Progress Report – Game Changer!

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In my eyes, internet marketing has never looked better.  Things are going well and all the pieces are finally starting to click together.  It’s only been about 2 months since we started our SEO campaigns and I feel that we are well on our way to having a complete system.  Our keyword research is working, our new on page seo is holding up, our backlinking tactics seem to be working, and of course our sites are ranking and pulling in the passive income!  Looks like the 12-14 hour days are going to pay off in the end!

Analyzing Google Adsense And The Search Engines

Before we get into the progress report, lets talk about Adsense and the Search Engines.  Recently many people have been asking what our thoughts are about adsense and the Google updates.  They have been wondering whether adsense is really a good choice to monetize our sites and whether the Google’s updates are affecting our sites.

Our answer to this is that adsense is STILL a great way to monetize micro niche sites and SEO is alive and well.  Search Engines are constantly looking to improve their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) but the basics of SEO still stand.  Relevant and unique content still ranks and non spammy backlinks will still get your site to the top of google.

If you’re on the edge of deciding whether or not to build micro niche sites with adsense, then realize this – building niche sites with adsense is 100% legit and for every 1 person that gets their adsense accounts banned there are 100 others who are doing just fine.  Still pretty scarry? Sure it is… but  we’re not going to run our business in fear wondering whether or not we’re going to be struck by Googles ban especially if it doesn’t happen very often.  I know people may want to argue with me and say that it does happen often, but think about this for a moment.  People seek bad news.  The moment something bad happens everyone is talking about it.  When something good and normal happens, no one cares.  If everyday you pick up the paper and it said “There was another 200 million gummy bears successfully digested yesterday”, would people care?   No.  They want the news that talks about that one kid that ate a gummy bear yesterday and caught AIDS.  Maybe one day our adsense will get banned and I’ll eat my words, but until then we’re going to blast out sites with good content and throw adsense on them.  What we’re doing is working, so we’ll keep doing it.


With all of that said, our goal is to constantly be diversifying.  We’ve already been heavily researching ways in which we will use niche sites for other ad networks, amazon, and even CPA (Cost Per Action) offers.  When it comes to building a site and doing SEO, the bottom line is that we’re generating traffic.  After we get that traffic, our next goal is to monetize that traffic and give our visitors what they are looking for.  Many people have been making a killing online without using adsense.  In fact, there are those that claim that monetizing with other offers can generate way more income than adsense ever could.

As far as building an authority site goes, we will probably start this project sometime in the month of May.  We already have a couple of niches that look very promising. When you do as much keyword research as we do, then it’s only a matter of time before those giant untapped niches start revealing themselves.

Our Overall Niche Progress

So this is what most people are probably waiting for!  How are our sites looking this week?

  • We have 10 sites sitting on the first page of Google for their main keyword.
  • 6 of those 10 are within the top 5 spots of Google for the main keyword.
  • A few of these sites are starting to see subkeywords ranking on the first page
  • Our two biggest sites are starting to get as much as 70-80 visitors per day each

With all of this, our passive income average over the course of this week is $13.13 per day and growing.  Now $13.13 might not seem like that much, but that’s a rate of $407 per month of passive income.  If I were to take that a step further and measure the online real estate value of that, then we’re looking at potentially $8140.  So not too bad for just starting on SEO 2 months ago 🙂


Right now we are testing out a linking system with Magic Submitter.  Basically we are building a combination of Web 2.0s, Article Directories, Social Bookmarking, and Videos that link to our niche sites.  We are also building a simple second tier of Social Bookmarking and RSS Feeds to our first tier backlinks. So far our site is already to show some improvements.

As far as blog networks go, UAW (unique article wizard) seems to still be able to give microniches a boost especially if they are very low in competition.  Our top earning site is actually still holding strong with ONLY UAW.  Although I attribute much of this success to our keyword research, UAW was able to boost us from #8 to the #3 spot on Google.  Ultimately I don’t believe that UAW provides that much power as far as backlinks go, but if you find truly low competition keywords, then you don’t need powerful backlinks.

The backlinking tests with Micro Niche Empire (MNE) are still going on.  It’s been about a week since we’ve given the sites to MNE, and as of right now we haven’t really seen any changes.  However, it’s still early and I’m sure the sites will start moving up soon.

While interviewing VA’s to handle some backlinking tests, we stumbled upon a guy that said he could get High PR and high quality backlinks that are completely white hat.  After talking to him for a bit we decided we would give him a test with 5 sites.  Now, I really don’t like to hype up anything, but we are literally seeing  rankings in the top 3 of Google within a single week for 4 out of the 5 sites!  The 5th site was actually the toughest of the keywords, but it too continues to climb the rankings and right now it’s currently ranked #15 (up 24 spots from 2 days ago).  The combination of these backlinks with our keyword research and on page optimization so far seems to be killing it on Google!  Whether or not these rankings will really stick, only time will tell, but our source assures us it will – especially since it’s all white hat.  All I can say is that right now our sites are ranking and they are already bringing us some good income.

Webinars Ahead

So we’ve been thinking about doing webinars to help people get started on their own personal Internet Marketing journeys.  These webinars would be covering everything including keyword research, on site optimization, and off site optimization.  Basically if you’re a new kid on the block, we can help you start earning your first dollars online.  But before we decide to do this, we would like to know if there is even enough interest out there.  If a free webinar is something you guys/gals would be interested in, then let us know below.  Let other people know as well – because whether or not we do this will directly depend on getting enough people.

We Wish You All The Best,
– The WSO Testers

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  1. HenryHenry04-27-2012

    I really love this site and your project. I have been glued to my email since I signed up to see progress updates. Keep up the good work and YES, I would love to attend a webinar.

  2. GalynaGalyna04-28-2012

    Hey guys! Would like to attend your webinar. Keyword research and backlinking are most interesting for me.

  3. coscos04-28-2012

    Hi, great work guys! I would like to attend at the webinar too 🙂


  4. Tyler HermanTyler Herman04-28-2012

    Nice to hear things are still on track.

    Are you still planning on ramping this up now that you have your SEO strategy down apparently?

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-01-2012

      Honestly we’re kind of on the edge as to whether to hype this project back up to 50 sites per month because we want to really see the outcome of these latest google updates. So far our sites are standing strong, but right now we figure that our best bet would be to start diversifying and start building a few authority sites in there as well.

  5. AustinAustin04-29-2012

    good luck guys, keep the passive work coming!

  6. TaylorTaylor04-29-2012

    Glad to hear things are looking good for you two. I would definitely be interested in a webinar.

  7. FabioFabio04-29-2012

    hey guys. keep up the great work! i would also be interested in a webinar. i also created 13 sites and have tested different backlink methods. perhaps we can learn from each other

  8. MayenMayen04-29-2012

    Keep up the good work, you guys!! I’m really hoping for your success!

    • TrevorTrevor04-30-2012

      Thank you Mayen, we really appreciate all the support!

  9. NigelNigel04-30-2012

    keep up the good work

  10. atulatul04-30-2012

    We like to get to know the KW research part seo and backlinking part
    Very eager to attend this webinar

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-01-2012

      Thanks for the support. We will definitely cover keyword research and backlinking in our webinars.

  11. atulatul04-30-2012

    Why dont you disclose the source of your backlinks where you have been successful in 4 out of the 5 sites

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-01-2012

      We do want to teach people exactly what we do, but if we give away our workers it would strain our own business. So for right now we will teach people our how we do our backlinks and later even show you how to find outsource workers – however, if people want a done for you service – maybe in the future we’ll consider building a team to handle this.

      • AustinAustin05-02-2012

        good job Josh. This is certainly something i’ve struggled with as well. I want to help my readers as much as possible, but some things such as this need to be kept confidential so that you have the workers full attention. BTW, if you guys do any webinars let me know, would love to help out at one of them potentially.

  12. atulatul04-30-2012

    Would love to see te Magic Submitter in actions

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-01-2012

      That’s definitely on the agenda. So far we love magic submitter and what it can do so we have no problem sharing our plans and concepts with everyone.

  13. Sean ChangSean Chang05-02-2012

    Hi There.

    Looks like you guys are making great progress! Looking forward to hearing even bigger success stories.

    Just adding my 2 cents here though – are you guys planning any diversification of traffic into your business for the near future?

    From what I’ve read, the main model of your business seems to depend greatly on traffic from Google. Do you have any contigencies in place in case a Google update in the future pulls down most of your sites?

    1) Perhaps like setting up a system such that a percentage of the sites developed will be sold every month so there’d still be cash reserves in the business account to fund other projects if a Google update significantly affects the AdSense income.

    2) Using a portion of the profits each month to invest into other ventures outside of AdSense niche sites.)

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    All the best!

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-02-2012

      We are definitely planning to keep diversifying and growing. SEO and micro niche sites is just one aspect of our business. We do plan on selling a few of our sites as well. Also we are currently looking into amazon and CPA offers as far as directing traffic from our niche sites.

      • Sean ChangSean Chang05-03-2012

        Cool. Will keep a look out for more updates 🙂

        All the best!

  14. TedTed05-02-2012

    this commenting is stupid…no offense but i wrote my comment here and then input capcha, the system returned me a wrong capcha message and all my words were cleared..

    anyway i am glad to be ur subscriber , my niche sites were earning $20 per day but now were tanked. so I think to build a authority site(ecommerce site over 1000 products) but on the other hand nichesite mode is my love

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-02-2012

      Thanks for the input on the commenting system. I’ll look to change that soon. Also, we too are looking at building authority sites as well. We’ll be building at least one or two this month as well as sites that revolve around amazon and other monetization methods.

  15. JustinJustin05-07-2012

    Hey guys,

    LOVE what you’re doing in general, but I thought this post was the best and most interesting you’ve written so far. There’s a ton of fear going around on blogs right now with some high-profile bloggers taking some serious hits with their AdSense accounts and I think this post addresses it perfectly. There are a TON of AdSense publishers out there that are still plugging away without issues and niche sites is still a fantastic way to cut your teeth with Internet Marketing.

    I’m wondering what you’re using to determine if a backlinking campaign is working or not, though. We’ve struggled with this (and been a bit wishy-washy on the subject) both with our sites and on our blog posts because there are SO many variables it makes it hard to chop that down and decide if something’s really working or not.

    • Josh E.Josh E.05-08-2012

      Thanks, It’s great hearing from you Justin. To track what backlinking methods are working we are doing group tests. For the most part I think 5 sites per group works really well. We then compare to see which methods are providing the best results. By doing this we do take the risk of tanking a few sites by testing crappy backlinking methods, but in the end it’s all worth it because we can take the methods that are really working and then multiply our efforts in those areas.

  16. ChrisChris05-28-2012

    Congrats guys!

    Any news on the upcoming webinars?

    Really would love to see your input on using Magic Engine as well as other backlinks methods.


  17. FlorinFlorin07-27-2012

    What theme do you use for your adsense websites ? Is it CTR theme or they are random themes ?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-27-2012

      Hey Florin, I like to use CTR Theme and Niche Website Theme. You can also go with Prosense.

  18. JosephJoseph08-03-2012

    Hi Josh and Trevor, I really do like your site. Its clean, easy to read and navigate. I like the title too wso testers…hmmm..just wondering…what wso made to take up MNS as the business model of choice?

    Great work and good success to you.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-03-2012

      Hey Joseph. It’s been such a long time, but there was a WSO that initially inspired us to start making niche sites. However, it wasn’t until we ran into Spencers blog,, that we decided to take action.

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