Launch – 30 Sites In 30 Days

Who are You Guys?
If you haven’t yet checked it out, you can visit our About Us Page. 

What are we doing?
We’re building 30 sites in 30 days and documenting the process for everyone to see.  We’ll show you what goes on in these 30 days and let you know things like when the site gets indexed and when they appear in the rankings.  We will even reveal the exact keyword and domain of one of these sites.

Why are you building these sites?
Building a site based on a specific Niche and ranking it at the top of the search engines is a Great way to earn passive income online.  Using this method we have reached passive earnings of $170 Per Day and we’re continuing to grow.  These sites receive daily organic traffic from the search engines, and when visitors click on our ads, we earn money.  We are also able to sell these sites to investors and other website builders.

Why would anyone buy these sites?
These sites earn passive/residual income month after month and hold real “online real estate value”.  An owner of the site has many options to earn money including:

  • Permanently holding on to the site simply to earn residual income
  • Temporarily Holding on to the site and then selling it later.
  • Building and improving a site to either hold on to, or to sell later.
If you’d like to buy a site you can check out our Site Sales Page.  This page gets updated whenever we post new sites for sale.  If there aren’t any new sites up, then you can always sign up for our mailing list to get an email whenever new ones are added.


Alright, Lets Get Down To Business! This is what we will be doing for this project.
Here is a General Overview of How To Build A Niche Site.   << Click To Tweet


** Note – Some of the links below are affiliate links.  Keep in mind we will NEVER suggest a product that we ourselves have not used.  If you choose to purchase and use one of the products on our site by going through our affiliate links, you’re helping to keep the WSOtester’s projects funded and this encourages us to keep releasing free stuff, so thank you very much!

Keyword Research (1st Week):

We’re doing all of our keyword research in Long Tail Pro and SEMrush. We are going after only Low Competition keywords. We’ll be using the following criteria:

** General Criteria:

  • Exact Local Search Volume (ELSV): At least 800
  • CPC: At least $0.80
  • Even though we are using these minimums, we want ELSV x CPC = at least 1000. In other words, if the CPC is $0.80, we will only go for it if the ELSV is at least 1250 because 0.80 x 1250 = 1000.

** Top Ten Competition Criteria:

We will be specifically looking at the strength of the competition for the keyword in the top ten of Google. We will be looking for the following:

  • At least 3 PR 0s
  • The PR 0’s have weak backlink profiles (Less than 20 backlinks according to Long Tail Pro)
  • Presence of other Made For Adsense or Sniper sites with Exact Match Domains (This is a great sign)
  • Presence of “Weak Authority Sites”. (Many authority sites rank for long tail keywords that they aren’t really optimized for, this is potentially a good sign)
For a more in depth look at how we do keyword research, visit our Tutorial: Keyword Research That Works


On Page Optimization (2nd Week):

** Domain Criteria:

  • We will always prefer Exact Match Domains (EMD)
  • If EMD is not available we may go for the Partial Match Domain (PMD)

General Criteria:

  • Title is the exact match keyword
  • Description contains the exact keyword at least once
  • Keywords in tags include exact keyword, partial matched keywords, and other related keywords

** Plugins:

  • Platinum SEO Pack
  • CBnet Ping Optimizer
  • Google XML Sitemaps

** Article:

  • 1000 words
  • 1% Keyword Density
  • Related/LSI keywords sprinkled throughout the article
  • Keyword in H1
  • Keyword Bolded once
  • Keyword in Image Alt text
  • Keyword linking back to home page

Only one article will be used to begin with.



** General Criteria:

  • Site will be pinged with CBnet Ping Optimizer, Pingler and with ‘Quick Index’ by ProfitInstruments.
  • Social Adr – Each Site will be submitted for 20 bookmarks


Backlinking (3rd Week):

Backlinking will be done with Magic Submitter or by using our VA who builds Software/Pad links. We may also consider split testing Unique Article Wizard in the mix, we haven’t decided on that yet.

With Magic Submitter, the campaign will simply consist of Web 2.0s, Article Directories, and Social bookmarks in the first tier. The second tier will have social bookmarks and RSS.  This linking strategy will be used for any Partial Match Domains that we have.

As far as the VA goes – the VA is building software and inserting links into the PAD file which is then submitted to several software directories.  This strategy will be used for any Exact Match Domains that we have.



We expect that at least 20 of these sites will earn income via adsense. Ranking should take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months after the backlinks have been added. This depends on the competition strength of the keyword, weather or not we get an Exact Match Domain or a Partial Match Domain, and the backlink method that we implement. We expect the sites to earn an average of around $15/month once they are ranked well in the search engines.

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We wish everyone all the best!
– Josh @

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  1. MarkMark07-16-2012

    Sounds very interesting. Saw you guys over at WarriorForum.

    Will be following closely.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Mark 🙂

  2. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff07-16-2012

    When you get to the site building, can you show us example with one site of yours built for the purpose. I need to see the structure (widgets , picture placements and all stuff). I am sure you already know from your experience what works and what not in order to get more CTR.

    • SebastianSebastian07-16-2012

      Great post guys. While it would be great for others in this industry to show you the kinds of sites they are building its not a good idea. Having visitors come to your niche sites that aren’t organic searches skews the rpm which is a negative when it comes time to sell. While there is no sure fire way to know what ad placement works best, the most important suggestion is to just GO OUT AND BUILD THE SITES. Sidebar on left or right has no significance until you start earning page views and then you can split test. What works for a auto mechanic niche site might not work for a tool chest review micro sites. If you build your sites with VALUABLE and ACTIONABLE content, the rest doesn’t matter. The majority of us have learnt throu trial and error. There are lots of people out there giving you basic benchmarks and tips like Spencer from NichePursuits and Justin and Joe from AdsenseFlippers. Check out their sites because they have great info to point you in the right direction. If these guys were to post an sample of one of their sites, they might get a flood of visitors to the site, circumnavigating google. If that happens, google MIT get suspicious and cancel their Adsense account. It’s happened. The people that are in this industry definitely want to help newcomers but not at the expense of tanking their own business model. The trend of transparency one the web is the answer. Just look round, read forums, listen to podcasts and follow people on twitter. You will find the info you need on ad placement, colors, etc if you just look hard enough. If everyone posted their sites it would be too easy and the space would get filled by half assed sites that don’t help anybody

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      We do plan to show as much as possible without comprising our sites or accounts. Initially we wanted to give away a particular site of ours, but instead we might be creating a dummy site on the side for this purpose. Sebastian did a good job of explaining this a little. Like he said, the best thing to do is split test. However, we have noticed some trends and well be talking about that in future posts.

      • SebastianSebastian07-19-2012

        Exactly Josh. A quick tip: To get an idea, simply visit Flippa. Besides getting inside knowledge of the backend of hw a website for sale works, Flippa lets you see the ACTUAL site for sale. That way you can see examples of live sites that are being sold, not sites that are not for sale, that are being built and optmized and can suffer in rankings if too many visitors bombard the page.

        Josh I was wondering a little about your backlinking techniques. Do you have a post about your process up so I can read?

        • Josh E.Josh E.07-19-2012

          Hey Sebastian, I’ll be releasing a post on this soon

  3. DionDion07-16-2012


    I agree with Paul, It would be nice to see a real life example to use as a benchmark.

  4. MitchMitch07-16-2012

    In regards to your 3rd week backlinking, For the PMD you are only using the Magic Submitter software? Then on the EMD you are using only the PAD method? Why would you not use both methods of backlinking on each type of domain? Thanks.

    • jo jo harrisjo jo harris07-17-2012

      My thoughts as well.

      Only using PAD on the EMD ! seems loose. and point all that majic submitter stuff at the root also.

      No being neg just want to make sure i understand

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      Actually we do that on domains that are having trouble ranking. However using just one seems to work just fine and its more cost effective.

  5. brettbrett07-16-2012

    How many total back links are you making per site? Or are you making a continual back linking effort?


    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      Backlinks are drip fed and they index rather slowly, so we’ve usually been running one campaign per site to date. We build probably a good 200 links but not only a fraction of them get indexed…

  6. TedTed07-16-2012

    Thanks very infomative and detailed. In the past I have done some adsense site and ran well, but penguin destroyed almost all of them. so someone suggest to authority site but i personally prefer to build mns, for the easy result. what you have done inspired me to relaunch my project, i am planning to build 30 sites in 2 months and see how it goes. anyway congrat and good luck

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      That’s really great to hear. It’s all about adapting and moving forward. In my opinion, there will always be an opening for MNS.

  7. SebastianSebastian07-16-2012

    hi guys

    if u don’t mind i’d like to know the extent of the content you guys are building for your sites. Are you building micro micro micro sites with just 1 article thats 1,000 words? or are you adding 4-5 shorter 400-600 word articles to help preventing a “thin looking site”. just curious on that and your thoughts on niche vs. authority sites as a biz model. just wanna see a point of view from someone who has been doing this for a short while. the older guys are set in their ways

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      We start with one article and the site will rank and earn income with just that one 1000 word article. Once a site is already earning, we add a couple more articles to provide more value and increase the stability of the site.

  8. TedTed07-16-2012

    1 more question: how many articles per site?

    • Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff07-16-2012

      As i understood from their previous posts, initially they put one 1000 words article and wait to see if the site will get a decent rank in SERP. If it does they post another 3 or 4 articles.

      • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

        Yep, that’s exactly what we do. Its works really well and is very cost efficient.

  9. Jmitch7011Jmitch701107-16-2012

    Could you explain more about your back linking. Break down the process further for newbies. Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      We plan on breaking it down and getting much deeper into this in our future posts.

  10. agostinoagostino07-16-2012

    How many backlinks do u create for every site?

    very useful post! thanks guys 🙂

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      Hey Agostino, probably about 200, but only a fraction get indexed.

  11. jo jo harrisjo jo harris07-17-2012


    Can we get some response to all the questions? lame to ignore folks when you want a following.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      Hey JoJo,
      I’m not trying to ignore anyone, we just have other priorities and we also have to eat and sleep 🙂 I normally try to answer questions once or twice a day here and I answer them in bulk – It’s not efficient for me to stay glued to this site and answer each question the moment they’re posted.

  12. LongLong07-17-2012

    Hey Josh,

    I came across your website from the warriorforum. Thank you for posting up very helpful tips. I’m definitely following your methods and trying to mix it up with mine.

    I have a major questions. Do you guys care for sites competing on the keywords, the search result pages?

    I read somewhere that its better to get ranked with results under 100,000.


    • Josh E.Josh E.07-17-2012

      Hey Long,
      I’m assuming that you’re talking about whether or not we look at phrase match competition in the search engine. The answer to that is no. We do not look at that at all. The idea that ‘low phrase match competition = winner’ is a VERY COMMON misconception. While low phrase match competition does have a correlation with low competition keywords, it’s not a deciding factor for an easy to rank for niche. We explained our reasoning for this in our keyword research that works post.

  13. Mr.???Mr.???07-17-2012

    I’m stupid, help me, please

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-18-2012

      Hey, Could you be a little more specific?

  14. ChrisChris07-18-2012

    Hey WSO team, great work behind of you and a lot of work in front of you 😉
    Thanks for sharing

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-18-2012

      Thanks Chris! BTW, we also love reading your blog – Lots of useful information!

  15. MarkMark07-18-2012

    When you only write one article per site then will you post the article on the main page (domain address) and do you post it as a post or as a page? Cause if you post it as a post then there will be two copies of the same content, on the main page and the separate post page. Also, do you add privacy policy, contact pages also and do you add the adsense right away? Do you backlink the domain or the separate post page? Thanks!

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-18-2012

      It gets posted as a post and is stickied to the front page. And yes, the post shows up as a post and on the main page – there’s nothing wrong with this. We do add a privacy policy and contact pages. Adsense is added after we start the backlink campaign which is run directly to the main domain.

  16. rafarafa07-18-2012

    A couple of questions here 🙂

    -How long do you guys wait with backlinking your site? ( how much time after you buy the domain)
    -Do you use wordpress? , What kind of theme works best? Do you have an example of such theme?
    -How much keyword variation do you use in your anchor text when backlinking?
    -When building links with market samurai do you backlink your first tier backlinks? (if you use a pyramid like strategy)
    -If I understood correctly from your previous anwser you build 200 “first tier” links right? So how many second tier links do you build?
    -How long after posting the article do you ping your domain/post page?
    -How many hours does your VA spend backlinking?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-19-2012

      Hey Rafa,
      Here are some answers to your questions.
      – We backlink right after it’s indexed.
      – We use wordpress. We like CTR theme and Niche Website Theme. Both of them convert very well.
      – We’ll talk about all the backlinking stuff on our backlinking post – which is coming soon

  17. BrentBrent07-18-2012

    Great information Josh, I am completely starting over having just scrapped all of my current sites and domains due to poor keyword research in the past, I guess you have to make mistakes to learn what not to do. I will be following this blueprint to the T and will let you know how it go’s.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-19-2012

      Hey Brent, building sites really is a learning experience. Definitely keep me updated and let me know how it goes!

  18. LarryLarry07-18-2012

    I have a question for you Josh. When you find a good keyword and there’s an EMD available in say .org because .com is taken. When you guys look at the .com and find a high keyword density of say 4% with 200 words on the page. The keyword in the title, keywords, description. In the search results, there are around 4 PR0’s and many without the keyword in the title or url. Would you think twice about buying the .org?

    • TedTed07-19-2012

      org works well as com, I ranked several org domains without any problem

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-19-2012

      Hey Larry, If what you’re saying is accurate, it sounds like you have a winning keyword. As long as the search volume, cpc, and advertisers are there, I would go for it.

  19. LarryLarry07-19-2012

    Not what I was asking, sorry 🙁 What I was asking was if the .com was well optimized on page, would that be a factor in buying the .org. The .com is well optimized. Maybe too optimized at 4% density in the body copy.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-19-2012

      4% is over-optimized in my opinion, and 200 words is too little content. If a “sniper site” is ranked and also has a PR 0, that is a VERY GOOD sign.

  20. LarryLarry07-19-2012

    I decide to heck with it and got the .org. 🙂 I reread my comment and seen I wasn’t clear with my question at all. You were saying in one of your videos that if the .com wasn’t ranking that might be a bad sign and you’d look into why they likely weren’t ranking. What I was asking was if the .com wasn’t ranking on the first or second pages at all, that might be a bad sign? Maybe I didn’t make a mistake by getting it, it looks rather easy to rank for 🙂

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-22-2012

      It’s only a bad sign if that site that isn’t ranking seems very well optimized for the keyword and has very good backlinks built. Seeing this would make it a bit more questionable if we could rank for the site. Would we go for it? Maybe, depending on just how easy it looks with the other sites on the top ten, and how we feel that day. Keep in mind that the guide on keyword research was made so that you have the highest possible chances of choosing a winning keyword. You can always deviate from it and still find winners.

  21. MarkanthonyMarkanthony07-20-2012

    I’ve been following and posted in your thread at Warrior forum, you two guys are living the dream. Eagerly awaiting updates.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-22-2012

      Thanks for the support Mark. I’m working on those updates at the moment.

  22. RayRay07-20-2012

    I built alot of niche websites, but I’m having trouble backlinking them. How do you use captchas in magic submitter?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-22-2012

      Ray, we signed up for deathbycaptcha. In Magic Submitter it’s under Options > Captchas > you can sign up directly through here on magic submitter.

      • RayRay07-22-2012

        Thanks !

  23. BarryBarry07-21-2012

    Wow! You guys are awesome sharing this! I was thinking about buying CTR theme that you recommend. I read the push down images are not good…is that true? Also, how many ads do you put on with that theme? Wouldn’t want to overdue it if I buy it.


    • Josh E.Josh E.07-22-2012

      Hey Barry, we do enjoy the CTR theme. Also we don’t normally use the push down images. We put 3 ads in our sites.

      • barrybarry07-22-2012

        Thanks Josh, So you don’t put any pictures on your websites? Also, what adsense code do you leave out usually?

        • Josh E.Josh E.07-22-2012

          We do put pictures on our site, just not in the default picture locations that CTR theme uses. We put a 300×250 floated right with the content and at the end, and we put a 120×600 on the sidebar.

  24. kunkun07-22-2012

    can you description “building software and inserting links into the PAD file which is then submitted to several software directories”
    we can find va on the fiverr ?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-22-2012

      Hey Kun, I’ll release a section on how to do this in our tutorials soon. Also, I don’t typically trust fiverr to touch my sites.

  25. Tung TranTung Tran07-25-2012

    Hi Josh,
    Do your backlink technique and one-page site work well after penguin update?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-25-2012

      Hey Tung. Yea, they still work very very well. I always add more content to sites after they are ranking and earning though.

  26. nellienellie07-31-2012

    Great stuff guys. Do you social bookmark your main url and internal pages? Thanks!

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-31-2012

      Hey Nellie, We’ve only been social bookmarking the main url.

  27. David @ StrivalDavid @ Strival08-02-2012

    I can’t wait to see the results! I have 2 questions:

    1. When and how do you decide to start adding other content with your site? (since you start all sites with one page)

    2. Do you use CTR theme for every single one of these sites?


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-02-2012

      Hey David,
      We add more content once the site begins ranking and earning some money. And no, we don’t use CTR theme for every single site. We also like to use Niche Website Theme and prosense.

      • David @ StrivalDavid @ Strival08-02-2012

        Thanks for the quick response! Can’t wait to follow your progress.

  28. LongLong08-07-2012

    Hey Josh,

    I just learned about Tier backlinking. Do you hire your VA to spin your articles into unique articles for your first Tier? I’m reading and researching, everyone is saying not have your Tier 1 with spun articles but rather unique content.

    I have about 30 niche websites so far and want to start backlinking, but creating manual tier 1 web 2.0 properties and submitting each with unique content seems like a heck of a lot of work. I rather have it spun and auto submitted with tools like senukex, but I’m worried this might not be the best case. Can you give me some advice?


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

      Hey Long. I’ll cover this more in a tutorial, but if you’re using Tier building, you want to have a unique article written and then you spin that for the first tier. Don’t just grab PLR or some other used content – actually get a unique article written and spin that.

      • LongLong08-07-2012

        Cool. Thanks Josh.

  29. TeddyTeddy08-07-2012

    Hey Josh when do you put adsense on your websites? Any recommendation for someone like me who can’t hire a VA to manage all websites I build? Also, any software out there that prevents jerks click bombing…heard google could ban you.
    Thank youu

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey Teddy, we just put adsense on right after we start the backlinking campaign. As far as preventing click bombing, I’ve heard of a product called click bomb defense. Haven’t tried it but it looks pretty interesting.

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