover as many aspects of internet marketing as we can so we can truly have diversified income.

  5. Mark SojkaMark Sojka08-29-2012

    Amazon is really a good choice for authority website 🙂 You can make nice money on holidays especially and also what is nice in amazon affiliate program is that you get commission for every item the visitor buy 🙂

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Hey Mark, I agree completely. Actually that’s why we decided to jump on this. We figured that it’s starting to get close to the holidays and we want to be established by the time Black Friday and Christmas comes along 🙂

  6. MarioMario08-29-2012

    Great Job guys at your success…hopefully I get there one day! Would love to see more backlink follow up tutorials, flipping websites would be cool and yeah that podcast would rock!! Take care

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Thanks for the support Mario. I have a lot of things that I need to work on since i’m now taking on a ton of projects all at once. I may make more tutorials once I get more organized and things settle down.

  7. MattMatt08-30-2012

    Would love to check out a podcast! Keep up the great work!

  8. TyroneTyrone08-30-2012

    Great job guys…can’t wait too see upcoming tutorials!

  9. jerryjerry08-30-2012

    70 sites…how long does that take you? any plan on doing CPA? thanks!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Jerry. For us personally it’s only about a days work. But we need to make sure everything is running well with all the writers and VAs.

  10. DonDon08-30-2012

    Hey Josh, I am just starting out with niche sites (semi-authority kind) since I do not have the money to mass produce. Please do a tutorial on how you do off page SEO for your sites. By the way I signed up to your mailing list and did not receive the free report.


  11. AnisulAnisul09-01-2012

    Hey Josh, I wanna buy a copy of LTP, but the discounted link is taking me to clickbank page where I need to pay with credit card. Is there any way to pay via Paypal? My country is not listed in CB Marketplace btw, Let me know if you have a solution to this.


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Anisul, unfortunately it looks like this may be the only way to pay when going through the discount link for now. I’ll let you know if we’re able to change this in the future.

  12. michaelmichael09-02-2012

    Can’t wait for the podcast:) How did your month go for August?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Michael. I’ll be working on the income reports very soon.

  13. cartercarter09-02-2012

    Great Job Guys….keep up the useful material you provide:)

  14. Mark SojkaMark Sojka09-04-2012

    Another month passed by so I’m looking forward to see your new income reports 🙂 or other new post 🙂

  15. ryanryan09-05-2012

    What is the average money a sight should make to continue with it? Thanks

    • TrevorTrevor09-06-2012

      I would say as long as a site is making more than you are putting in to it. Even if a site is making 20 cents a day, that’s still a residual income that you didn’t have before and that is a potential $73/year. I would say that is worth a domain renewal every year. Plus many times a site that is only giving you 20 cents a day will sometimes have an $8 day! Happened to us yesterday : )

  16. MidasMidas09-05-2012

    look forward 2 your authority site process!

  17. JoseJose09-08-2012

    Are you going to be using the same backlinking methods with the amazon sights?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Jose, at the moment we’re still in the testing process, but we have tried some of our backlinking strategies to one of the sites.

  18. luckylucky09-08-2012

    Great job Josh and trevor with all your success so far! Would like to see actually screenshots of earning proof!

    Good luck

  19. ZoltanZoltan09-19-2012

    Hey Josh,

    I’m a bit worried now about the performance, but maybe its just me being paranoid. Can you please answer this?

    I have started my first website 3 days ago, written an 1000 words artice, seti it up, etc than ping the website and than gave it about 400 PAD backlinks. Now when I see the rankings in Long Tail Pro, its still 500+ when I write my main keyword. When I write my root domain as the keyword it was 45 1 days ago, and now its 40.

    So is it really bad? Or should I wait?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-19-2012

      Hey Zoltan, 3 days is really not much time at all. Give it a couple of weeks.

      • ZoltanZoltan09-19-2012

        Thank you Josh, than I guess I’ll wait 🙂 I hope it will rank and I hope that I haven’t did somethind wrong.

        Also is there a good softawer to check my rankings?

        • Josh E.Josh E.09-19-2012

          We’ve been using SerpBook, but we’re probably leaning towards SerpFox at the moment.

  20. JCJC09-19-2012

    LTP doesn’t really seem very accurate when checking site rankings. Usually what I do is clear all cookies and cache, then do a regular search for my keyword in Google. Or sometimes I will do the above mentioned but with one of those “private browser” sites also. When I do that my sites come up in results that don’t match what LTP tells me.

    • ZoltanZoltan09-19-2012

      Hey man, but there is no such program which can get the exact rankings well? Because when its 500+ than I don’t really want to check 500 pages looking for my domain.

      Any btw why isn’t it accurate? Because of the cookies? Does it using Internet Explorer?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-19-2012

      Hey JC. I’m not sure what’s going on on your end. It seems to be working fine on our end when we cross check it.

  21. JCJC09-19-2012

    I’m not too sure either. I’ve tried it on different days and the result are usually different. To make it even weirder, it only shows inaccurate results for some of the sites, not all of them. It almost seems like if the site is within the first 20 results LTP is accurate, but if the sites rank outside of the first 20 it’s not as accurate.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-20-2012

      Oh, I’m just now realizing that you’re referring to the site “rank checker” that LTP has within it. Yea, we don’t really like to use LTP for checking ranks for our site. We’ve been using SerpBook, but we’re probably going to switch to SerpFox.

  22. BradBrad09-24-2012

    What is the lowest CPC you would go for? Also, what is the lowest exact searches?

    Thanks man!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      I think we’ve gone as low as $0.50. And I as far as exact searches, I think we’ve gone for 500 before. These were all special cases though, and we don’t recommend that as being a standard for your keyword research.

  23. N00biusN00bius09-27-2012

    Question about keyword-to-website relationship:

    Suppose I had the following:
    -Dog training supplies
    -training your german shepard
    -Using dog treats as a training aid

    Would you try to setup an EMD (or as close to it as possible) for each of these phrases or would you have something like DogTrainingHQ.net and place articles for each of those phrases on the site? I’ve been through your training material & don’t follow how you make this type of decision.

    In the meantime I’ll be testing variations on the theme but interested in hearing what you’ve had success with…


    • JoshJosh09-29-2012

      Well, that depends what you’re going for. If you want to do Micro Niche Sites you can set them up separately and follow the tutorials that we have. However, you can also build an Authority site and target many keywords. We haven’t released tutorials on this yet, but it’s something that we’re learning and experimenting with at the moment.

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