14 Day Progress Report

Learning To Adapt….  

Adapting to unforeseen situations is probably one of the most important things that any business can do.  Needless to say, this past week we’ve had to do some major adapting.  Originally, we were outsourcing all content creation to other writers. This saved us time, but we still had to go through and heavily edit the content before we posted them on our sites.  We also had to individually build the sites and get them all indexed.  While this model would have sustained us for the creation of 50 sites this month it would not be sufficient for our later goal to bump up the number of sites we create to 150+.  Thus, we decided that it would be beneficial to implement a structural strategy right from the get go.  What this means is that our 14 Day Progress Report is not that impressive as far as ranking and number of sites built goes. Rather, we’ve been hard at work organizing a new structure so that our business will be built on rock rather than on sand.

Hiring New Writers And Editors 

We spent four days interviewing and testing writers so that we could get our hands on the best and most efficient writers that fit our budget. Also, rather than having to edit articles ourselves we have now hired our very own editor. Even though our new writers are at a much higher level, it is still common for them to make mistakes and not catch them during their proofread.  Editors provide a fresh pair of eyes to look over the articles and make the necessary adjustments needed so that the articles are usable for our sites. This new set up saves us the time it takes to approve each article ourselves…and trust me, that ends up being a LOT of time – especially in the future.

VA Training

Our Virtual Assistants will now be learning a variety of new skills such as keyword research, site building, indexing, and backlinking. The idea is for us to completely learn and master a repeatable skill ourselves and then train our VAs to do the task.  All of this training is done live over skype or through pre-recorded videos that we post up on Youtube.  Eventually we want to only focus our energy on research, investment, and management.

The Backlinking Update

We have been reading all of your comments and your input has driven us to make some changes to our backlink strategy. Initially, we wanted to strictly test Build My Rank to see if their service alone could get us to the top of the rankings. However, they have been going through changes lately which are affecting many of their users. People are having a harder time getting their sites and posts accepted and some marketers are saying their sites which are solely using BMR are dropping in rankings. So after careful consideration, we decided to restructure our strategy. While we still believe Build My Rank has powerful backlinks, we are no longer going to be solely using them for this months batch of sites.

The new tools that are being added to our arsenal are My Article Network and Unique Article Wizard.

My Article Network (MAN) was created by Matt Callen to allow users like us to spin and submit our articles for the purpose of gaining backlinks to our site. When we post an article to MAN it will become available to over 10,000 blogs. Since these articles gradually get accepted into the blogs, it should allow us to have a natural backlinking pattern. In our research MAN is a great source for adding the lower end backlinks that we need to diversify our strategy.

Unique Article Wizard (UAW) was created back in 2006, but their site looks like it was made when the internet first came out! The idea behind UAW is the same as MAN – We will be spinning and submitting articles to their network and by doing so we will gain a steady flow of backlinks. Once again, these links will be lower quality backlinks, but they will help to add link diversity. Although their interface is not as user-friendly as My Article Network, UAW has been given slightly greater praise in the forums.

We will still be using Build My Rank on our sites but these backlinks will likely not be added until the site is at least one month old and has already reached the Top 100 in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

March 22, 2012 UPDATE:  Build My Rank is no longer being used.  Google has been cracking down on these Private Network Blogs and BMRs network has been largely deindexed (see Here) .  We are now splitting the backlinking strategy of our first 50 sites among several different methods.  More info on this to come in future blog updates.  

The First 16 Sites 

As you can see, there has been not much improvement here.  For the most part, all the sites actually dropped.  However, this was completely expected. These site have yet to receive a single backlink other than what it may be receiving from social bookmarks through SocialADR. Although we are almost done with our keyword research for the 34 other sites we’re building this month, we have yet to purchase the domains.  Like I said earlier, this is all due to the major updates that we’ve been working on so that we can eventually automate and upscale everything in the future.

This Weeks Goals
  • My Article Network and Unique Article Wizard campaigns created to the first 16 sites.
  • 34 remaining sites created(These sites will be receiving: 800-1000 words per article instead of 500).
  • 1st article created and posted for the 34 sites
  • Get all new sites indexed in Google.
  • Continue to train VAs

So tell us what you think about the way we’re doing everything.  If you’re new and you want us to give more information on any topic, let us know and we may write about it on our next post.

We wish you all the best!
– The WSO Testers.

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  1. HenryHenry03-14-2012

    I love your project and this site. I, for one, will get a lot out of this test and look forward to seeing your ongoing results and strategy changes.

  2. NigelNigel03-14-2012

    well done guys keep it up


  3. AdamAdam03-15-2012

    Wow, surprised you have time to sleep guys!!

    I’m only starting out so I’m currently writing all my articles – but I know what you mean with a different pair of eyes ( i usually edit it a day later when the brain is fresher!)

    Good call on the My Article Network, I found a free 2 week trial for users here:


    Keep going guys 🙂

  4. AdamAdam03-15-2012

    Oh out of curiosity what software are you using to track your rankings?

    Currently I use a “rank checker” a firefox plugin and free version of traffic travis.

    However, they sometimes give wildly different results!

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-15-2012

      We are currently using rank tracker. At the moment we’re only using the free version of it – so it’s a little tedious. If you or anyone has any suggestions on what we should use to better track our rank that would be great!

  5. AdamAdam03-15-2012

    I’ve used rank tracker free version ,but the rank checker firefox plug in is actually better. You can quickly paste in your keywords with your website and just set it going, IMO much better than rank tracker (free version) .


  6. adamadam03-16-2012

    Hey guys I found a really good rank tracking software.

    You can save loads of keywords and projects, very quick and go 100 deep with google, bing and yahoo. It will automatically update daily, and you can export to CSV.


    Best of all it is FREE!

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-18-2012

      Thanks Adam!
      Sounds great! We’ll definitely check it out. Any way that we can save time without spending money is always a plus in my book.

    • JasonJason03-18-2012

      Found my here through a tweet from AdsenseFlippers. I second Rankerizer. As someone who recently started with niche sites (about 5 months ago), these case study posts are very beneficial as it gives real time glimpse into strategies.

      • Josh E.Josh E.03-18-2012

        Thanks Jason! We’ll be following your site as well!

  7. Stuart BarkerStuart Barker03-17-2012

    Loving the site and the progress.

    Well done guys.

    • TrevorTrevor03-19-2012

      Thank you Stuart, we will do our best to keep it updated with all our progress.

  8. MikeMike03-18-2012

    Josh, I’m doing niche sites on a much smaller scale and it’s very interesting to see your progress. Good luck and I’ll be checking back

    • TrevorTrevor03-19-2012

      Thanks Mike! Good luck with your sites.

  9. Joeann TroneJoeann Trone03-22-2012

    Thankyou for helping out, fantastic information.

  10. BrittanyBrittany03-22-2012

    Thanks for doing this test of 50 sites and thanks for updating us all on the progress. I’m curious as to the difficulty of the keyword phrases you’re targeting…I’m certain you have a mix of easy, medium difficulty, and very competitive keyword phrases you’re trying to rank for.

    Maybe for a few of them you could show Market Samurai screenshots of the top 10 with the domains blurred (so you don’t give your keyword phrases away) out to give us an idea of the difficulty of a few of these keyword phrases.

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-23-2012

      Hey Brittany. Great suggestion. We’ll do this very soon!

  11. It’s always interesting to see others people journal especially regarding micro niche sites.
    But anyway, as a micro niche sites owner.. I need to give an advice for you guys for making
    backup plan regarding mfa (made for adsense) sites. You gotta prepare for the worse situation
    which is got banned from google. As a matter of fact I’ll advice you to split the micro niche sites
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    or you can also diversify for each sites to monetize as many as you can. It all depends on your strategies.

    Also I’ll offering you to be a sponsor for one of your site with my SEO service which is a Micro Niche Lab. It’s an SEO service focusing on micro niche sites. If you interested just send me an email and we can talk
    about it.

    Anyway best luck with your sites network, and your journey.

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-23-2012

      Thanks for dropping in. We are interested in hearing about your SEO plan. If it’s a solid backlinking strategy for a decent price, we may even feature it on our site. However, don’t expect a great review if it doesn’t pull in the results.

      Kindest Regards.

  12. Tyler HermanTyler Herman03-26-2012

    I’d be curious to see what kinds of traffic you are seeing from Google after such a short amount of time. Are you getting traffic from any other sources? Obviously you aren’t making a lot of money but you are making some, so some people have to be finding the site.

  13. JimJim04-26-2012

    Have you been seeing any change since the latest Panda update? I have been considering UAW based on great reviews from a lot of different places, but do you think it is worth the cost and long term viability given that Google wants to squash all networks that provide links like that?

    • Josh E.Josh E.04-27-2012

      As of right now we have had one of our sites move down in the ranking. But, this site probably had the worst content on it as well. On the other hand, our other sites are doing great. As far as UAW goes, it’s probably one of the best systems out there for distributing article backlinks quickly without having to do much work, but whether or not they are going to stick around for very much longer, I don’t know.

  14. DannaDanna05-10-2012

    Social bookmarking sites are good for both trfifac and backlinks. Now the sites that nofollow may not help as much but if you can sumbit to social bookmarking sites that allow dofollow links, that will help. Social bookmarking is just one way to get links though. There are more ways out there that are more effective like article submission, having articles on web 2.0 sites, and more. Was this answer helpful?

  1. klonopin07-23-12

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