35 Day Update: 30 Sites 30 Days

So I know what you’re thinking… It’s been over 30 days and we haven’t updated this project. Well, as always we had another hectic month with quite a few things going on. One of the most important things for a business to learn, especially as it grows, is to keep everything organized. Even though we’re working on this, we still have a long way to go. Anyway, lets talk about these sites. So how do they look now after 36 days under our watch.

We’ve been a little behind in our schedule as far as these sites go.  For some reason some of our .info sites that we decided to try, ended getting a redirect to our other sites.  I haven’t had time to look into this yet, but as a result we won’t be able to report much about the effect of using a .info at this time.  We just finished backlinking the last few sites about 3 days ago so many of the sites haven’t shown up in the rankings and are still bouncing around a bit.

The PMD sites that were backlinked using Magic Submitter,probably will not start ranking for another couple of weeks.  On the other hand, the EMD sites that are utilizing PAD links are already starting to climb and do well and our first earnings for this batch started showing up about a week ago.  If you’re interested in seeing how we build links, you can check out our Backlinking Strategy Here.

Earnings So Far

One very interesting thing is that site #6 has earned $9.13 in the past 5 days.  If you look closely you’ll notice that the search volume is only 590 and the CPC $0.83.  So this keyword is outperforming the estimated site income by a mile!  The site averages about 20 page views per day, which means that the actual search volume might be over 1000.  Other things that might be of interest is that the key term is very highly targeted and is using CTR Theme and so far the CTR for this site is at 27%.  If this site continues at this pace it may earn a good $60 per month which would make this site worth 2-3 times the investment that we put into creating all 30 of these sites put together.  So not bad for a keyword that we originally wouldn’t have touched.

Another site that already seems to be earning well is #7, which has earned $8.70 over the past 5 days.  The CPC according to Google Keyword Tool is much lower than our normal cut-off but we went for it anyway.  What we’re seeing now is an actual payout of $0.61 per click.  This is much higher than we expected and could be due to some new advertisers temporarily bidding high for this keyword.  Right now it’s too early to tell if these numbers will stick.

Overall Project Earnings

So far this week these 30 sites have earned us a total of $35.63.  If we were to maintain these earnings and not rank any higher for any more keywords, our monthly passive income for the batch would already be at about $140, which means that we’ve already built another $2800 in online real estate.  However, i’m sure many more of these will keep ranking and i’m expecting that we’ll break at least $250 per month from these.

Overall, we got off to a slow start, but I’m pleased with our results up until this point.  We’re already starting to branch off from a lot of these winning keywords and we’re getting set to launch another hundred or so sites towards the end of this month.

Anyway, we wish you all the best.  If you found this post useful at all make sure to click share and like below.

Best Regards,
Josh @ WSOtesters.com

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  1. RiuzkRiuzk08-21-2012

    Great content as normally!, just wondering how one of your site #10 and #13 earning $ while they are not in 1-3 page on google?

    And again love your content, have buy trial of MS and experiment on it, very funny tool and easy, but take long time before you see result 🙂


    • TrevorTrevor08-22-2012

      Thank you for your support Riuzk. During the first couple weeks your sites tend to do a lot of dancing around before they finally settle into their final spot. Some of our sites will pop onto the first page for a while and then they are right back to ranking on page 3. You also have to take into consideration that google isn’t the only search engine that these sites are ranking on. It’s true with MS it will take a while to see results but it is usually very obvious once they kick in!

      • James HansonJames Hanson08-22-2012

        plus they could be coming in on image search.


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

      Actually, they haven’t earned anything. I don’t think I ever said that in any post…

  2. KennethKenneth08-21-2012

    Good update guys. I’m fairly new to building adsense niche sites, but this month I’ve created 15 so far. I feel pretty good about that. I purchased Long Tail Pro and the CTR theme. I’m still trying to nail down exactly how much backlinking to do for my niche sites. One of my authority sites got hammered by Google in April for unnatural links and I’m a little bummed about the link building process. At any rate, I’m looking forward to this new stream of income. Take care.


    • TrevorTrevor08-22-2012

      I’m sorry to hear about your authority site Kenneth but I’m Glad to hear that you are taking action again. We have had our own failures and they have given us necessary experiences to move forward. 15 sites is a great start to getting a niche site business running; keep us updated on your progress.

  3. BluebellBluebell08-21-2012

    Thanks 4 your enthusiasm re CTR theme, I upgraded, & adsense revenue increased 4fold… I swapped from an Azon product theme, & perversely because I kept image & text links to best amazon links active my amazon revenue hasn’t dropped….. So I’m a ‘happy chapess’ I went for your CTR aff link.
    How many sites % wise do you go back and add a 2nd article?
    I would love an article on how you manage lots of sites, I am up to 12, & struggling to remember what I did, when; which are wpbrobot/ spun/ original article, where adsense is showing & want cpc/ traffic I wanted….etc etc
    Do you have a workable management system for 100 sites plus?
    May the energy be with you xxx

    • TrevorTrevor08-22-2012

      Hey Bluebell,
      I’m really happy to hear that it is working out for you! Thank you for the support. It’s really case sensitive whether or not we put a second article on a site. My thoughts tend to be toward putting more content on sites that are almost on page one; sites that we have seen bounce up a few in the top ten and there is a good chance that another article might solidify a higher spot. The other times we are most likely to add another article would be when we have had a good rank for some time and all the sudden it gets knocked down a spot or two. As far as managing, google documents is my best friend and it allows our VA’s to work at the same time on the same documents. Mark off what you do to each site when you do it and make sure to date everything as well. I’m able to keep track of everything this way whether I do it or someone else does. We might have a post on this in the near future.

      • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

        Yea, we’ll probably make a post on this and maybe share a few templates so that other people can use it.

        • JamesJames08-25-2012

          I would also really appreciate an in-depth post on the management aspect of all this. Will be jumping into niche sites for the first time today, after doing nothing but offline marketing for years.. wish me luck

          • TrevorTrevor08-26-2012

            That is a topic that we will definitely cover in a future post. Hopefully our posts will help you succeed in your online jump. Let us know of your progress!

  4. TimTim08-21-2012

    Great job guys! when do you plan on selling any of these? Have you had any success on flippa? Talk later

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

      It’s far too early to say if we’re going to sell these yet. We’ll likely wait at least 3 months before we consider it. Also, we haven’t been selling any of these on flippa yet, though we’ve considered it because we know we can use flippa to build traffic to this site.

  5. paulpaul08-21-2012

    Hello guys

    On website 6 how many articles do you have on it? What method was it pad links or MS? With the websites that are not even ranked do you plan on throwing different back links to it. If so what kind? thank youu


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

      Hey Paul, website 6 only has one article on it. It’s an EMD and it’s using PAD links. The websites that aren’t ranked yet are mostly the ones in which the backlinking campaigns are still new. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to these in the next few weeks. Also, we don’t normally throw links to the “losers” but I am contemplating turning this group of sites into a test group in which we can really experiment on them.

  6. DougDoug08-21-2012

    Great update guys. I’m following this very closely and love all the updates.

    I was wondering for the adsense you place into the CTR Theme, do you use both media and text ads?

    • TrevorTrevor08-22-2012

      We use both image and text.

  7. JoeJoe08-21-2012


    It would be helpful to all of us if you can add another column to your data which indicates which ones are EMD and which ones are PMD.

    • TrevorTrevor08-22-2012

      We went with strictly EMD for this batch.

      • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

        Sorry for the confusion. Actually there are a couple of PMDs in there 🙂 We have several batches that we’re working on at the same time. And yes, I’ll include that in the next report.

  8. Jean MauriceJean Maurice08-21-2012

    Great job guys,
    I’ve been following you for almost a month, and I really like to see how this month will end, just please keep us updated,

    Jean M .

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

      Thanks for the support Jean. I took about a week break from updating the site, but now we’re going to pick it up in full swing.

  9. JCJC08-21-2012

    Thanks for the update! Once again, motivation for me! 😀

    I was finally able to buy Long Tail Pro and have gotten pretty comfortable using it. So far I have created two “test” sites. They are EMDs and they are already indexed in Google.

    I did have one question about building backlinks to these sites… I was planning on using PAD backlinks from a source that I’ve found. Should I purchase the PAD backlinks now that the sites are indexed? Or, how long should I wait before starting to build backlinks?

    Also, when would you suggest I add Adsense to the sites?


    • TrevorTrevor08-22-2012

      You can go ahead and start backlinking once your sites are indexed and once your sites start ranking then you can put adsense on them.

  10. DougDoug08-21-2012

    Hey Josh,

    The sites that don’t yet have any rank in the top 100, will you still send PAD links to them?

    • TrevorTrevor08-22-2012

      Some of our sites were started way late in the month; we just recently sent PAD links to them… we are expecting a decent increase from those soon.

  11. KevinKevin08-22-2012

    I’m a little confused. I see that you said that the PMD sites that were backlinked using MS probably would not start ranking for a couple of weeks. Then in another comment you say we went with strictly EMD?

    The EMD sites that don’t perform well, will you use MS on them after?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

      Sorry for the confusion, we have tons of sites now and lots of batches. But yes, this batch has some PMDs in it.

      Since this is an experimental batch we might play around and use MS as you said. We’ll decide on this as the days go by.

  12. Steve WymanSteve Wyman08-22-2012

    Hi Guys

    I always enjoy following along on other folks journeys (it makes the loneliness of working on ones own less :-))

    For my part I’d lie to see the income for each site. as the total is greater than the 2 you picked out. And im a curious and data driven person.

    For example with knowing nothing about the domains or niches I would be surprised if 10,13 and 15 have made any money but some of the ones that have no rank might have?

    You seem to not be using “SEOvalue” much in your keyword research which i find interesting? Id there a specific reason for that? For example have you found niches (no need to name them) that it simply doesn’t apply to? It is after all only a guide line (as is the 1000 x $1 limit many people use).

    On a completely separate note I do feel 20x is unreasonable. I know the superstar (hey @adsenseflippers) do this but most mere morals get more in the 8-12x

    Have you tried a single page 1000 words with no back links? with great KW research that seems to work well (low first page comp of course)

    I hope my questions are reasonable and add value to the discussion.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

      Hey Steve, thanks for the questions. Unless i’m confused and somehow mixed up data…10,13, and 15 are not earning, and I don’t remember posting that they do.

      We do normally use “SEOvalue”, and that can be found in our Tutorials Page under Keyword Research, but with this batch we decided to break the rules and experiment a little. It seems to be paying off so far.

      And 20x value is not unreasonable for us because we’ve already done it…so I guess we’re superstars too 🙂 Nothing is unreasonable if it’s been done before. We set high goals for ourselves and we never think of others as being placed on an unreachable pedestal. You can do anything you put your mind and heart into.

      We have built several sites that ranked before having any backlinks. We’ve extremely confident in our keyword research methods.

      • Steve WymanSteve Wyman08-23-2012


        Theres a miss reading. I was using an educated guess to predict they were no earning. You had said nothing. So you confirmed by eval. Do any of the ones which are not ranking in google make anything?

        With respect to valuation again my point was not clear. Ill try to do better. Its unreasonable to assume that you’ll be able to get all 30 to rank such that the valuation is 20x each site. So will make it sure but not all. After all some will fail thats all i was suggesting.

        As to your ability to get 20x for every site in this portfolio I could not comment Ive not seen you selling through flippa. and a few sites here. Im relatively new to your blog.

        And whilst i would never limit my targets or objectives every market has a glass ceiling for whats reasonably achievable. Thats certainly true with adsense sites. A trend that it probably downwards as penquin stomps around next time and the risks are better understood.

        Just for clarity Im committed to super narrow niche adsense sites im not knocking it :-0 I however would not project portfoilio values until they were stable earners.

        keep up the usefull flow of info. and the best of luck with your portfolio

        • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

          Hey Steve, thanks for your comments and questions. The ones that are not ranking are not making anything. However, some of the ones that are ranked lower have earned, which is pretty interesting. Either someone happened to search that far back or the site did a little dance and was ranking higher at one point.

          You’re absolutely right. Some will fail, especially with the looser guidelines we set this time. I hoped for at least 80% success rate, since that’s what we normally get, but looking at the data it might be much lower.

          As far as penguin goes, we are aware of it, and we have preparations made and alternatives set for a “doomsday” scenario, but we’re really not worried about it. The most important part of the process is keyword research. If the keyword has no competition, then backlinks won’t really matter too much.

  13. Good oneGood one08-22-2012

    hmm its hard to rank then in first page is hubpage(2nd) link and twitter profile with dat keyword( 6) and linkedin (10). Its good or bad keyword?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      That could be a good keyword as long as the search volume and cpc are high enough.

  14. KevinKevin08-23-2012

    Then it might help if you Include which sites are EMD and which are PMD.

  15. JacklynJacklyn08-23-2012

    Awesome stuff guys!! I bookmarked this sight because i think you offer valuable tutorials. How are you guys tracking your sights with Google Analytics? I heard not to share much information with them. Have you tried WP-Slimstat? Thank you!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      I’ve tried slimstat before, but didn’t really like it. Most of the sites actually don’t have analytics on them. The only tracking we’ve been doing is how much the sites are earning via adsense, and where the site is ranking via SERPbook. I don’t think I can recommend serpbook though, unless they fix some major issues. We decided to give them a try this month, but their have been a lot of frustrating glitches. We may switch over to SERPfox.

  16. JoJo08-24-2012

    Hey Josh & Trevor, Thanks for your awesome post. this info is fantastic guys.

    I’ve got several questions :
    1. Do you host your Magic Submitter on the VPS to run it 24/7 ?
    I have a problem installing MS on Amazon EC2 VPS due to the .net framework is 3.0 which should be upgraded to 3.5 as required by MS. let me know if you can help me making the MS works on the VPS
    or if you have a recomendation of good VPS to run MS.

    2. Is it possible to run multiple campaign for many websites at a time with MS ?
    Let say you have 5 keywords for 5 websites and you want to rank them using MS.
    can you do that ?
    I presume that there will be some profile/account creation and item submission which should be done at the same time. Can MS handle that ?
    or MS only able to handle 1 campaign at the same time ?

    3. If no 2 is possible, can you give us some tips on how to schedule and managing multiple campaign in MS.

    4. Do you have a video tutorial or a course (product) or 1 on1 coaching that teach how to use MS to rank sites ?


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey Jo, I we just have an extra computer that we run it on and we let it run throughout the day.

      I believe Magic Submitter handles one “task” at a time. If you look at the scheduler you’ll see the order in which it’s scheduled to run the task. So yea, you can have it go back and forth between multiple campaigns, but I don’t see how that would make it run any faster/smoother.

      With our computer we just let it run all the time and it gets all the campaigns done pretty quickly. Unless you plan on having well over 100 sites built per month, doing this should work just fine.

      We don’t currently have any course or product for this other than the videos on this page. Maybe someday when we have more time we can make something like this.

  17. DanielDaniel08-24-2012

    Can’t wait for next update 🙂

    Btw how many pad links do you / your VA send to EMD? And do you upload NEW pad to the same file sharing sites for each of your sites?


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey Daniel. Our guy builds 150-200 PAD links, and I believe that he does submit to many of the same file sharing sites.

  18. BernieBernie08-25-2012

    Do you recommend mixing it up with different adsense themes? I have ctr theme and was wondering if Spencers Niche Website Theme is easy to set up like CTR theme? I know spencer got banned from adsense one time and was using it. Do you think the theme matters? Isn’t adsense flippers coming out with one? Cheers

    • TrevorTrevor08-26-2012

      The theme is very important! I would recommend mixing it up for sure (don’t put all your eggs in one basket kind of thing). It’s always good to do some of your own split testing and figure out what works best for you and your sites. We use both CTR and Niche Website Theme and I feel that both of them are super easy to set up. Spencer did get banned but that wouldn’t have had anything to do with the theme itself especially being that it is so customizable; you can be as aggressive or as passive as you want with your layout. I’m not sure if Adsense Flippers are planning on making one or not but I wouldn’t be surprised if they intend to. We would even like to one day : )

    • Steve WymanSteve Wyman08-27-2012

      Adsense flippers are coming out with a new theme

      Its about to enter private Beta testing (:-)) and the concept it awesome.

      I would say that haveing more than one theme platform makes sense when you develop a lot of sites or if your going to resell (nice to have variety). BUT you dont need to waste money buying different themes just for some theoretical reason.

      You could run your whole business on one theme such as inttelitheme or CTRtheme. more than enough.

      After all many high end people use a frameowrk like genisis and just change the skin, thats what CTRtheme Does.


  19. Danny NguyenDanny Nguyen08-27-2012

    how are you guys going with the MS backlinking to sites. Are the sites improving its ranking or it is required more diversify more backlinks to make it effectively. And also Pad links sites going good? It is good for us you update ranking sites so we know how sites are going? Whether one time with Pad links for low competion kws may or may not to get the site to numb1 rank!?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey Danny, the sites are steadily improving, and I’ll post an update on it soon. We don’t get number 1 all that often. But we do get in the top 5 a lot, which is more than enough to start earning.

  20. DougDoug08-27-2012

    Hey Guys,

    In the above screenshot showing you SE rankings, I was wondering if these are Broad or Exact match rankings?


  21. Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

    Hey Doug, rankings are always based on when someone inputs the “broad” term.

  22. AdiAdi08-28-2012


    Is your site are Micro Niche Site ? I was wondering.


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Hey Adi, Yes we are building Micro Niche Sites.

      • AdiAdi08-29-2012

        I see
        well i’m planning to make site like yours, but can i use it for other monetize like CPA or affiliate instead of adsense?

        • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

          Hey Adi, you can monetize with those, and depending on your niche you may do better or worse with it. Just test them out and see what happens.

  23. mannymanny08-29-2012

    Hey guys so for all the questions but this is the first time I’m going over this great stuff! how many websites would you say about made you full-time and how long did it take from when you started adsense? Thanks and keep it up!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      We started with these types of sites at the end of February. I wouldn’t really say that we were making full time income until very recently – but that all depends on what you consider full time income. If I still lived in Arkansas, I could consider $1000/mo full time income 🙂 You can make a full time income on under 100 sites if you found a good niche and stuck to it. I don’t think this batch will do as well, because the niches are spread and we didn’t piggyback off of already successful niches. However, we still found a few golden nuggets that we know we can take advantage of.

  24. Mark SojkaMark Sojka08-31-2012

    Nice results you got there I must say. I’m doing similar challenge myself, let’s see how it goes for me 🙂

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Glad to hear it mark! Let us know how that goes.

  25. Tami DTami D09-02-2012

    Whats up guys! Do you sell sights on flippa with any success? If so is there any videos on that? Keep it up guys!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Tami, we’ve sold sites on Flippa before, but they were different types of sites. We have yet to sell niche sites on it, however, we do plan to do so soon.

  26. JeanJean09-05-2012

    Hi Guys,

    How are you doing with the 30 sites?,I know you’re really busy and I appreciate the job you guys are doing here, just wanted to check for any update.

    Keep it up guys,

    Jean M.

    • TrevorTrevor09-06-2012

      Thank you Jean, we will be getting another update here probably as soon as we get our monthly report out.

  27. NathanNathan09-05-2012

    Any update on how are these websites doing? How is sight 6 doing since it had low traffic and cpc?Thanks

    • TrevorTrevor09-06-2012

      Hey Nathan,
      Sorry for the delay on getting that update out. We will be getting that probably right after our monthly report. It’s definitely on the list!

  28. Jon HaverJon Haver09-05-2012

    Hi Guys

    Just came across your site and have read a bunch of your case studies.

    I am a huge fan of your transparent 30 sites in 30 days posts.

    One question, you mentioned you had a 25% CTR with the CTR theme on the one site. Is that similar to what you saw on all your other sites using the CTR theme?

    Keep up the transparent posts!

    New Follower – Jon

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Jon, not all sites will see CTRs that high. We’ve used the CTR theme and have gotten 5% CTRs as well. The most important factor is that the keyword provides relevant clickable ads. If you combine this with the CTR theme, then you have a winner in your hands.

  29. BrandonBrandon09-07-2012

    Hey Guys,
    If I recall correctly, you start all sites with just 1x 1000 word post right? Is there some reason you ended up using that? Or did you just start with it and never try anything else?

    I have some new sites that hit page 1, some page 2, from bookmarks and a few private high PR links and they’re 400 words on homepage, and maybe 2 other 400 word pages. They get ~10 unique content links from high PR domains to em, and they disappear from the SERPS (rank 300+)

    I’m not sure whether it’s a panda/penguin/thin site/anchor text thing. Do your sites ever disappear like this? Any idea what happened?

    Others are reporting that thinner sites aren’t able to rank as well. Are you experiencing this at all? thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Actually we started out with a 500 word article our first trials. However, those sites didn’t end up doing so well so we ended up making a lot of changes, one of which was increasing the word count.

      Initially when we began we actually saw a bit of what you’re describing. We had a lot of flaws to our sites other than low word count though. We didn’t have our on page optimization down, we didn’t have very good writers, and our backlinking was a little sub par.

  30. JakeJake09-08-2012

    You have a new fan…love your tutorials very easy to comprehend!

  31. JamesJames09-08-2012

    How much would you say each sight cost to build up? The domain, articles, back linking etc.

    Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey James, right now it’s costing us under $30 per site. But we may make some changes to how we’re building some of the sites and I may even make some tutorial updates. It’s not that the current method doesn’t work, but there’s always room for improvements.

  32. ThomasThomas09-09-2012

    Hello guys, You are trying different backlinking methods? Is MS and Pad links still what you are using or it is not as effective. Hopefully you can clarify better. Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-10-2012

      Hey Thomas, we are trying different methods at the moment. We really want to understand backlinking better and offer multiple options of building links. At the moment MS is still working great. PAD links also still work great for EMD at the moment, but they seem to be slightly weaker then they use to be.

  33. RinkeshRinkesh09-14-2012


    I just came across your site while searching for something in Warrior Forums. You have so much fan following in such short span of time. Just wanted to ask you: how do you promote your blog? I mean, do you involve yourself in On page SEO and Off page SEO or any other back linking methods.


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      Hey Rinkesh. I mostly just freely share what we’re doing and what’s currently working for us. I’ve only tried to optimize a couple of pages.

  34. ZoltanZoltan09-15-2012


    Its great to see these results I’m currently working on my website and start the backlinking soon with MS.

    However can you please tell me what are PMD websites and EMD websites? I couldn’t figure it out. Also may I ask you, if I go with Magic Submitter in a medium competitive niche, about how much days should pass after the backlinking to gain traffic to the website?

    Thank you & keep up the good work guys. 😉

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Hey Zoltan. PMD = partial match domain and EMD = exact match domain. It really depends on a case by case basis how quickly you’ll rank for a keyword. Some keywords seem to just jump right up to the top and others take a little time. We’ve pretty much only gone for low competition keywords up to this point.

  35. JosephJoseph09-18-2012

    Thanks for the report,

    Can i ask about your anchor text diversity? How many keywords do you backlink to your home page?

    I followed all your instructions but google keeps penalizing my site.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Hey Joseph, we spin about 8-10 keywords into the anchor text. I’m not quite sure why Google would hit your sites and not ours. It could be differences in how we’re doing the process or differences in our keyword choices.

  36. paulpaul09-25-2012

    Hey guys, brilliant information its so good to see some guys showing exactly how its all being built and offering such wicked free advice. ive just paid for some adsense WSO which i didnt really need to i guess….i so far have made 2 adsense sites. obviously its the one i have listed in the contact box which is currently on page 1 with NO CLICKS !!!!! number 4 and no clicks using CTR theme 4/5 500 word articles and only 40 visits in the last month. 2400 local exact searches and an EMD…..go figure…any ideas….

    as for my plan i am currently in the process of building 20 new sites and hoping that we can make some revenue from those like you guys have so i just want to say your info is great….

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      It really is a numbers game because sometimes Googles local exact match numbers are just wrong. Unfortunately this may be the scenario for the site that you have. Although it says that you should be getting 2400 exact searches, you’re probably receiving far less. Have you taken a look at Google Insights yet to see if there are any other suspicious trends showing up there?

    • Steve WymanSteve Wyman09-26-2012

      Hi Paul

      here some data for you

      http://www.spyfu.com/ and plug in the EMD
      looks like advertisers are paying less atthe moment. still no clicks is not effected by that but there could be less relevant ads being displayed. Traffic is trending down as well (bear in mind googles search number is an average ove rthe last 12 months not today but even at 880 a month is ok)

      Your ranking between 9-10 rather than 4th that will have a dramatic effect. Using a tool such as whooshtraffic.com shows this. If by chance your doing a manualy search then that could be why. Use incognito in chrome and make sure your logged out of every google app. then try again.

      other ideas

      privacy policy as a page, add contact us and about us pages.

      Remove search box,

      move post widget to below advert in side bar, pages widget below that.

      remove push down images (using up valuable above the fold and reducing the amount of text you have there (quality guidlines require less ads ect above teh fold.

      Includ an image in the post but away from ads.

      dont use the roadblock adsense layout. and experiment with tracking the succes off the other adsense placements. I like 336×280 top left with that theme. works well. (inside ctrtheme its the adsense layout top right (not theme but adsense placement).

      try thats and see what happens Ive improved many sites with thoise quick fixes.

  37. Steve WymanSteve Wyman09-26-2012

    Hi Guys

    How are this batch doing? looking at them at 60 and 90 days is really informative?


  38. paulpaul09-27-2012

    thanks steve and josh. The one thing i find hard to nail down is the real results data of my sites. i have webfire which has a pretty accurate ranking tracker in it however it still says im number 6…

    i also use the CTR theme so i will check those things you mentioned steve. im a bit of a newbie too so it takes me a while to figure things out. im trying to keep expenses down because im not really earning anything yet.

  39. Jamies foxsonJamies foxson09-28-2012

    Hi, With all due respect. Your appearing flacky and i dont imagine you want to.

    I saw your vidoe on mikes site and theri was a fair amount of evation going on. Fair enough.

    the purpose of your 30 day thread here howeevr is to prove your process demo your skills and help sell you sites at x20 (x10-15 is probably realistic but heck go for it) I see you sold a big site at 20x..

    So we are way past 60 days and heading towards 60.

    Following the example laid down by your mentors why not fully disclose this project with full costs to data revenue for each 30 days?

    Yo leave it at 35 days is not much use to new guys?

    Did it make any more money or have they collapsed.. As the leaders have said 90 days is the true test point, 30 and 60 are more than indicative.

    Inor business we formally review at 15 days (when al sites are ranked and we will ahve inital cliskc for each site. 30 days, 60 and 90. At each review one page of conten tis addd if the site continues to grow.

    • JoshJosh09-29-2012

      Hey Jamies, I appreciate your comment. To put it simply, we’re doing our best to juggle multiple projects and our biggest weakness might be the organization of everything. There’s a lot of work that we need to catch up with and this is just one of them.

  40. JeanJean09-29-2012

    Hello, Josh& Trevor,

    How is your weekend guys? seems it’ll be raining very soon here in Bologna/Italy,, anyway I just wanted to grab this moment and thank you for the ebook, I’ve managed to rank some sites using your tips and 2 of them are on the G’s front page.

    Did you notice some drop in ranking due to today’s Google update about EMD ?

  41. DizzyDanDizzyDan10-02-2012

    Was wondering how your sites and earnings are responding to the latest EMD update?

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