Progress Report – The New Breed

So last week we talked about how we’re going to start using a new strategy for some new sites.  Well, we ended up purchasing a few new domain names that were Exact Match Domains (EMD).  We did some improved keyword research on it as well.  Using Long Tail Pro we filtered out our keyword to only show keywords with 600+ Exact Match Search Volume and over 0.5 CPC.

We set these filters, but when we actually select the final keywords we make sure to follow this forumla:

(Search Volume * CPC) > 1000

In other words “Search Volume multiplied by CPC must be greater than 1000”.  Once we’ve found some keywords that meet this requirement we then begin looking at the competition.  Here are some of the main guide lines to sort out easy competition within Long Tail Pro:

1) Keyword is not in the domain
2) Keyword is not in the title
3) Keyword is not in description and meta tags
4) More than 2 PR0’s or No PR’s
5) 2 or more rows under SEO Moz Links show Less than 10 Backlinks

After this we like to specifically examine some of the ranking sites by visiting their page.  Also we have been checking the other EMD sites.  For example, if we found that is taken already, we would want to see what that site looks like.  If they seem to be optimized for “josh likes cheetos” but they are not ranking, we will examine why they may not be ranking.  If they are ranking, then we’ll also look at what strategies they used.

** 4-20-2012 Update **  Obviously “josh likes cheetos” is an easy keyword to go for because within 24 hours we’re ranking at the top of google for it even though this page is not optimized at all for such a keyword  ^_^

Content Writing

We’re now using articles with 1000+ words and a keyword density of 1%.  Keyword density is the amount of times a keyword is used in the article divided by the total number of words in the article.  So for our article we are using our keyword no more than 10 times per 1000 word article.  We also raised the quality of our articles as well and with this new batch, we’re using native English writers only.  We are even giving our writers a rough outline of the article to help them stay on topic.

Progress Report From New Batch

Since launching this new batch of sites we’ve seen a pretty good trend.  All the sites have been indexed and  some are showing immediate rankings. We expect the sites will drop in rank for a while and then hopefully they will pick back up.  For recording purposes, here is what the sites look like right now:

Just to test is we decided to put adsense on Keyword #4 right away rather than waiting a month and letting it mature.  This site has already made $2.16.  Like I said, we expect these rankings to bounce a little here and there and do the infamous “Google Dance”.


Yesterday we ordered backlinks from “Micro Niche Empire”.  His service is directed specifically towards backlinking Micro Niche Sites.  He’ll be running a backlink campaign to keywords 1-5.  We’re going to be split testing his campaign against Pat Flynns Backlink Strategy on Smart Passive Income.  This backlinking will be done to our new set of sites which we are launching this week.  On top of that we’re also planning a big campaign using Magic Submitter.  All of these methods will be put to the test – let’s see which one wins!

Progess Report Old Batch

So like we said 4 of our original 16 sites are earning money.  Right now we’re seeing a small steady climb in earnings – hopefully this keeps up!

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Goals For This Week
  • Get 7 more sites up
  • Start working on backlinks
  • Start running some WSO Tests! (You may start seeing reviews from us soon!)

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  1. FabioFabio04-20-2012

    thats great to see someone doin the adsenseflippers thing. dont you think that sites will rank automatically beauce of lack of competititon? why do you do so much backlinking in the beginning?

    • Josh E.Josh E.04-24-2012

      Hey fabio,
      Sites are actually ranking even before we begin backlinking. Our backlinking serves the purpose of ensuring that we get higher rankings. With our particular plan we also want to bring our backlink model to one which will last for long periods to come, and not one that will get hit like the blog networks.

  2. TaylorTaylor04-24-2012

    good to see what you guys are doing. I am in a very similar position to both of you in terms of beginning with the micro-niche model.

    I am curious as to your opinion on keyword selection and how it affects backlinking and you ROI from your sites. If you are going to use a more extensive backlinking method (like Pat’s as opposed to just a UAW or SYA and Social bookmarking tool, do you think that you could get more aggressive (ie. higher SEO value either in terms of local monthly searches or CPC)?

    I think a lot of people (myself included) are concerned about google’s algorithm changes and their effects on micro-niche sites. Don’t you feel that shifting to a more authority like model (bigger sites with higher SEO value) is a better long term plan?

    • Josh E.Josh E.04-24-2012

      Hey Taylor,
      With our strategy we probably will have the capability to rank higher competition words…and that’s what we plan to eventually do. Why limit ourselves to the long tails? We will start some authority site projects soon. Our backling also gives us a higher success rate…ill cover this in our next update…but basically… our new batch is looking awesome!

      • TaylorTaylor04-25-2012

        Glad to Hear it Josh. Keep it up and I look forward to your next update.

  3. seoseo04-25-2012

    what about your sites now after Google panda update

    • Josh E.Josh E.04-25-2012

      So far our sites have not been affected. We’ll see soon though what happens. We’ve already been decreasing our “over optimization” and up until now we’ve never really used spammy backlinks. So everything is looking good at the moment.

  4. atulatul04-30-2012

    Would be very grateful if could reveal how many pages of content each of your site has? and also could you reveal a video as to how you go about using the MS since i hear its next to senuke X

    Does each of your page have 1000 words of content?

  5. anonanon07-10-2012

    I like how the update on “josh likes cheetos” was made on 4/20.

  6. deeptbdeeptb07-21-2012

    As I know, the keywords “josh likes cheetos” has no search volume at all. Nerely zero.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-22-2012

      Yep, we know that. It was just used as a hypothetical example.

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