Income Report – August 2012

With Trevor taking off for Las Vegas for a couple of weeks and me going camping for a while, this turned out to be quite an interesting month.  Some of our income sources went up, and others went down.  So lets just jump right to it!


I’ve been doing a bit of research and I started building a couple of authority sites for Amazons affiliate market.  After a few days the sites are starting to see a little bit of traffic and even a couple of sales.  These sites are not built like the normal niche sites that we’ve been doing in the past.    Everything from keyword research to backlinking is being handled differently in this project.  We’re targeting tons of keywords and continuing to build these sites up.  We’re adding a couple of pages per day and in the end they will probably have hundreds of pages if all goes well.  Given that we didn’t start these sites until the end of August, they haven’t made all the much yet…so how much is not much?  By the end of the month the grand total was $18.70.

Total Amazon Income: $18.70 (+195.88% from last months $6.32)

Site Sales

Last month we decided not to put up any sites for sale.  However, we’ll probably put up a few this month 🙂

Total Site Sales: $0.00 (-100% from last months $3855.00)


Since we decided not to sell any of our sites, our adsense income has continued to grow.  The 30 sites from our 30 sites in 30 days project is starting to kick in and the previous sites are holding up strong.  So as of right now the strategy that we’ve been using to build sites is still working.  We haven’t grown that much though and even though we set out to hit $240 per day 2 months ago, we still have yet to hit that mark.  So I guess that’s a dissapointment if you want to look at it that way.  We’ll probably be kicking up our efforts really soon here though.  We currently have 70 more sites being worked on and we’re looking to do some new backlink testing to find other backlinking strategies that will work as well.  We do have the manpower to build many more sites per month, but we want to organize and optimize a few more things before we start doing that.  So how did we do this month?

Total Adsense Income: $4702.67 (+2.3% from last months $4597.04)


In August our other affiliate income saw a little boost.  A lot of people are starting to put it into practice and already we’re getting success stories from our readers.  This is very encouraging for us and seeing others already start to do well really motivates us to keep on going with the blog.  There are a lot of people that support us, but once in a while we get “haters” who try to put our methods down.  We try not to let them get to us because we know that what we’re doing has been working for us… and seeing it work for others as well adds fuel to our fire.  If you’re looking to start taking action as well, visit our tutorials page here.

BlueHost: $65.00  (Start a blog in less than 3 minutes)

CTR Theme: $151.87  (Setting up the CTR Theme)

Long Tail Pro:  $738.11    (Keyword Research Tutorial)

Magic Submitter: $225.54  (Backlinking Tutorial)

The Best Spinner: $80.00

SocialAdr: $22.40 (Indexing & Social Bookmarking Tutorial)

Odesk: $100.00

SEMRush $27.98

Total Affiliate Income:  $1410.90 (+62.79% from last months $866.67)


Overall, we saw a bit of a decrease from last months earnings because we decided not to sell any sites.  On the other hand, much of our earning sources did go up so we’re actually really happy with how the month went.  For this month of September we plan on selling a few sites and really pushing ourselves so that we can have our first 5 figure month.

TOTAL EARNINGS IN AUGUST:   $6132.27 (-34.24% from last months $9325.03)


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  1. darrendarren09-10-2012

    Surprised to see such little increase in adsense. Did you not have many new sites ranked from the beginning of august?

    Also, how much did you spend in August, if I may ask?

    Regardless, nice work. I’m still doing things alone, but have seen results. Albeit, slowly.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Hey Darren,
      We actually didn’t do as much work in August. Trevor was gone for 2 weeks and I was gone for about a week and also caught a stomach flu for a few days. So not exactly the most productive month. In August our expenses were just under 1300. Starting next month I’ll include the breakdown of expenses. Most of the expenses come from domain name purchases and purchasing articles.

      • Jasmin HampshreJasmin Hampshre09-11-2012

        Hey good stuff.

        When looking at expense surely your backlinking is a big cost?

        Also you should account for time some how, time is never free could be $10-$250 an hour which you could be getting doing something else ? for example


        • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

          Hey Jasmin. Yea, backlinking is always going to be a decent expense. But luckily for us, we don’t utilize any really expensive methods to backlink. This is largely due to the fact that we’re going after such low competition words.

  2. JCJC09-10-2012

    Thanks for the August update! Inspiration as always!

  3. GaryGary09-10-2012

    Great post. I recently found your site while looking for Magic Submitter tutorials. I’m really glad I found it. As a noob to IM, it’s great to come across real, un-hyped, honest information. Keep it up guys.


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Thanks Gary, glad to have you here!

  4. Mark SojkaMark Sojka09-10-2012

    This is a nice income report. Amazon is increasing and it’s a good sign 🙂

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Yea, we’re really loving the diversity so I hope it continues to work out and grow.

  5. BrandonBrandon09-10-2012

    Hey guys. do you offer a hands on coaching? Mentoring? anything? I really want to earn this exactly how you do it and what tools you use in the specific order you use them. I watched your youtube vids and theyre very fast and broad. Id like specifics so a mentoring would be great! Thanks for everything by the way.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Hey Brandon, we haven’t offered this yet, but we might be able to do something in the future. I’ve considered doing webinars in the past, but at the time not enough people were interested. Maybe more are now… What do you guys think?

  6. Dennis the menaceDennis the menace09-10-2012

    First let me start out by saying nice f*cking job guys!

    When did you guys first start out with your entire site project? In other words, how long total has it taken you guys to reach your current income level??

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Hey Dennis. We started when this site started… so it’s been about 6 months.

  7. KoushikKoushik09-10-2012

    It will also be great if you can share how you go about building amazon sites. Similar tutorial like structure will help and motivate noobs like me 🙂

    Congrats on your revenue and it will also be useful if we get to know number of sites and where did you spend for building those as that would help people
    like me validate our strategy and spending.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Hey Koushik. I’ll go into more detail about the Amazon sites as the system becomes more stable. Right now we’re still new to it so I don’t think I can make tutorials just yet. I can tell you that the amazon sites are authority sites and so far all we’re spending money on is the domain name and content. I haven’t automated the building process yet because I want to make sure I fully understand it before I try to hand it to someone else.

  8. Those are some pretty good numbers for a site 10 days old assuming you started them at the end of August. Keep it up!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Thanks Miki. We’re pretty pumped about it. Hopefully we can really build it so that it can rival our adsense income 🙂

  9. Jimmy hansonJimmy hanson09-11-2012

    Lots of love 🙂 always nice to recieve.

    How many new sites (otehr than amazon) did you start to earn from in august?

    There was a panda refresh in late july and giving that your 30 days sites started to contribute a huge amount of income there should have been a jump in revenue.

    I assume that didnot happen as the july earners dipped with the refreshes (also a penquin refresh in there all be it minor).

    Lastly have you considered stopping back linking all together. The process being followed here worked well prior to panda but with the next iteration of penquin on the horizon are you not concerned that the wrath of googlebot wont kill sites with lots of links built using these methods especially pad (which if they devalued would be reasonable)?

    People like have moved to zero backlinking?

    nice start to affiliate earning. LTpro sells so well. And is a killer product (some improvements need spencer:-))

    Could you also update the 30 sites in 30 days thread.. it would be invaluable to see whats earning now. Im confident a few that didn’t rank well still wont. One of my pettheories

    your thoughts.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Hey Jimmy. I just checked and there were only 18 new sites that were earning in August (and yes, they were form the 30 sites 30 days project). We haven’t done a complete analysis of the sites yet, so I’m not sure exactly what sites went up or down in July and if the sites overall saw an impact from Penguin.

      I wasn’t aware that the adsenseflippers moved to zero backlinking. Did they talk about that recently? We have been able to rank some sites without linking before, but the ratio of sites that were able to achieve this is pretty low. I don’t believe backlinking will die even if penguin keeps updating. We’ll just have to adapt and come up with the new methods that are working.

      I will definitely update the 30 sites sometime soon.

      This is not directed at you, but I have received some complaints about not updating that particular project that were somewhat aggressive. Yes, I could have updated it better and kept up with it, but life happens and updating blog posts isn’t always a priority. Also I love the community we’re all building here, but people need to understand that both Trevor and I make our primary income from actually researching and building sites at the moment, and not from blogging…so paying the bills will always come first.

      • Jimmy HansonJimmy Hanson09-12-2012

        So I see you went and asked the flippers about zero backlinking! to confirm the info i gave you above

        So now what do you think.. Those Ballers are the market leaders.

        If you check there last sales run (10’s of site each month) you will see sites making great money built in July with no backlinks!!

        Its 100% the way to go for sure.

        Time to quit all style backlinking on part of the porflolio and test.

        As Joe says if your aiming to sell as we do each month we dont want our clients getting burnt 5 months down the line. We stopped link building 24th april..

        • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

          Hey Jimmy. Yea, I did inquire about it. I’m always open to learning new things and I am strongly for adapting to new situations and always moving towards the latest and greatest. It’s definitely something that everyone needs to consider.

          I don’t agree that one should abandon backlinking though. This is a very opinionated topic and I know there are some people that will argue against our stance. Yes I believe in adapting, but I also believe in not basing all decisions off of fear of the future. Years ago people were talking about backlinking being dead… but it didn’t die, instead it adapted.

          I’ve said this over and over… we’re not Gurus and I don’t want anyone to treat us like that. We’re here to learn with the community and show people what’s currently working for us. I don’t guarantee that anything we’re doing now will work 10 years or even 10 months from now. I can guarantee that we’re going to make mistakes, and I can guarantee that we’re going to learn from it. If someone is afraid that what we’re doing right now is making mistakes… don’t follow us. We’re human and we make choices that not everyone’s going to agree with. This is the sort of transparency you can expect from the WSOtesters… it is what it is.

          • Jimmy HansonJimmy Hanson09-13-2012

            THan in clear openess you should state the caveat on the post and be clear about these issue.

            Your not the first to get into this kind of area. Niche pursuits got a whole article removed as it was way off the reality. A fool from Onlineincomelab specualted dangerous ideas.

            I see comments you not accepting all critic’s and not publishing peple deep felt belief.

            Why put your self out there if you arnt prepared to explain, be a thought leader or you ad no value? A Pat Flynn dont be a trent Drymsid..

            Im not talk 10 years for these practices to be a problem were talking months now. Nobody saw penquin coming as soon as it did. It killed a lot of folks. You got hit as well.

            Were trying to share info arnt we..

          • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

            Hey Jimmy, our sites haven’t seen a notable hit as of yet. On our backlinking strategy page, I mentioned that It would update often and I directly stated “If for whatever reason this method no longer works, we’ll be quick to take it down or adjust the post to reflect the updates.” With penguin out and about, it is a possibility that I might need to update it sooner than later – just like when we updated when BMR got shut down. However, as of this very moment we are still using it with success.

  10. Steve WymanSteve Wyman09-11-2012

    Hi Guys

    Solid months results. Nice to see your getting some pay back through affiliate as well. With Godaddy’s problems yesterday many will be looking for new hosting so hopefully some will buy bluehost (which is much better) through you.

    I have my strategies and I also follow a few other people to see what they do and measure the success of the strategy’s, folks like Jo and justin at adsenseflippers and mikeformmaine. And i believe yourselves are based around the same core ideas.

    By the end of August how many domains did you have built out? and what percentage made say more than $5 a month?

    Do you see the backlinking strategy changing much in the next couple of months? Whilst Matt cutts my be bluffing Im moving towards zero back linking for longevity.

    Thanks for writing up your reports and sharing the progress. $4k on adsense is excellent.


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Hey Steve. Yea I think that’s the absolute best way to go. I want people to really do their research. Go out and learn from others like the Adsense Flippers and Mike from Maine. Split test it and find out what’s working best for you.

      We got a complaint before for not covering every aspect of niche sites… Well, we’re gonna miss things here and there and we’re going to forget to mention something… it happens. We’re learning just as everyone else is learning.

      I don’t know how many sites we have all together now, but I know it’s over 200. All of those stats I may look up and turn into a post in the future.

      I think that we’re going to continue to use our backlinking strategy, but also at the same time we’ll do research into finding other ways to do it so that we can constantly adapt to any changes that may take place.

  11. jackjack09-11-2012

    What is your average cost per website?
    Do you find some websites make money and some just dont?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Hey Jack, the average cost to build a site all the way through is around $26 for us. And yes, some sites just don’t make money. It’s really a numbers game for us.

  12. JimJim09-11-2012

    Aren’t you worried about getting banned by Google for using the CTR Theme? My Adsense account has been banned because I was using the CTR Theme for a year. I’ve lost my $7K monthly revenue overnight. Good luck guys and hopefully, you’ll stay under the radar…

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Hey Jim. So did Google actually write to you and say that using CTR Theme was the reason you got banned? I feel like it might be some other reason. Anyway, have you thought about trying to recover the income. I know Spencer had his $10k+ per month account get banned, but he reapplied under a new LLC and was back up and running within a couple of weeks.

      • Steve wymanSteve wyman09-11-2012

        Hi Josh

        From work ive done with some JV’s one problem with CTRtheme, which is not its fault, its a complex tool,

        is people ruuning the two push down images AND roadblock layout at the same time. If you do that 80%+if not 90% of the screen is ads or the two images/ If the ads are graphics as well (which you want for higher cpc) then the above the fold has almost no text, especially if the side bar has a 160×600..

        Its a real issue. I always remove the push down images and tend to switch off the roadblock as well these days.

        It would be good if CTRtheme made people realize this and not use it in some defalt configs. Every thing of and you have to turn things on.

        adsenseflippers intellitheme i hope will overcome these types of issue.

        • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

          Hey Steve. You’re exactly right! And in our CTR theme tutorial that I posted a while back I mention that exact thing. With the panda updates you definitely want to have content above the fold.

  13. RamizRamiz09-11-2012

    I have been reading your blog for quiet a while now. I have one question. For your micro niche sites you click thru rate on word press so do you have static homepage with article on it or do you use it in traditional way which show all the posts. And how many articles do you put on 1 site. Looking forward for your reply. Will buy click thru and long tail pro form your affiliate soon. Both are awesome, thanks for pointing them out.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Hey Ramiz. Thanks for dropping by. We use a static homepage with the main article on it. Also we put 3-5 articles on our sites that are doing well.

  14. TimTim09-11-2012

    Great job guys….love coming to this blog!

  15. BrandonBrandon09-11-2012

    Is anyone gna rwspond to my previous question?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-11-2012

      Already responded Brandon. Were you wanting 1 on 1 coaching?

      • BrandonBrandon09-13-2012

        yes! please and thank you! I don’t expect to be spoon fed either. I’m 29 years old and still sharp, i learn fast its just ive been given some bogus crap and put my all into it only to find out i was screwed … so basically I just want 1 on 1 so i can learn the right path and go on my own. its kinda like. anyone can learn to build a house, but if you have a house builder show you what to do how to do it and what tools to use when and what time it makes the journey a lot better!

        Please contact me at my address im willing to pay whatever is fair.


  16. NateNate09-11-2012

    Great work guys! The information you are sharing is good stuff. No, the CTR theme will not get you banned like someone said earlier…I have been using only that theme since day 1 and making $$$.


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

      Hey Nate, I agree with that as well. I’ve never seen anyone quoting that Google specifically banned them for using CTR theme. But just because I haven’t seen it yet, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happen. If someone could point me in the direction of that documentation and it’s valid documentation then I’ll make sure to update everyone else on it as well.

  17. ChadChad09-11-2012

    Great work guys! What are you using for backlinks now? Are you currently trying new backlinking with adsense and amazon?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

      Hey Chad, at the moment we are still using the same backlink plan that’s on our tutorials. I’m planning on experimenting with a few different backlinking plans soon so that I can keep updated with the latest trends, but at the moment the original plan still works fine.

  18. TitoTito09-11-2012

    That is awesome money! How many websites do you recommend to put on each hosting account? Cheers

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

      Hey Tito. We have about 30 or 40 sites per hosting account.

  19. johnny 5johnny 509-12-2012

    Great work gentlemen! I bookmarked your page since you offer great info. Im new at adsense and was wondering if you can add the code after you index the sight?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

      I’ve heard many different takes on this. Some people think that adding adsense too early is a bad thing and other people say that it doesn’t make any difference. For us we add the adsense codes right after we start the backlinking campaign. It seems to be working alright for us this way.

  20. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff09-12-2012

    Hi, just want to ask you about Magic Submiter. Are you using the same six Profile names for all micro niche sites and submit a different articles or you just build another six Profile names for each new project (niche site)?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

      Hey Paul. We have much more than 6 profiles. Basically you’re going to want to use related profiles to link to related niches. So a profile that you use on electronics would be separate from a profile that you use for gardening. If you can relate the niches in some way, then you can use similar profiles to link to them.

  21. rafarafa09-13-2012

    A bit off topic, But wanted to adress something.

    I just realized that ctr-theme also displays ads on all my privacy policy pages and terms of use pages.
    After looking through the google rules for ad placement, I think this might not be a smart thing to do.

    Do you guys have a trick to resolve this?

    Also the plugin pack from a couple of post ago for a quick site setup, is no longer unpacking after the new wordpress update. Thought I would let you guys know. (tried extracting all of them and re-zipping)

    Anyway Keep up the awsome work you guys!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      Hey Rafa. When you go to edit a page, scroll down and you’ll see CTR theme options. Just find the line that says “Do Not Display Ads On This Page” and check that box.

      Also, thanks for the update on the plugin pack. I’ll take a look at it and see what’s going on.

  22. BluebellBluebell09-13-2012

    Just to say thanks for your blog…my earnings have gone from $3 per month to $150….by using CTR in conjunction with Amazon text links, and adding more sites (roll on LTP). After reading this I’m testing the CTR theme ad placement as I think the 2 ads as a blocker are a potential problem.

    My issue is replicating as I have no idea what makes seemingly good EMDs get traffic and others not.

    It’s a numbers game and I can’t put in enough hours/ can’t afford risk of VAs etc……I’ll keep working and learning and see what it brings

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

      It’s great to hear that Bluebell. Have you looked into banking off of your previous successful keywords yet? One thing that really bumped us to the next level was going after many keywords within the niches we were already ranking for. Since you already know you can rank for one keyword, the percentages are high that you can rank for a few more related keywords.

  23. BrandonBrandon09-13-2012

    Hey Josh,

    I responded to your previous reply. I am interested in 1 on 1. Please contact me at my email.

    Thanks so much
    Brandon L

  24. darrendarren09-14-2012

    Do you have better CTR with the top ad being the 300×250 or 336×280?

    for me the 300×250 which i have at the bottom of my page is starting to out perform the 336×280 with is the top left content:first ad.

    I’m thinking to switch them or to use the 200×250 for both positions.

    What do you think? 🙂


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      What you probably have going on here is awesome content 🙂 If people are scrolling down through your entire page and clicking on the ads on the bottom, then that’s a good thing.

      I don’t believe I have ever input the 300×250 in place of the 336×280 for this particular theme. From my experiences with other themes, normally the bigger 336×280 does better. However, it never hurts to test it.

  25. jackjack09-14-2012

    Hey Josh

    i currently have about 60 exact match domains all with content “about 3 pages each”

    they are all ranking around 20 – 50 some are ranking in the top 5 and bringing in £1 – 10 per day

    could you recommend anything that could help me rank these websites?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      Hey Jack. What have you done up until this point as far as backlinking? Are you using our strategies?

      • jackjack09-14-2012

        i haven’t done anything really.

        • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

          This is actually a really good situation to have those sites all up as far as they are without having any links. I recommend starting to build a few links to them. You can check out our backlinking tutorials here.

  26. AnnieAnnie09-14-2012

    Great job guys!! I’m happy for both of you:)

  27. jodijodi09-14-2012

    Glad your affiliate income is rising…I will buy through your links because you offer great info:)


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      Thanks for the support Jodi. I answered the questions you left on the other pages.

  28. Brandon LukaszewskiBrandon Lukaszewski09-14-2012

    Hey josh i keep trying to talk to u and its like ur ignoring my posts and replying to everyone elses… u asked me if i would like 1 on 1coaching n i do yet now i dont respond… i admire what u guys r doing but not everyone learns the same way… i wanted to get started and am willing to pay for 1 on 1… should i just go with adsense flippers? Or marcus campbell? I would have liked to be a success story student of urs..

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      Hey Brandon, I sent you an email at the email address you provided already.

      • Brandon LukaszewskiBrandon Lukaszewski09-14-2012

        I sent one back 🙂

  29. ashash09-14-2012

    Almost 5,000 with adsense! I will defiantly be following you guys! How do you check other keywords you are ranking for? I use whoosh. Thank you!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      Right now we’re using SERPbook, but I’m really thinking about switching it over to SERPfox. SERPbook has just been giving us a few glitches and it gets on my nerves.

  30. MickeyMickey09-14-2012

    Didn’t know you offered 1 on 1 coaching? Please Brandon L just CHILL already!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Hey Mickey. At the moment we actually don’t have a system set up for this. But we’ll take it into consideration if people are asking for it.

  31. sergiosergio09-15-2012

    Just AWESOME!! Is most of your sites PMD or EMD? Also, how many sights are making over $10 a month with 1 article? Thank

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Hey Sergio. Most of our sites are EMD. I don’t know exactly how many sites are earning over $10 per month, but it’s quite a lot. Most of them have more than 1 article by now though.

  32. Tung TranTung Tran09-16-2012

    Hi Josh, Do you use UAW for bulding back link? All my sites are done and ready for backlinking 😀

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Hey Tung, at the moment we aren’t using it, but I’m considering trying them out again.

  33. BrandonBrandon09-16-2012

    Hey josh on your youtube channel you talk about getting site indexed.. U show the cbnet plugin for pinging but you never showed where to get that list you put in. Could you please give me that list?

  34. scottiescottie09-16-2012

    You guys are doing GREAT!!! Love seeing your progression. How much on average is you’re monthly expense? Maybe a breakdown would be nice. Also, how adsense sights would you say is ranking in the top 5? Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Right now it’s probably around $1500, Scottie. I’ll break it down starting next months reports. I don’t have an exact count on how many are in the top 5, but maybe it’s close to 100 now.

  35. TimTim09-16-2012

    Hey guys what do you think your next tuturial will be about? Hopefully more about backlinking. Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Not sure yet. Since we’ll be testing a few backlinking strategies out soon, I’ll probably have much to talk about in that area.

  36. SueSue09-18-2012

    People like you guys are the reason why I keep continuing with internet marketing! Please continue sharing info:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Hey Sue. We’re happy to be able to contribute to the community!

  37. max waymiremax waymire09-19-2012

    Hi Josh and Trevor, Just want to say a BIG thanks to you guys for the effort you put on this site teaching people how to make money online. Your tutorials are really cool and I look forward to coming here daily for new info.

    I followed through on you tutorials and I got an exact match domain and OMG I am on first page of google already, No 2 to be precise. This domain is less than 1week old. I am sure rankings might shake up a little but I am sure page 1 google is achievable.

    Anyone still in doubt, take it from me this steps work, take action!!!. No such thing as lazy money in the internet, you just have to do the work.

    I have read from couple of webmaster that using google contextual targeting tool gives you a better idea of your earning that the CPC on google keyword tool. How true is this, pls share.


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-19-2012

      Hey Max. I’m glad it’s starting to work for you! Keep us updated on your progress. Also I haven’t done an extensive analysis, but I don’t think the contextual tool is any more accurate than the keyword tool. I find that most of the time our calculations for how much a site “should earn” is very far off.

  38. RayRay09-20-2012

    Is it normal in the beginning to lose money when you are building these sights and outsourcing? How much does it cost to outsource pad links a month for all these websites a month? What does your VA do…padlinks, setup websites etc.


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-21-2012

      Hey Ray, for any business you have to spend a little money to make money so this is normal. As far as padlink costs go, it really depends on how many sites we’re launching that month. This month it will probably cost us around $500-600 for our backlinking. Our VAs do everything, we just pick the final keywords to go with and we also do the work on cpanel.

  39. jackjack09-21-2012

    regarding the pad sites, still waiting on u to get back to me =-)

  40. connieconnie09-21-2012

    What do you think of building no backlinks and just having good on page?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      Hey Connie, we’ve had some pages rank like this before. But we typically have been adding links to them to bump them up even higher.

  41. stephsteph09-21-2012

    Hi guys, you are doing great! My questions is if I sell a website how would I transfer it to the seller using hostgator. Is there a tutorial or a place I can learn.

    Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      Hey Steph, I’ll probably build a tutorial on this sometime. You can always search it on youtube and it might come up.

  42. JacobJacob09-21-2012

    So how many websites are you doing for 500-600 this month. And is this mostly pad links for this charge? Thanks Josh you ROCK!!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      I think Trev is working on about 40 this month.

  43. matthewmatthew09-23-2012

    I have hostgator and want to switch to blue host. How my websites should I have parked on each account? Why is it important to do this? Thanks guys…your AWESOME!!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      Hey Matthew, we typically put 30-40 domains per account. This is just a cautionary measure that we use.

  44. devondevon09-23-2012

    Great job with adsense!! how many sights are you at know? Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      I’ll get an exact count soon, but I know it’s well over 200.

  45. winstonwinston09-25-2012

    Great job fellows!! Would love to see a breakdown on cost to see how you spend for these adsense sights:)

    Keep Working!!

  46. shawnshawn09-28-2012

    Josh question for you. In one of your post you say you’re paying 500-600 a month on about 40 websites for pad links? Is your VA creating puzzles, screen savers or just putting links in a pad file…not sure how pad
    links work. Also, that seems like a lot for 40 sights…NO?

    Thank you

    • JoshJosh09-29-2012

      Hey Shawn, The VA has been creating all the above. And as far as costs go, it’s been worth it for us and we’ve made our money back on all our investments.

  47. lesterlester09-29-2012

    I was doing over 3000 a month with adsense. I have been doing a lot of EMDs like you guys and now all GONE!!! Good thing I have a day job. How are you guys doing with your rankings?

  48. connorconnor10-01-2012

    Hey Guys, hopefully you guys are going to have something to say about the latest animal attack! Adsenseflippers and mikefrommaine took a big hit…what about you guys? 40 emds lost its rankings with this hit and my PMD didn’t do that bad?

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