Forced To Do a Little Spring Cleaning

2012 is going to be a fun year; we haven’t been up and running for more than a month yet and already we have been forced to changed gears TWICE!  Up until recently it seemed that good keyword research combined with unique, “quality” content and a fairly simple backlinking strategy combined with Build My Rank was the way to go.  We were really excited to test it out being that so many people were ranking solely on this method alone.  Well, with the recent current events in the online world it might make using that strategy a bit difficult. Google has been cracking down on blog networks and deindexing their sites.  On March 19, 2012, the power house of Private Blog Networks “BMR” was forced to close it’s doors (detailed information here).  From what we have read, it was great while it lasted (too bad we missed that wave).    With any business, the ones that stick around are the ones that improvise, adapt and learn from current and past experiences; both their own and others.  With that being said, we are really excited to dive into a more complex and diverse backlinking strategy and we are even more excited to see what people are going to come up with now that major blog networks are taking a hit.  Instead of relying heavily on one strategy we are taking some more time to really study and look for more backlinking techniques that are more suited for  2012 changes.  Personally I am glad that we have been forced to diversify early on rather than later.  We are always going to be expecting things to change, this is internet marketing after all.  If you don’t like change then GTFO.

How is this going to effect other private blog networks?

There is no way to know for sure what’s to come in the future. As for now,  we see no reason to stray completely away from our plan to use Unique Article Wizard and My Article Network. Our upcoming focus is to start split testing different methods of backlinking right away.  For the first 16 sites that we put up, we are going to stick with the original social bookmarking, UAW and MAN.

For the rest of the 34 sites we want your input!  These sites will be divided into groups of 7 sites each – 5 groups total (one group will only have 6)

So this means we need 5 strategies total!

Should we do a fiverr only test? A magic submitter test? Should we test one of your favorite marketers strategies? A specific customized combination of things? Be specific and let us know (provide a link if possible)!  Once we have all your recommendations, we’ll pick the best ones and run with them.  Remember, each method will be tested on 7 sites so it should be better than a 1 site case study.    If you’d like, you can also post on our thread on the warriorforum (“The Best Micro Niche Backlink Strategy?”).

Being that we are implementing new ideas, we are going to be pushing back next months batch of sites due to the fact that we want to get more results from the first batch before we go into putting more money into another 50 sites.  With that being said, expect some great reports coming from us in the near future.

A little bit of an Update from this last week…

– Finished keyword research for the last 33 sites

– Bought all the domains

– Trained VA’s on how to completely set up sites.

– Let go of a couple writers and fired another for giving us 80% UN-original pieces of work on multiple articles! Copyscape Doesn’t Lie! Too bad too, the articles were quite decent – go figure.

– Put up the rest of our 33 sites making a total of 50 sites up and running.

All in all we are a little behind schedule but it is for the best.

Plans for the rest of this week…

This week most of our efforts are going to continue to go towards finding the best article writers and continuing to train them as well as our VA’s.  We want to make sure that all of our sites have unique and quality content.  Each site will start with a 1000 word article now instead of 500 as the primary content for the page.  Our time will also be split researching the best linking methods that we want to test starting next week.  By next week all sites will be up with content and we should be ready to begin our backlinking strategies.  Details on what we decide to go with will be posted next week, also follow our thread on WF as I’m sure that will be informative as well. We appreciate all the support from all of you so keep on testing, keep on posting and God Bless you and yours!


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  1. Will be following progress of this case study very closely. Good luck with it…

  2. JerryJerry03-27-2012

    Just came across your posting in WF and I’ve now subscribed to your blog. Look forward to watching the progress here.

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-27-2012

      Thanks Jerry, we’re glad to have you follow along!

  3. JerryJerry03-27-2012

    Will you be using Google Analytic on your sites?

    The debate on using GA or not is a real mixed bag and I was wondering what your thoughts are on this?


    • Josh E.Josh E.03-27-2012

      Our plan is to add Analytics after the site later on after the site is ranking for a little bit. We’ll likely have analytics on at least a month before we flip the site, if we plan to flip it.

  4. This is all making me more and more devoted to senuke x. Link diversity with rinse and repeat value.

    • Josh E.Josh E.03-27-2012

      Yes, link diversity really seems like the way to go. We’re looking into using Magic Submitter though, rather than SEnuke. It can do everything that SEnuke can do and it’s cheaper 🙂

  5. philphil03-27-2012

    Cool project I really hope you guys keep updating all the way through the process. Any earnings yet?

    • TrevorTrevor03-27-2012

      Thank you Phil, we will definitely be be updating all the way through our project. We want everyone to get as much out of this as we are. The only thing we aren’t giving away is the niches that we are currently in. As far as earnings go, we haven’t monetized any of the sites yet. As soon as we do, I guarantee we will be posting the results.

  6. adamadam03-29-2012

    Nice update – wondered about the private blog networks going down would affect you!

    I would love to see Fiverr tests. I found this article which you may be interested in:

    Just wondering about your articles. For the 1000 main one, will that be your static home page?

    Also wonder about your interlinking strategy, that confuses me to be honest..

  7. SEOSEO03-30-2012

    How’s it going guys? Do you have a strategy worked out yet? I’ve been trying some new stuff with my micro niche sites. Basically going for quality instead of quantity. It’s a bit too early to tell if it is working or not, especially now that it seems like Google is updating SERP’s super slow! Cheers

  8. TaylorTaylor04-05-2012

    Looking forward to seeing how this goes for you guys. I’m starting a similar project though on a smaller scale so I will certainly follow along.

    It’ll be interesting to see if you can isolate the variables to really see which method/combination has the best ROI.

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