Income Report – July 2012

So let’s talk about JULY!  We have a ton of great things to go over after finishing up our best month yet.  This last month has been an incredible month of growth for us and hopefully it has been for you as well with all the tutorials that we have been posting lately to help you with your online business.  Here’s a quick recap of the tutorials that we have recently set up for all of you:

  1. How To Set Up Hosting And Start A Blog – Here we show step by step how we set up our BlueHost accounts and get wordpress installed on our sites!
  2. How To Set Up Your On Page Optimization – Ever wondered what we do specifically when it comes to on page optimization.  Josh always does a great job at creating tutorials that everyone can follow.
  3. CTR Theme Review – How We Set It Up – I would have loved to have seen this post when we first started our niche site building.  We talk about how we obtain CTRs as high as 30% on our sites.
  4. Optimizing Articles & Article Writing Services – Is it possible that you are optimizing articles too much? In this video, we cover our exact plan for setting up our articles for each and every site.

There’s really not much to talk about here.  This is a classic example of getting paid based on what you put in.  We haven’t spent much time focusing on Amazon so naturally we aren’t making much from their sales.  The sales from here are still coming from the first amazon site we built.  Once we have a little more time, we’ll probably put more time into researching specifically for amazon.  

Amazon Income: $6.32 (-22.83% from last months $8.19; Thank you Amazon for buying one of us a coffee this month)


We sold our second batch of sites this month and they all sold rather quickly!  The transition process went by very smoothly in all cases and the overall experience was great!  Even though we make a good chunk of money from site sales, we’ve been keeping a lot of the sites because we enjoy the passive income.  However we may sell more sites through our blog soon, so keep your eyes pealed. Whenever sites go up, you can find them on our sites for sale page.

Site Sales Income: $3855.00 (+66.75% from last months $2,311.80)


So this is what everyone wants to see!  Whether we plan on holding onto this passive income or selling it, it’s always nice to start seeing a fairly solid adsense revenue coming in.  That being said, we didn’t build as many sites this month as the last, because we found ourselves engulfed in other projects. We did however launch our plan to document the building or our next 30 sites and we’re halfway through. Overall it was another good month for adsense.

Total Adsense Income: $4597.04 (+49.27% from last months $3,079.64)


This month we’re seeing a lot more people take action on building sites.  As long as you guys are doing your research and not skipping steps we know you’ll do well.  Also, if you have any questions on parts of the process feel free to leave your questions on our site and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  

So congratulations on taking action!  We know the tools we use will help you jump start your online marketing success.  We want to give a HUGE “THANK YOU” to all of our readers that got these tools through our affiliate links.  This helps motivate us to keep working hard to release tutorials for Free!  As long as people get value from them, we’ll keep releasing them.  

BlueHost: $195.00 (Start a blog in less than 3 minutes)

CTR Theme: $30.49 (Setting up the CTR Theme)

Long Tail Pro: $543.27 (Keyword Research Tutorial)

Magic Submitter: $69.93

SEMRush : $27.98

Total Affiliate Income: $866.67 (+1953% from last months $44.36)

If you have jumped on to any of these products recently, we would love to hear your success stories and know how it is going for you.  So please send us comments telling us about your Long Tail Pro experience or how the CTR theme or Magic Submitter are working for you!


TOTAL EARNINGS IN JULY: $9325.03 (+71% from last months $5443.99)

There are many things to look forward to for this next month.  We don’t plan on slowing down, in fact we are busier than ever and have a lot in store for the site and our readers. Some things to look forward to are more free tutorials and more updates on our 30 sites.  Thank you again to all of our readers, we Love to see your comments and support whether it’s on this blog or other forums.  You guys are awesome and we look forward to helping all of you and building the future community of successful peers.  Focker out!

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  1. DougDoug08-04-2012

    Wow great works guys. Looks like all ur hard work is being rewarded 🙂 Congrats.
    I think it would be interesting to see your profit split as well. The idea of having VA’s is perfect for this business model, so knowing if the VA’s are increasing your profits would e good for people looking to get a VA.

    Also, from my point of view having tutorials for all the affiliate income streams would be beneficial for the affiliates who have used your links, like me 🙂

    So a SEMRush and Magic submitter tutorial would be perfect:) you might already have this planned.

    Finally, do you guys use SEOMoz at all?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey Doug, I do have these tutorials that you mentioned planned. They should be released this month. Also, we do not have a membership to SEOmoz. We’ve thought about it though.

  2. timtim08-04-2012

    Hey great job guys!

  3. Casey DennisonCasey Dennison08-04-2012

    You guys are def. scaling the process up. Good job! This post is nothing less then inspirational and will hopefully motivate others to jump on the gun, take action, and see positive results as well.



    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Yea, it’s been a long road to get here though. We hope to hit 5 figures this month. We’ll see if it happens.

  4. JCJC08-04-2012

    Congratulations! Once again, more motivation for me here 🙂

  5. JoJoHarrisonIIIJoJoHarrisonIII08-04-2012

    Hey guys

    First of congrats on a good month.

    Im not a negative person. Im no hater so read this the right way.

    The report above is great your clearly claiming income and not profit so thats a good thing.

    To validate the business model though weNEED full disclosure otherwise folks will follow what is a marginal business potentially.

    We need all you costs added to the sums to then produce a Nett Profit.

    Theirs a saying here in the UK in accounting circles.

    Turnover (income) is vanity Profit (nett profit post tax) is Sanity.

    I know a number of others are now doing this and its a lot more truthful.

    Based on the numbers from other guys my estimate puts Nett profit around $2K + the sites sales.

    ALSO until you reveal the backilnking strategy your using in july 2012 (and really it should be documented for clarity) the medium term viability of the business is unclear.

    Using the Magic submitter is tantamount to asking for trouble. You may as well use SEnukex in a controlled manor.

    Let us know..

    regards and have a great august more power to your wallet

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey Jojo, no offense taken. I believe our expenses this month were around $1600. Much of the cost is coming from the 30 sites that we are building this month. We got domains and articles for them last month so I guess they would fit into last months expense. The other costs comes from VA expense which ends up costing us around $600 per month. Then there’s hosting and the cost of the tools that we use.

      The backlinking tutorial is coming out this month. I’ve been saying this a lot, but comparing magic submitter to “manual SEO” is like driving a car vs walking. If someone doesn’t know how to drive a car, they’ll crash, so they’re better off walking.

  6. DavidDavid08-04-2012

    Wow talk about inspiration, great work guys, I started checking out your blog back in july and you’ve really motivated me to push for MNS. It’s really impressive how fast you guys are growing in just a month.

    Quick question though for a beginner, what is the order of importance in terms of link building between Web 2.0s, Article Directories, and Social bookmarks and wiki pages. Also have you had any experience in getting sand boxed in any of your new sites? How fast do you usually link build for a new site to prevent penalties?

    thanks again, keep up the good work

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey David. If you’re asking which link building method is the “strongest” of those, I would say Web 2.0s, and Article Directories, however, I still don’t know much about wiki links since we’ve never built them. If you’re looking for something stronger than Web 2.0s and Article Directories, then there’s PAD links. And if you want something stronger than that, there’s high pr content posts.

      We’ve had a few of the sites drop off, but the older ones that dropped down ended up coming back up.

      I don’t want to get too much into link building, only because I have a video coming out for this very soon 🙂

      • DavidDavid08-05-2012

        thanks for the quick replys! i’ll be looking forward to the tutorial and thanks again

  7. JoeyJoey08-04-2012

    Great job guys!! You deserve it for helping us out. I will continue to follow you and buy through your links:) How many adsense sights are you up too? What is your average website making? How do you keep track of all these sights like updated wordpress, plugins etc.

    Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey Joey, I know we’re at over 200, but I haven’t taken a direct count. Also I don’t know exactly what the average ranking site is making… we have a lot of sites that are not making money, but we know they will rank soon. I’ll probably collect a lot of this data and make a post about it someday. To keep the sites updated, once in a while I’ll just send a list of the sites to our VA and they’ll get it done.

  8. Alexander Bastian SmithAlexander Bastian Smith08-04-2012

    Great news guys! This is really inspiring for me. I LOVE that your adsense revenue is higher than site sales. I get a bit down when I see income reports that show higher ‘site sales’ than adsense revenue, as it makes me think that maybe the business plan on sites such as these depend on ‘selling an idea on how to make money’ without actually making money themselves. As I’m just starting out with niche sites, I’m trying to stay skeptical as I’ve wasted a lot of money on WSOs etc. So to see something where you are showing us how to do it AND doing it yourselves is fantastic! Keep it up. 🙂

    • EricEric08-04-2012

      I’ve followed their guides to the T and it’s beginning to work with me. I only have 3 sites so far but its all coming together and it seems like it works 🙂 Just make sure to put in the necessary effort!

      • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

        Thanks Eric! Glad to see it’s working out for you 🙂 Once you start doing it, it only becomes easier and easier.

    • steve wymansteve wyman08-05-2012

      You may also want to check out

      The adsenseflippers guys have a FREE guide thats more valuable than all the WSO’s you have t o pay for.

      As well as following of course 🙂

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey Alex, I actually think it’s good to be skeptical. But, use the fact that you’re skeptical to drive you to research more. If you use the doubt to force you to find an answer to the doubt, then you’ll come out on top. If you use the doubt as an excuse to give up, then you’ll likely give up on some really great opportunities before you every try.

  9. darrendarren08-04-2012

    Harrison has a point about cost. Just a general cost breakdown would be nice.

    I ended up choosing hostgator, solely because i didn’t know how to transfer my websites and they did 1 for free and the other for 10 bucks a pop.

    Looking forward to your BL strategy for your ranked sites.

    Also, i think i need to start a journey site and think about affiliate tool income…



    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey Darren, we’ll get that tutorial out soon. We also might make a video about transferring sites in the future. And yes, I think it would be awesome if a lot more people start blogs that document their journey in whatever niche they’re in.

  10. Am just starting out my niche ventures and i have spent lots of time reading all the niche reports posts, you have one of the best tutorials out there. Thanks and i hope to give my income report next month.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Awesome! We love to hear about the growth of our readers!

  11. RonnieRonnie08-05-2012

    Hey Josh, How many websites you have to be making that much just with adsense? Can you make money with such low search volume? I been following you guys since pretty much tha beginning and very happy what you are giving us the readers. That is why you deserve what you got:) I would like to see sometime soon:

    1) defiantely backlinking – how to use magic submitter or UAW
    2) How to flip websites – transferring websites to another
    3) Maybe one day you can offer backlinking services or websites where we pick the niche and you build it and make it go to page 1.

    Just my 2 cents


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey Ronnie. Definitely will be working on that backlinking tutorial as soon as I can. Also, I’ll probably make tutorials about transferring websites eventually. And as far as a backlinking service, it could be done if enough people were interested…we’ll see.

  12. aaronaaron08-05-2012

    Its great seeing your income go up every month!

    – How many adsense sights do you have and what is the average they make?
    – how many keywords do you target per website?

    Would love to see some tutorial about:

    – flipping websites
    – backlinking (how to use magic submitter)

    Best of luck

  13. AnisulAnisul08-06-2012

    Hey Josh, Keep up the good work !! It’s really inspirational. I have a quick question for you:

    1) How many articles do you usually publish at the beginning per site and how often do you add contents ?

    • AukeAuke08-06-2012

      I believe they said in other articles they start off with a 1000 word article with 1% keyword density and if they are ranking good they add 2 more articles of 500 words.

      Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

      Hey Anisul, it’s pretty much as Auke said. We publish one article, then wait till the sites start ranking and earning, then we’ll add more articles.

  14. TylerTyler08-06-2012

    Hey Josh,
    Recently I stumbled upon a keyword that had 50k local/140kglobal searching AND met your criteria (it was 2 No PR, 1 0PR, 5 sites with under 15 SEOmoz, and 2 sniper sites). The #1 ranking site is an amazon PR2 site and #2 is a bestbuy PR 5 site followed by a PR4 from a manufacturing comany and a PR3.

    I was wondering, because of these high PR sites in the top, is the niche still worth persuing?Is it hard to/ How does one rank above amazon/bestbuy/manufacturer?

    Love what you are doing here, it is a big inspiration.
    Cheers mate,

    • TylerTyler08-06-2012

      Also, there is no EMD available, but I was thinking of making a more comprehensive site with the keyword inside of it. Is that better or should I focus on my main keyword? Any thoughts?

      • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

        What I would do, is put a focus around the main keyword and have a few other articles targeting subkeywords. You can make a comprehensive site, but I would stick my focus to that main keyword.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

      Hey Tyler, If you see other sniper sites ranked in there, I would go for it. With a search volume of 50k you don’t need to rank #1 to get traffic and make money.

      • TylerTyler08-07-2012

        Sounds good! I was really surprised when I was looking for keywords in the 2k search area and found it. Thought it was too good to be true or perhaps its something that is too difficult to get into. Personally, I am very knowledgable about the information that the website would be based on. Your advice helped :]


        Also, If I had a site ranking under amazon/bestbuy for the keyword (I think people would be looking for information regarding a product for their needs), is it correct to assume that amazon/bestbuy sites would not be what they are looking for, and thus a higher % of the traffic will be send to #3 and #4?

  15. SaganatorSaganator08-06-2012

    Hey Josh, looks like your site sales and adsense $ is really starting to take off. Very inspirational.

    Any way you could point me in the right direction for an inexpensive VA that is experienced in building pad links?

    I just set up a new site on the 16th after following your guides and I’m already ranking #13 for a low comp, high cpc keyword phrase, and just wanted to say thanks!


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

      Well, we’ve had many people asking us if we would start building links for them already, so I’ve taken this into deep consideration. If we do decide to open up our VAs for other people, though, we would definitely be regulating it. This way they won’t overbook and they’ll still have time for our 50 or so sites per month.

      • SaganatorSaganator08-07-2012

        Eh now that I think about it, I probably wouldn’t open up my VAs if I were in your position with 50+ sites that need backlinking. If your VAs happen to know anyone they could recommend who can build the same type of PAD links, or maybe email me what you searched for on oDesk when looking for VAs I would REALLY appreciate it. I just started working with a few oDesk VAs and it’s been a pain so far.

  16. SandySandy08-07-2012

    hey guys, I’m glad to see guys like you who are sharing great information successful! My question is after you add the content and bookmarks how much do you diversify your backlinking? Do you use only social bookmarks and magic submitter or other backlinking methods?


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

      Hey Sandy, I’m currently working on putting this tutorial together 🙂

      • timtim08-08-2012

        Cant wait for backlinking tutorial…I will wait to buy magic submitter until you do it. Thanks josh

        • Josh E.Josh E.08-10-2012

          Hey Tim, it WILL be out later today. Sorry it took so long – this week just ended up having a few surprises that kept us a little busier than normal. But I must say that we have some BIG plans coming up 🙂

          • TimTim08-11-2012

            Thanks josh….cant wait bro!

  17. ClaireClaire08-07-2012

    Wow I wish I made that:) Any advice how I should build backlinks after bookmarks? How are profile links? I wish i new how to use magic submiter. Thanks guys!

  18. AnisulAnisul08-07-2012

    Hey Saganator, I can help you with SEO. If you are interested drop me an email at More info will be disclosed afterwards

  19. TimTim08-08-2012

    Hey josh, how much does your VA charge for pad links?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-18-2012

      Hey Tim, we currently have them set to $15 per campaign at the moment.

  20. BeginnerBeginner08-09-2012

    Is better or

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-10-2012

      Hey. At first we were thinking to go with a PMD, but now we’ve decided to run some tests on this to find out for sure. We’ll let you know soon on the results.

  21. BlueBellBlueBell08-17-2012

    Hi Josh
    Tnx for fab posts & help.
    Re Amazon
    I’m finding good Amazon response by using an Amazon top seller (sometimes product, sometimes a book/download) as the image on my home page sticky post.
    Alt tag is still key phrase, url is Amazon Aff ID :).and a text link.
    ….just need to make sure Amazon aff blurb is on footer.

  22. RainyRainy08-31-2012


    you guys put 30 site on 1 adsense account.? or different adsense account .?


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Rainy, we have two adsense accounts but we have way more than 30 on one adsense account.

  23. Thomas GreenwayThomas Greenway09-02-2012


    You sites for sales page shows arounf $2.6K sales but your claiming over $3K in the text

    Where were th eother sales made on flippa? your id?

    Also how many sites have you got that you can achieve that level of adsense that more than most have ever done? Some adsense screen shots would be good for proof of concept.


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      The sites for sale page only shows the last update made to that page. Every time we make a new update it’s like looking at a brand new slate.

  24. NathanNathan09-05-2012

    Damn $4500 with adsense…nice going!! Sucks you guys have to split..J/K What about August earning?

    • TrevorTrevor09-06-2012

      It’s next on the list… should be out shortly!

  25. darrendarren09-09-2012

    Also waiting for the motivational income report! 🙂 Plus maybe a general expense number this time :/

  26. NancyNancy09-09-2012

    Would love to see a breakdown of expenses etc.

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