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The Niche Site Tests is one of the biggest projects that Trevor and I will be conducting here at  At the moment, we are far from Internet Marketing Gurus.  Actually, we may be just as “green” to building niche sites as some of you who are reading this.  What we have done so far is a ton of research.  Thanks to the help of the Warrior Forum and transparent internet marketers such as Spencer Haws and Trent Dyrsmid we have accumulated a wealth of valuable knowledge.  Now we plan on diving into the deep end and testing the methods out ourselves.  Life is too short to not take action!

The Goal: 50 Sites Per Month For The Next 4 Months!

That comes to a whopping 200 adsense niche sites in total.  It sounds like quite an intimidating task, but we feel up for the challenge.  Do we expect all of these sites to be huge earners?  Nope.  What we do expect, is to quickly find out what is working and what is not.  Site building techniques that are working will get documented and will be used for future sites.  Techniques that aren’t working will get tossed away.  We will not reveal our domains or keywords but we will be telling you our exact methods to building these sites.  We will also tell you the results of these methods.

In the end we expect our set of Adsense niche sites to generate money even as we sleep.  We plan on keeping some sites, but we also will be Flipping many of them as well. Sites will be sold either on or here on our site.

The Strategy

Our General Strategy for building these sites can be broken down into three main phases. (some links listed below are affiliate links):

1. Keyword Research

After initially trying out Market Samurai, we found that it was just too slow for our liking.  So we are primarily testing Long Tail Pro.  The filters for our keyword are as follows:

  • At least 1200 Exact Match Searches in Google Keyword Tool
  • At least $1.00 CPC
  • Exact Match Domain used if available, if not then we’ll add a Prefix or Suffix (such as “pro” or “hq”) to the keyword when buying a domain
  •  Low Competition on the Google Top Ten :
    Less than half are optimized for keyword in the title
    – Low PR on at least 2 of the top ten sites
    – Low amount of SEMoz/Juice links

Notice that we do NOT include “phrase match” competition as a limiting factor in choosing a keyword.  Case studies from multiple marketers show that “phrase match” competition is irrelevant.  Simply put: If the competition on the first page of Google is weak, then we will go for it.

Even though we are NOT including “Phrase Match” competition as a limiting factor, we will be keeping track of this data.  Our end results will include the statistics as to whether lower “phrase match” competition ranked higher.

2. On Page SEO

We are building all sites on WordPress.  The following themes will be tested: Prosense, Bluesense, and CTR.  Each site will have at least 5 pages of unique content of 500+ words.   We are testing a keyword density of 2-3% on 25 sites and a keyword density of 1-2% on the other 25 sites this month.  We are using several plugins to assist us such as SEOPressorAll In One SEO, Cbnet Ping Optimizer, and Google Xml Sitemaps.

3. Backlinking

For our backlinking strategy, we will first use SocialADR to social bookmark 20 of our sites.  Another 20 sites will receive social bookmarks from either Bookmarking Demon or Only Wire (we are still debating on this).  10 sites will NOT receive any social bookmarking.

All sites will be receiving backlinks from Build My Rank (BMR).  From our research on Warrior Forum and other marketing forums, these guys may be the strongest blog network out there.  Some people claim to rank solely on BMR.  Later on we will test other backlinks, but for now Build My Rank has our full attention.

March 22, 2012 UPDATE:  Build My Rank is no longer being used.  Google has been cracking down on these Private Network Blogs and BMRs network has been largely deindexed (see Here) .  We are now splitting the backlinking strategy of our first 50 sites among several different methods.  More info on this to come in future blog updates.  

We may also run an SENuke campaign on a small set of sites (although this may be overkill).

And that’s it!

That’s the general overview of what we will be doing for this project in the next few months.  We only started a week ago and I can tell you that surprisingly some sites are already beginning to rank and get traffic!  We will be elaborating on the details of our research in future blog posts and we’ll also keep everyone posted on the progress of our sites.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, leave us a message… we’re always happy to hear from our readers!

All The Best!
– Josh

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  1. TrevorTrevor03-05-2012

    Lets do this!

  2. ChipChip03-06-2012

    Good luck. It sounds like you guys have a great plan, and even better attitudes. This will be an instructive blog to follow. What will your monthly investment be? Have you budgeted that out yet?

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-06-2012

      Hey Chip, our monthly investment for the Adsense Niche Sites is roughly $2700. This should cover the cost of domains, tools, and outsourcing work. Once we’re done optimizing the process, the cost to build 50 sites will likely go down.

      • ChipChip03-06-2012

        Thank you. That is quite a commitment to start. I get the sense that you guys put a lot of thought into this before you made the jump. Best wishes for your continued success. Takes a lot of guts to go at this 100%, like you two.

  3. MattMatt03-06-2012

    Hey guys great testing going on here. I like the plan and think it will provide alot of info

    One question. With LTP what are you using as a gage for advertiser comp? Is there a specific number you are going for or for example won’t go after and keywords that are 50 and under for AC.

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-06-2012

      Hey Matt,
      Anything over 50 for advertiser comp is pretty much what we shoot for. I also like to go to Google and search the keyword to double check that there are adsense ads.

  4. JustinJustin03-06-2012

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to stop by and wish you well on your test/adventure here. It’s interesting that you really put it together and got some start-up capital…that will be extremely helpful for you early on, I’m sure. Do you plan on expanding out the sites at all or just building and flipping? We’ll be testing out expansion in the coming months…would be interesting to compare notes!

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-06-2012

      It’s great to hear from you especially since we also follow you guys over at! We do plan on expanding sites, especially if they are doing well and we find a lot of supporting keywords for the term. We recently found a keyword that had a MASSIVE amount of supporting keywords that could all potentially be great earners – we’re saving that one for later since at the moment we’ve already got our hands full. If the sites seem to be capping off or not doing too well, we’ll likely Flip or abandon them. We’d love to compare notes with you guys as well!

    • TrevorTrevor03-06-2012

      Thank you for the kind words. Right now building and flipping is our main focus. Josh and I both want to get to a point to where our process will be self sustaining both money in and money out. As soon as we get to that point we will have more time/experience/resources for expanding. It is seriously hard to focus one project at a time though… every day brings a new idea and a different direction to possibly go. We are very excited to share our successes and our failures and very excited to become a part of this online community. Congratulations to you guys and your success; among the sites that I frequently visit, you guys are at the top. I look forward to hearing many more good things from your direction!

  5. AdamAdam03-07-2012

    Hey guys, I’m a beginner at this (but learning very quickly!). So will be following your progress .

    Couple of questions:

    What programs do you use for top 10 competition? I have been using Market Samurai.
    And what exactly is SEMoz juice? Never come across that before.

    I can’t wait to see the results guys. Excellent blog 🙂

    Adam @Moneygeddon

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-08-2012

      Hey Adam,
      We’re using Long Tail Pro (LTP) to analyze the top 10 competition. Also, SEMoz Links are the links that SEMoz counts as effective index links. There is a column for this if you happen to be using LTP. Even though we have Market Samurai we find it to be too slow to do the amount of keyword research that we do. Aside from LTP, we are also beginning to test out SECockpit. We’ll let everyone know how that turns out in future blogs that we post.

  6. fastupfastup03-09-2012

    any updates?

  7. RichardRichard03-17-2012

    This is a great experiment, I’m looking forward to following your progress, I’m sure we can all take something from your work. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. CraigCraig03-19-2012

    Found you through Warrior Forum.

    Best of luck guys. Very ambitious project!

    $2700/mth is a large commitment. Would be interesting to see roughly how that’s broken up.

    Subscribed and really looking forward to seeing how you get on.

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-19-2012

      Hey Craig,
      We’ll break down where all the money is going to in a future post.

  9. BáchBách03-23-2012


    I have some question about your niche site:
    1. How many articles you post to each site
    2. You post all articles at once or by a schedule? If you schedule post, so you can tell us time between post?
    3. You target only one keyword for each site?

    Wait for your backlink strategy! I keep follow your site!

    Thank you!

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-23-2012

      We’re posting 5 articles to each site. Right now our articles are getting one article posted right away. We then do some small backlinking and then wait to see if the site makes it to the top 100. If it doesn’t then we’re going to forget about the keyword and the site. If it does make it to the top 100 then we’ll start a full backlink campaign on it.

      We target one main keyword and 4 subkeywords.

  10. MarkMark06-26-2012

    Quick question, do you still use SocialADR? And are you getting good resukts? I’m thinking about getting paid package there so would like to know if you use it 🙂

    • Josh E.Josh E.06-29-2012

      Hey Mark,
      Yes we are still using SocialAdr. It’s definitely a great source for social bookmarks!

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