7 Day Progress Report

Busy, busy, busy…
So what have we been doing during these first 7 days of March 2012?  Well, quite a bit actually.  It’s getting busier and busier especially since we launched this site, WSOtesters.com, just a couple of days ago.  The feedback has been great, and hearing from our readers motivates us to stay on track and work even harder!  It’s amazing how 12 hour work days become much more fun when you get cheered on by your peers :).  So we want to offer a BIG “Thank You!” to everyone!   With that said, let’s get down to business…

The Initial Startup

The first day of our Niche Test was dedicated to keyword research.  All of our keyword research was done using Long Tail Pro (aff. link) and Google Keyword Tool.  We found 22 keywords initially, but then narrowed them down even further to only 16.  If you want to know what strategy we used to filter out our keywords you can check our earlier post here.

On the second day we decided to start building sites.  Domains were bought through Godaddy.com.  The themes we installed were Prosense, Bluesense, and CTR Theme. We added a Privacy, Contact, and About Page.  For our content, we had our writers write 500+ words of unique content per page using the strategy we outlined in our previous post.  Most of the content was double checked using Copyscape.com.

All main articles were posted by the 3rd Day.  We pinged the pages with Pingler.com and ProfitInstruments.com/quickindex/.  We began social bookmarking the main pages of the sites with SocialAdr.   We set the bookmarking limit to 43 for all 16 sites.        

 So Here’s What Our Sites Look Like After 7 Days

Before we start getting spammed with “Google Dance” comments, I want to say that we already know about this and you don’t have to tell us.  The main reason for listing this is so that we may all learn and understand the “dance” better.  Also I’m sure people want to know what kind of numbers we are getting for CPC and Local Exact Monthly Searches.

The Next Episode…

So what are we planning for this next week?

  • Start posting secondary keyword articles.
  • Continue adding social bookmarks.
  • Start Backlinking with BMR.
  • Find the rest of the 33 keywords, buy their domains, and begin building those sites.

And there you have it.  If you’re looking to find more detailed information about our processes, I’ll be posting those soon.  If you have any questions, concerns, comments – Leave them below.  Give us a shout out… we want to hear from you!

Wishing You All The Best,
The WSO Testers

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  1. AdamAdam03-08-2012

    Very interesting!

    How many of the sites did you get EMD with?

    Are the sites with EMD performing better than the ones without in your opinion?

    Also thank you for the reply about Long Tail Pro, much appreciated guys. Keep going, I look forward to the updates!

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-08-2012

      Hey Adam,
      At the moment, only 2 of the 16 sites are Exact Match Domains. One EMD is not in the top 100, the other one is the one sitting at #5. It’s still too early for us to draw any conclusions based on this. We’ll have to get more EMDs and crunch out more numbers.

  2. NoahNoah03-08-2012

    Good job, look forward to further update!!

  3. RyanRyan03-08-2012

    Looks like you’re on track guys! Just wondering is your traffic all from social bookmarking & seo, or do you submit articles to directories as well?

    • TrevorTrevor03-10-2012


      So far all we have done is social bookmarking and optimized our sites with unique content. We will be submitting a lot of posts to BMR as soon as we build enough content for each site. We will be posting more updates on our process and results as we get them.

  4. NigelNigel03-10-2012

    Look forward to seeing your progress


  5. oliveroliver03-13-2012

    Very nice project! Looking forward to see more and specific results with your sites. All the best! I see there is many keywords that have lots of searches per month. Can you tell me how many articles you going to add to 33000 per month website?

  6. Stephen D.Stephen D.03-18-2012

    This is going to be an excellent blog to follow since I’m just getting started as well. Been reading forever but not taking action, done with that. Love how detailed you guys are being. So those initial rankings you got were with only the main article posted?

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-18-2012

      Hey Stephen,
      Great to hear that you’ll be taking action now. That first step is always the hardest. Yes the rankings were with just the main post and no backlinks other than the social bookmark through socialadr.

  7. Stephen D.Stephen D.03-18-2012

    Thanks for the quick reply. When using Socialadr and other social bookmarking techniques, do you guys set up a separate account for strictly backlinking and not personal accounts or an account under this authority websites’s name?

  8. Josh E.Josh E.03-25-2012

    Hey Stephen,
    With social adr, we don’t need to even set up accounts. The Sites get socially bookmarked by other users accounts.

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