Income Report – June 2012

As many of you know, we made some pretty big Goals for the month of June. One of which was to pump our adsense earnings from $80/per day to $240/per day. While this was a pretty big jump, we felt that if we organized and worked hard at it we would be able to hit this mark. At the same time, however, both Trevor and I had a week vacation that we each planned for in advance. Trevor went to Las Vegas for EDC (electric daisy carnival), a massive Electronic Music event. And I attended my cousins graduation at Stanford. During these breaks we chose to make it a real vacation and pretty much do no work whatsoever. So lets see how this affected our income…


Starting with Amazon, we really didn’t do a whole lot to improve this area.  While initially we had plans to build more Amazon sites, we simply have yet to get this project off the ground.  The truth is, we’re actually having a little more trouble finding easy to rank keywords that will make more money on Amazon compared to Adsense.  Our conversion rates from a person going from our site to Amazon, and then making a purchase is less than 1%.  On top of that, the items that our site is selling is under $20, so in the end we’re only nailing about $1 on our conversion rate of less than %1.  What we need to do is research ways in order to convert higher for amazon and also find keywords for higher selling products.  Once we’ve ran a few tests, we’ll be able to more accurately decide if Amazon’s affiliate program can compete with Adsense.

Amazon Income: $8.19 (+1389% from last months $0.55)


Guess what, after releasing our keyword research that works post, someone is finally taking action with Long Tail Pro!  This sort of thing makes us happy not only because we get a commission out of it, but because we know that that person has taken steps to building their business.  We recognize this product as currently being the best keyword research tool for Niche Sites.  If you know anyone else using a different tool and hitting 80-90% success rates on solid-money-earning keywords, let us know.  But as long as Long Tail Pro keeps kicking butt, we’re gonna stand by it.

Long Tail Pro: $44.36 (up from $0 last month)

Site Sales

If you haven’t noticed it already, we’ve been doing some private site sales.  You can visit our current list of sites by clicking here.  This has been a new and exciting part of our business.  After watching the AdsenseFlippers, build and flip sites both on flippa and on their own website, we decided to follow in their footsteps and sell some sites.  We have nothing but absolute respect for these guys.  So how have we done so far, well we’ve sold 6 sites and made a good $2,311.80.  We actually were about to sell our 7th site, but the guy backed out after having us reserve the site for him for a few days.  It sucks, to have someone cancel on you, but oh well.  At the moment of writing this, that site is currently still for sale on our Sites For Sale Page.  We’ll keep updating this list with new sites and we’ll likely drop the 50% discount soon thus increasing our income from this avenue 🙂

Site Sales: $2,311.80 (up from $0 last month)


Lets talk about Adsense!  Did we hit our marks?  Are we making $240 per day now?  *sigh*…. Not yet.  We are currently making about $150/day in Adsense.  We didn’t even come close!  If you’re wondering if the sites that we sold affected it, all those sites put together only made around $300/month, which is about $10/day.  So it didn’t take too much away from our daily earnings.  The thing that affected us the most was time.  With the vacations and with our other projects, such as tutorials and selling sites, we simply were not able push it to our goal.  Also some keywords that we thought were going to be huge earners ended up only earning a portion of what we calculated.  Sometimes adsense is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.  We’ll find keywords that we feel are going to be so-so, and then BAM, they make triple the amount we expected.  But then again it can also go the other way and only make a third of what we expect.  Overall, we can’t complain.  Even though we didn’t meet our goal, we saw a significant increase in earnings – so who wouldn’t be happy with that! 

Adsense Income: $3,079.64 (+85% from last months $1,664.53)
Current Adsense Earnings Per Day: $150 (+87% from last months $80)


Overall we feel that the month of June went very well.  Our earnings are up 327% and we’re starting to see the seeds of diversification which is always a great sign.  Although we didn’t meet the main goals we set last month, setting them in the first place helped us to push our pace.  So If you haven’t yet started making goals for yourself, I suggest that it’s time you do!

Total Earnings In June: $5443.99 (+227% from last months $1665.08)
Well that’s it folks.  Feel free to Subscribe to our Mailing List and leave us any questions or comments you may have.

Have A Great Day!
– The WSOtesters

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  1. connersconners07-05-2012

    although you didnt achieve your goals, you have still increased your earnings so much. and if you keep building your earnings at this rate you will be laughing. Keep it going, what goals are you setting for July?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-07-2012

      Well, first and foremost we’re going to try to hit the goal that we didn’t achieve last month and make that $240 per day. We also hope to sell a few more sites and continue to build our blog network.

  2. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff07-05-2012

    I have two questions for you:

    1.How many sites have you built so far (that you are keeping)?

    2.I have harsh time with GoDaddy hosting (loading time of my WP sites sucks big time 8-10 sec).You were using Hostgator right? If so are you happy with their service and what is your common loading time?

    I am so happy for you guys. Waiting for sites tutorial 😉

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-07-2012

      Right now I believe we have close to 200 sites. Also we’re switching to bluehost. The time for our pages to completely load is generally about 4 seconds.

  3. BrentBrent07-05-2012

    Great month guys, it gives someone like myself a little hope. It would be nice if you had a site that someone like myself could look at that way we can compare and see if we are in the ball park of how a site should look.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-07-2012

      Thanks for the suggestion Brent. I’ll definitely think about doing something like that.

      • BrentBrent07-07-2012

        Any chance you two might be considering putting together a mentor product or something like that. I follow you as well as others that are successful and have tried to follow everyone’s advice, my sites are coming along very well but I can’t seem to get my sites to rank at all.

        • Josh E.Josh E.07-07-2012

          I’ve thought about it. I just wasn’t sure if anyone would have any interest in it. If we have enough people that express interest on the topic we’ll make it.

  4. Doing extremely awesome guys!

    How have you changed your link building after the Penguin update?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-07-2012

      Hey Kris,
      We no longer use some of the older backlinking tools like My Article Network and Unique Article Wizard (though I do believe that UAW can still work). Instead we’re focused on doing a more diversified link building with Magic Submitter. We’re also using a VA team to build high PR links to some of our sites.

  5. JustinJustin07-06-2012

    Congratulations, guys!

    It’s been fun following you along and watching you guys continue to grow each month. I see continued growth/success for the two of you in the very near future and I’m excited to see what you come up with next!

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-07-2012

      Thanks Justin! It took us a few months to get this far, but it’s really starting to pay off. Hopefully in the next couple of months we’ll break the 5 digit income mark. I’m also very excited to hear more about this theme and software that you’re creating. If it’s coming from you guys, then i’m sure it will be exceptional!

  6. AlexAlex07-06-2012

    your blog is very interesting, this is the first time i read it, its great see you guys reaching goals and keep it up to go for more, thats the attitude!

    the only miss thing in this blog is a how-to ( youre really good with your howto’s!) to use the power of backlink for our niches, it would be perfect guys, i hope you can do soon a great howto for that

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-07-2012

      Hey Alex,
      Thanks for the support. We are working on getting a backlinking tutorial together soon. But we’re debating on how to release it. Our keyword research tutorials didn’t seem to get that much of a response, so we may release our backlinking tutorials somewhat differently. It may only go out to our email list…it’s all up in the air right now.

  7. Don MarlowDon Marlow07-07-2012

    Hi guys. Looks like all the hard work is paying off. How many sites are you up to now?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-07-2012

      Hey Don,
      Just under 200. Not all of them are fully developed though.

  8. That is very impressive Adsense Income. Sounds like only getting to scale up the no of niche sites and content is the way to go.

    Right On!

  9. MarkMark07-07-2012

    Hi are you all using Google Analytics on al your sites and just spreading over 2 adsense accounts right?
    Do you mind sharing the layout of your sites?(Where did you place adsense and which ones performs best for you …) I feel as a site I have up just doesnt work good enough. Gets around 50-100UVs a day and barely making any money.
    best of success for this month

  10. JamesWJamesW07-08-2012

    Great post Josh, adsense earnings and site sales are for sure the best source of income.
    And they seem to work great for you.
    Keep up the great work and I wish you even more earnings in the future.

  11. Miki ViciosoMiki Vicioso07-08-2012

    You guys had a really nice increase in earnings, keep it up!

  12. Chris @ NPIChris @ NPI07-09-2012

    Hi Josh, congrats about your earnings.
    May I ask you a question? How many websites are working for your adsense result?
    BR, Chris

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-09-2012

      Hey Chris, right now we have close to 200 sites.

  13. ChrisChris07-10-2012

    Thanks Josh. And how many of these sites makes more than 10$ a month (I almost sure that you wrote it somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment).

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-11-2012

      Hey Chris, If I counted correctly just now…then I have 57 sites that make over $10 a month; 11 sites earn over $100 per month.

  14. WadeWade07-10-2012

    Hey, I have been following your progress on the warrior forums. Are you getting it bumped up anymore yet? I am really impressed and would love to know how you guys do this. On the forum you said that you use Magic Submitter as a way to get noticed. I am very interested in this after looking at the sales page video. Very impressive…does it really do what it says it does?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-11-2012

      I haven’t watched their sales video in a while, but Magic Submitter really is quite an amazing tool – from our research it may be the most powerful SEO tool on the market, considering that we can incorporate a blog network to work in sync with magic submitters submissions.

  15. JohnJohn07-10-2012

    Can you guys share how much the expenses for the month were?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-11-2012

      Hey John, Off the top of my head…I think it ended up being about $1600. A lot of the expenses came from building 60 more sites. Some of those sites are just now beginning to rank.

  16. DanielDaniel07-11-2012

    Great stuff guys. Congrats.
    I already asked that on another post, but maybe you oversaw it. So here it is again: Now that you have collected quite some information with your sites. What theme (I think you use Prosense, Bluesense and CTR) converts the best? And what about your anchor text variety? Do you vary your anchor text a lot. I mean they all say it is crucial after Penguin update. If yes, how do you vary your anchor texts?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-11-2012

      Hey Daniel, right now our theme with the highest CTR is Prosense. Niche Website Theme is coming in as a close second. However, I can’t say the theme is the determining factor for the CTR. It’s more likely that the niches themselves caused the CTR. As far as anchor text variety we vary anchor text on our Partial Match Domains. We simply use keyword tool and grab a bunch of related keywords that make sense and spin them into a magic submitter campaign. Anchor text variety doesn’t seem to affect EMDs that much. My theory behind this is – many big companies use an EMD and people link to them with exact match anchor text. If google were going to slap EMDs for having too many exact match anchor texts linking to their site, then they’d be hurting a lot of legitimate businesses – so they don’t hit EMDs as hard for not varying anchor text.

  17. MartinMartin07-16-2012

    What are your thoughts on blog commenting and Do/NoFollow links? Do you try to keep a certain ratio, or do they not really matter? Loving the progress you guys are making, as well as the great information you’re sharing!

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      We don’t do any blog commenting for our niche sites at the moment. However, I’ve talked to a guy on the warrior forum who does do comments by setting up Google Alerts and filtering it to update him with any news that comes out relating to his niches. He then comments on those and inserts his link. He says it works really well for him, so we’re thinking about possibly incorporating that for some sites.

  18. markomarko07-20-2012

    Great work.thanks for tutorials and for inspirations.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-22-2012

      Great to have you reading along, Marko. I’m glad it’s been helpful to you.

  19. JeromeJerome07-24-2012

    Hi WSOtesters I am wondering if you had 200 websites or more how can you manage them all? I am planning to make a MNS, How many MNS you suggest to start an adsense business? I am newbie in making money online and I had read a lot of ebooks and I found out that working with adsense is the best way to start for me. please reply thank you in advance.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-24-2012

      Hey Jerome,
      We really don’t spend much time managing them at all once they are built other than checking how much each site has been earning. Once in a while i’ll check on a site if I see any major increases or decreases in earnings. We could probably do a much better job at this.

      I like to run at least 5 trials any time I run a test, because it’s not smart to assume something doesn’t work after only a single trial. How many sites you start off with is up to you and your budget. Within a week I’ll have all the major tutorials done and they should be easy to follow.

  20. DoubleKGKDoubleKGK07-26-2012

    Awesome progress for just short time. I also recently jumped on that game and started making niche sites. I will definitely follow you closely in future. Wish everybody your luck so far. I wish you 10 times more in the next year.

    Could you please kindly tell me when are you starting backlinking on new sites and how much links do you make daily on regular basis.

    GL – Regards

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-26-2012

      Hey Doublekgk, we’ll be starting the backlinking process on the sites probably in about a week. I’m going to be getting tutorials up very soon on our backlinking process so that should answer many peoples questions on that. I think we have magic submitter submitting around 20 links per day to the money site.

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