30 Sites 30 Days Round 2

We’ve been through the trenches, and we know what it’s like to mess up and miss our goals (If you would like to read about the first project in all it’s failing glory, just search the older posts on this site).  We’re now ready to do it right – So stay tuned and follow along!

30 Sites Built In 30 Days
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  • Learn the timing of when we do it
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  1. BenBen07-11-2012

    Looking forward to it guys, read your whole blog over the last couple of days and you are doing some great stuff. What surprised me the most is not so much your success but how quickly you increased your income. Hope I can learn a bit from you.

    I’m doing a similar thing in that I’ve built 12 niche sites in the last 2 weeks. Already 5 are in the top 20 of Google and getting some traffic without link building so my keyword research must be ok. Starting the link building from today.

    I have one question though, are you guys blending your ads? I know Pat Flynn had a warning about this from Google so was wondering if you’re cautious about it. I’m leaving them as standard at the moment and my CTR is pretty horrible but I want to try a few things out before I settle on certain colours and styles etc.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-11-2012

      That’s really great to hear that you’re making it work for you! Right now we are still blending our ads. I also listened to a podcast where Pat Flynn mentioned that. But if I recall correctly, even Pat Flynn himself couldn’t quite pinpoint why he got an Adsense warning. He said he looked it up and found that Google even promotes “blending ads”, but he changed the color to the default anyway because that was the only thing he could possibly think of.
      For us, we’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing. If we get the Google warning just as he did, then maybe we’ll change it.

      • steve wymansteve wyman07-15-2012


        i commented on his thread.

        Im pretty darn confident it was his use of a 728×15 under the menu that was the problem.

        blending is quite normal and allowed. Merging ads or changing them is not. So you need to keep them away from iamges or other click through links.


  2. Selina QuillSelina Quill07-11-2012

    Hi Josh, tracked you down from your help on BHW. This is a great site…and if I didn’t have a day job I’d be trying just what you’re doing. Will follow your progress with interest.
    Mail me if your offer still stands.

  3. BryanBryan07-11-2012

    Hey Josh,

    Just wondering what methods you’re using to rank sites in Round 2.

    Are you using 20 social adr + magic submitter? and is it auto-spun non-readable articles that are working for you?

    The software links seem a bit more troublesome to get.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-11-2012

      Hey Bryan, I could get into a ton of detail about this, but I actually plan on discussing this very topic thoroughly in the future posts.

  4. CleinClein07-11-2012

    Josh do you drip feed your backlinks ? also how much do you vary your anchor text?

    I cant wait for this to start. I have been following your blog since the beginning and am very interested to see how you guys do it. Congrats and keep up the great work.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-16-2012

      Hey Clein,
      Yes we drip feed backlinks. And we vary our anchor text on PMD especially. It’s not as important on EMD, i’ll be explaining why in future posts.

  5. ConnersConners07-12-2012

    Awesome, really looking forward to this.

  6. Can’t wait Josh



  7. JCJC07-13-2012

    Good luck! You guys are great motivation for me. I hope to be as successful as you guys are right now someday! Working my 40hr/week job isn’t my cup of tea… However, I still have a lot to learn in regards to keyword research and building backlinks. Luckily I found this site to keep me motivated and also learn a few tips from the pros!

    Hopefully next month I will be able to buy Long Tail Pro so I can put your tutorial videos to good use.

    Thanks again for being here and doing what you’re doing!

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-16-2012

      JC, thanks for the support. The hardest part is getting started. Just a little tip…It’s really important that once you commit to a project, you keep it organized, otherwise things can get wild pretty quickly – especially if you want to get the most done in a short amount of time – which seems to be the case for you if you’re working another 40hr in some other job.

  8. steve wymansteve wyman07-15-2012

    hi guys

    So your 5 days into your 30 days hows it going?

  9. DionDion07-15-2012

    Hi guys,

    I’ve been reading through your site and you guys have been giving me some hope. I had around 30 sites and 2 have been on page #1 but have been hit by Google after the penguin release. I have been struggling to get my sites to rank even though I did keyword research and have unique content. I am still learning the whole process.

    I’d like to ask a question regarding SocialAdr. Let say I have a site with 5 articles. Do you create a bookmark for each of the article.

    Let say this is a newly registered domain. How many days do you usually wait until bookmarking your site?

    How many days do you usually wait to see if the site makes it to page one?

    Could you also let me know what tool do you use to check if the site make it to page one?

    I find you guys inspiring and would love to make reach my goals.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-16-2012

      Hey Dion,
      – We only bookmark the first post. I find that bookmarking mainly just helps to get a site indexed quicker. The boost in the Search Engines that you get from it is not all that great.

      – We bookmark our sites right after making the first post.

      – I don’t really check to see if a site makes it to page one until I see that it’s earning money from adsense. When I look in the adsense account and I see money dripping in, then I’ll take a look to see just how well it’s ranking. We would probably benefit from organizing this a little better, haha.

      – Right now we’re using the free version of Rank Tracker.

      • MartinMartin07-16-2012

        Not only are your posts full of gold, but so are your comments! I love you guys!

        • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

          Hey Martin,
          I’m glad you enjoy our content. We’ll do our best to keep it filled with only “gold” 🙂

  10. JohnyJohny07-21-2012

    Yes, the post are gold. I am doing the keyword research so that almost NOBODY on the first page has the exact phrase in the title or in the url but my results are not that good.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-22-2012

      Hey Johny. You’ll still find great keywords doing this. We’ve gone for many keywords where there are no “sniper sites” at the top.

  11. BrentBrent07-23-2012

    Hey Josh, do you have an actual ebook or manual available or is it just following the posts on this site?


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