15 Day Update: 30 Sites In 30 Days

We haven’t forgotten about our 30 Sites in 30 Days project! As you may know, we’ve been releasing many tutorials these last couple of weeks, but even while doing this, Trevor and I are still getting these 30 sites done. We’re 15 days into it and we’ve had a couple of set backs, but we’re still going strong.

Basically there’s been a typhoon in the Philippines and a few of our article writers and VAs have had some connection issues over there. We’ve been praying for them and they’re all doing alright though. Anyway, so what have we done so far? Basically keyword research with Long Tail Pro is completely done for all the 30 keywords and it looks like it’s going to be a promising bunch! Here is list of our search volumes and CPCs:

I know what you’re thinking. “Some of those sites don’t meet your guidelines!” Well, we decided that we want to experiment with this bunch. Despite what the Google Keyword Tool has said, we’ve noticed that some of our sites earned more than 5x what we calculated. So because of this, we decided to break the guidelines. I believe this will be a good learning experience for both us and our readers. If these sites are successful then we might lower all of our minimum guidelines!

Other Things To Note

Some things to note are that most all of these keywords are unrelated to any of the niches we’ve gone for in the past. In other words, we are not banking on our previous successful niches for this batch of 30. We also mainly used EMDs for this batch.

Our Current Stage

We’re finished building half of the sites and we’re getting them indexed. We have all the sites hosted on BlueHost and as far as themes go, we’re using CTR Theme and Niche Website Theme. We should be getting the second half of the sites up and indexed in the next few days as long as our writers get done in a timely manner. Anyway, that’s it for this update. We’ll keep you posted as things come along!

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We wish you all the best!
Josh @ WSOtesters.com

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  1. stuartstuart08-02-2012

    Keep up the good work guys – monitoring with interest and have been since the beginning.


  2. EricEric08-03-2012

    Awesome work guys. Keep us updated on your progress! And keep pumping out those tutorials 😉

  3. steve wymansteve wyman08-03-2012


    From the indexed site are they ranking with income?

    Are you also selecting the lower exact search keywords are they have low first page comp? Im seeing a lot of those.


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-03-2012

      Hey Steve, the indexed sites are not yet ranking and they don’t earn anything as of yet. Also the lower search volume keywords have about the same low competition as the other sites.

  4. Mitchell SMitchell S08-03-2012

    Hey I have a quick question. Do you have a formula to calculate the potential earnings of your sites? I know nothing is set in stone as some will produce better and some worse. I’m just wondering if you have something to give you a general idea of what a site should earn?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-03-2012

      Hey Mitchel. Well I’ve read people make calculations as to what you can earn if you rank in the top 3 … it was something in the lines of:

      Exact Local Search Volume x .30 (the amount of people that visit your site) x .07 (estimated click through rate) x CPC x .40 (percentage that Google gives you) = Your monthly income from the site.

      That being said, I find this formula to be FAR from an exact science. I’ve ranked and made far less than the estimation and I’ve also ranked and made way more than this estimation. You really just have to test it and find out for yourself what the actual payout is.

  5. JoeJoe08-03-2012

    Do you put up adsense right from the start when you publish your first article or wait til you get traffic to site?

    I’d suggest you add another column to the above info and indicate which ones are EMD and which PMD. This way we can see if in fact all EMDs perform better based on just that or if PMDs do just as well as long as competition is still weak on page 1.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-03-2012

      We put adsense on right after we start our backlinking campaign. I actually use the adsense as my ghetto “rank tracker” Basically I’ll check my earnings after a few days, and if money is coming in from the site, then I can assume it’s ranking. I’ll then make a list of sites earning and sites not earning.

      Also, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll probably get that column up.

  6. JimboJimbo08-03-2012

    Great stuff guys! Do you only look for one keyword per site or do you do about 5 other pages targeting other smaller keywords? Thanks


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-03-2012

      Hey Jimbo. We’ll do about 3 other pages targeting smaller keywords.

  7. JessicaJessica08-03-2012

    You guys are awesome! What is the lowest CPC do you usually go for? How long usually after you do the on page and back linking does your website rank? And if it doesn’t when do you decide to throw it out the window?


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-04-2012

      Hey Jessica. Usually we set .50 as an absolute limit. But we’ve broken that limit this time around. Our site can rank in as soon as 1 week after backlinking. But it can also take up to 2 months. If it doesn’t rank, we archive it – we may use it later on for something else.

  8. jcjc08-03-2012

    Ill be watching your progress here! You guys are my motivation! I just wish I had more time to devote to my projects… Anyways, great job and good luck!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-04-2012

      Hey JC. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the support!

  9. RayRay08-03-2012

    Hey Josh, yesterday I found out that that CPC is the most misleading information on google adwords. Maybe that’s the reason you get unexpected results from certain websites? I was on nohatseo.com, someone that makes 30k a month and saw his cpc research. He logged into adwords and saw the suggested bid by going to some settings in adwords. He also gave an example, that even if a cpc is $0.30 the actual bid could be well over $10. You probably know this, but login to adwords click ad settings and check the suggested bid for the keyword instead of average CPC. One of your projects could also be based on this to experiment. Just a thought :P.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-04-2012

      Hey Ray, thanks for the suggestion. I take a look at that.

  10. darrendarren08-04-2012

    Ghetto rank tracker 😀

  11. timtim08-04-2012

    Love this website! Do you do social bookmarks and then magic submitter or uaw next? I want to buy magic submitter but would like to know how to use it right…any advice?

  12. RayRay08-06-2012

    Josh, why is it important to have high advertising competition?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

      Hey Ray. Having high advertising competition means that advertisers are bidding for that keyword. So when you build your site, you’ll have relevant ads show up.

  13. ErnieErnie08-12-2012


    I was just wondering how much hosting for each of these individual sites per year cost. Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Ernie, for all of our hosting for all sites put together, we pay about $50 per month.

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