Income Report – April 2012

That’s right folks! This is the first official income report of the WSOtesters. If you haven’t read anything from us yet, this is a good place to start because I’m going to be summarizing everything that’s been going on. It’s only been 2 months and we’ve already been through some pretty significant ups and downs. For the most part, many of the things that we thought we’re going to be easy turned out to be a heck of a challenge. There definitely is a learning curve to building Niche sites, but as long as you stick with it then things will start to fall into place and it all gets easier.

The Niche Sites – Good or Bad?

I would have to say that we might have joined the business of making Niche Sites at one of the toughest times ever.  It almost feels like everything that could go wrong did.  To start off with, we initially planned on using Build My Rank (BMR) as one of our main sources of backlinks.  At the time when we started, they were still getting rave reviews, and many people were hailing their links as some of the most powerful on the web.  Unfortunately for us, they got smashed by Google 2 weeks into our project!  Google then proceded to destroy many of the other powerful blog networks on the internet.  Then, a few weeks later we found out that one of the main guys that we follow, Spencer Haws, got banned from adsense.  Furthermore, Google went on to release the infamous Penguin update which took out even more Niche Site builders.

So Have We Made A Big Mistake?

Absolutely Not!  Every obstacle that came our way, allowed us to challenge ourselves to grow and learn even more.  When BMR got smashed by Google, we forced ourselves to go back to the basics of SEO so that we could avoid future problems.  We researched and taught ourselves how to backlink with tiers of Web 2.0s, Videos, RSS feeds, etc.  When Spencer got banned from Adsense, we dove into learning about how to also monetize with Amazon and other Affiliate Links.  And when the Penquin update hit, we made it a priority to start learning how to build higher quality links and Authority Sites.

The internet is constantly adapting and in order to survive, we’re going to need to adapt with it.  Rather than run away from challenges, we need to throw ourselves at them so that we can come out of the fire with thicker skin.

Anyway, lets get right to this…

Passive Income Earnings

Last month we were able to rank 13 sites within the top of Google for their main Keyword.  Keep in mind that these sites we’re not all created at the same time and that the time in which our Adsense code was inserted varies as well.  One major thing to also note is that the Top 2 Sites were among the first of the sites to be created.  All of these sites are using Adsense to earn passive income and as of the end of last month, no other monetization methods were being implemented.

So here are their earnings in April:

Best Site:  $75.22
2nd Best:  $72.89
All Other Sites:  $28.35

Total Adsense Income  For April:  $176.46
Potential Online Real Estate Value:  $3529.20

So overall our total may not sound like all that much, but we’re definitely proud of the progress that we’ve made.  We’ve learned a lot along the way and now we can start to focus on scaling our methods.  With what we have so far i’m sure it will grow exponentially…actually it already has.  To give you just a glimpse of our May earnings…

Our current passive earnings in the past 9 Days: $193.43

So how far do we plan to scale?  At the moment it’s hard to tell.  Originally when we started this gig, we were thinking we would build 50 sites per month and maybe even go up to 150+.  However, at the moment this is not our priority.  With the recent turnabouts from the Google Algorithm, it may be safer to focus on expanding our SEO capabilities and our ability to build Authority sites.  Furthermore we want to really start making some money with amazon and other offers.  So this means less money now, so that we can secure a more stable income in the future.  Ultimately our goal is to continuously learn and expand!

Goals in May


  • Reach $50 Per Day In Passive Income
  • Start An Authority Site
  • Earn Our First Dollars From Amazon
  • Start On Our Own Personal Blog Network
  • Sell Our First Adsense Site

So thats it!  If you’re reading this blog then come and say hi to us in the section below.  We love hearing from you guys and it really makes our day.  We also love answering any questions you may have.

And for all of you who Subscribed to our blog, thank you so much for your support!  We’ll be sending out some nice Freebies in the upcoming days so I’m sure you’ll all enjoy that 🙂

As always, we wish you all the best!
– Josh
The WSOtesters

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  1. AkashAkash05-10-2012

    i am really amused to see u have earned good amount of money in last 2 months and you this month earning has reached $193.43.

    i also have started to make a authority site , i get around 50 UV a day from referral traffic.

    i am thinking to buy around 30k traffic a month for aorund 6 months and the flip the site will this work 🙂 wht u think ?

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-10-2012

      Akash, that’s great to hear that your getting some traffic already. As far as buying traffic, that is something that we have never tested yet. What I do know is that if you’re buying traffic, you’ll want to be very careful to make sure you’re getting good targeted traffic. There are a lot of people selling fake traffic all over the web. If you have paid your due diligence and you know the source is good then we would love to hear about how that goes from you.

  2. TedTed05-10-2012

    google penguin just destroyed all my adsense income. I still glad to see yours are good, i assume that you weren’t getting affected by penguin, if so how was your backlinking strategy? I have no idea now with building micro niche sites.

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-10-2012

      No we have not been hot by penguin…at least not yet and hopefully not at all. Our top earning site was backlinked with UAW alone. However we actually atribute much of this success to our keyword research. For other sites we’ve used tier buildiing with magic submitted. Basically the first tier was web2.0, article directories, videos, and social bookmarks. The second tier was social bookmarks and rss. We also tried using an outsource service called Microniche Empire. And then we also tried having a VA that we found build high PR links. At the moment its hard to say what the best strategy is…but the high PR links definitely seem to work the fastest….hopefully the rankings stick.

      • TedTed05-13-2012

        thanks your reply, helped me a lot

  3. dilipdilip05-10-2012

    google penguin just create some problem its sure i dont know how to keep density of keyword of 2%
    i m worried about about this how i help my self

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-10-2012

      Hey Dilip,
      To keep your keyword density down you really just have to start using synonyms and alternatives to your keywords. Words like “they” and “it” can work wonders. Overall I really think that the main thing to keep in mind is that your articles have a natural flow that doesn’t feel like you’re forcing keywords in. As long as the flow is natural, I don’t see why you couldn’t have a keyword density that’s over 2%.

      • dilipdilip08-14-2012

        hey josh thanks for a reply me. its really help me out

  4. SteveSteve05-10-2012

    Whats your plan with using Amazon?

    Last year when I searched for a product then many of the top 10 would be Amazon affiliate sites which would easily rank above Amazon’s own site. Now the top 10 for product searches seem to be mostly actual sellers with very few affilate sites in the top 10.

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-10-2012

      Hey Steve,
      At the moment were still educating ourselves in the area. We’ve already ranked a few keywords that we feel can be used for amazon as well as adsense. Amazons own site didn’t seem to really get in the way in those particular cases….not yet at least. Anyways, We know that keywords for amazon don’t always have to have the product name within it. Phrases like “best _____ for _____” supposedly can do very well and many of them don’t have to compete with sites like amazon.

  5. Tyler HermanTyler Herman05-10-2012

    Nice to see you guys are still keeping on. I still wish you’d stick with your original plan and knock out 50 sites a month, just to see someone actually do it, the process and what not, but you need to do what makes money.

    Looks like you hit on a few gems at $75 and $72, the handful of niche sites I’ve put together in the last two months are all around $10-$20 a month. Which is earning but barely. I have a little different approach though. I spend my time building lots of articles and not really doing much SEO, so I don’t rank #1 or even #5 for any big keywords but i get lots of longtail. Plus my link profile is 100% natural so I stay more on Google good side. Different strokes.

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-10-2012

      Tyler, that’s great to hear that you’re making some good progress as well. Were currently working to automate most of the process of building niche site so that all we’ll have to do is check the keyword research. So We may actually still make 50 sites per month and possibly more. I’ll provide more info on this as that project unfolds. I would also like to get in touch with you and discuss how our methods could possibly be combined. I’m sure we can learn from each other.

  6. HenryHenry05-10-2012

    Yeah, I had a site that was building it’s PR from page 5 and as soon as it hit, it was not to be found:( It was a fairly new site, so I am hoping that it will come back. I do have a site that is utilizing multiple long tails that I have done little to no backlinking, accept to get it indexed, and it is growing it’s visitors on a daily basis. I drip feed content. I look forward to more info from the WSO testers and their successes and strategies. It is a experiment that will benefit us all!

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-10-2012

      Sorry to hear about your site that got hit… But That’s awesome that you’re other site is growing well with longtails, Henry. Keep us updated on your progress. And thank you for the support!

  7. atulatul05-10-2012

    Waiting for you to disclose the backlinking plans that you are using

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-12-2012

      Hey Atul, someone else asked this question above so i’m just going to copy and paste my answer from there 🙂

      “Our top earning site was backlinked with UAW alone. However we actually atribute much of this success to our keyword research. For other sites we’ve used tier buildiing with magic submitted. Basically the first tier was web2.0, article directories, videos, and social bookmarks. The second tier was social bookmarks and rss. We also tried using an outsource service called Microniche Empire. And then we also tried having a VA that we found build high PR links.”

  8. TomTom05-11-2012


    Great site, how long ago did you create sites 1 & 2. When you say top of Google, do you mean #1 on the 1st page, or just ranking somewhere on the 1st page.

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-12-2012

      Hey Tom, Sites 1 & 2 were created 2 months ago in March. And when I say top of Google I’m normally referring to top 5 spots on the first page.

  9. atulatul05-12-2012

    So where do you get the best results from?
    Further using the MS also requires spinning the content if i am not mistaken and what do you do for that?

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-14-2012

      Our best results are coming from the High PR links right now. They seem to give an instant bump onto the first page for many of our sites. However, at the moment we’re not sure if this is a temporary boost or a permanent stay. And yes, MS requires spinning the content. For this we use The Best Spinner. It’s pretty easy to use, but it takes time. I’ve done a few myself, but that step will be outsourced soon.

  10. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff05-14-2012

    I would like to ask you how many articles on each site do you have already posted?
    I am asking just to know if it is possible to rank on 1 page of Google with only 3-4 pages on one site and the rest of the SEO is done with backlinks.

    • TrevorTrevor05-14-2012

      Hey Paul,
      We usually start off our sites with one 1000 word article and we go from there. It is definitely possible to rank on page 1 with only one article and some backlinking. We have been able to rank with just one article and some social bookmarking before; it really all depends on how well you did your keyword research.

  11. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff05-29-2012

    Where is your new report guys? I am looking forward to it.

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