The Long Awaited Update

It’s been about 20 days since our last update! What have we been up to? Before I begin let me apologize for not updating sooner. Let’s face it… we currently don’t make any money by posting on this blog. Right now, every post we make is just to inform and help out our readers. So when blog networks took the blow we had to take time to research and develop new strategies to get our project moving. We learned a ton of new things and we are very happy with our new direction. But first, lets talk about what happened to the first 16 sites that we built.

The FIRST 16

Although this was our first trial through, we had very high expectations.  Our goal was to not only build 16, but to build 50 sites within the first month.  We projected our average income to be around $30 per site.  In the end we only completed 16 sites.  We paused the campaign before following though with the 34 other domains we purchased.  Basically we began to notice that there were a lot of things that we could do better – especially with the new Google Panda updates.  Our initial sites were “over optimized”, our backlink strategy was not diverse enough, and our keyword research was incomplete.  If we were to continue building sites like this, it would just be foolish.  So we went back to the drawing board and devised a new and improved plan – one that is sure to increase our success rate!

How Much Are We Making From Them

So are we making any money on those first 16 sites?  Actually yes – we just added adsense to the sites in the beginning of April and the sites have made about $30 so far.  This means that at this rate we’re probably making about $90/mo on autopilot.  Not exactly the $30/mo per site we hoped for, but we’re very happy with this progress. We’ve learned a lot along the way and we’re seeing some obvious trends among our sites that are ranking and the ones that aren’t.

Winning And Losing Trends

There has been a debate whether Exact Match Domains (EMD) are still as powerful as they use to be. From what we can see so far, they are still more powerful than Partial Match Domains where the keyword is followed by a prefix or suffix. For our sites, the ones with EMD seem more likely to move up the ranks even without any backlinks at all! Keep in mind this is all very low competition. So why do so many people still support Partial Match Domains so much? I can see a few answers to this. First of all if you don’t limit yourself to EMD, you’ll have a ton more options as far as open niches go. EMD’s are normally the first domains to get snatched up and finding a good one takes much more work. However, just know that finding a good EMD means that you won’t need as much from your optimization and backlinks.

So what about our backlinking strategy? We are no longer going to be using My Article Network. We just don’t see enough power coming out of them. However, we will continue to use Unique Article Wizard since at the moment they seem to still be working. A new tool that is being added to the arsenal is Magic Submitter. We are still learning this tool but so far it looks very impressive. It’s supposed to be like SE NukeX, but better and cheaper! It will basically allow us to create our backlinks ourselves at an astounding pace. So expect more info on this tool in the future.

I’m going to end this post with the following video:

Many people are afraid to start a business. They bounce around from idea to idea and they continually think that they are not ready to begin – they are afraid of failure. The truth however, is that it’s only a failure if you learn nothing from it. So get in there and expect to fail…expect to learn…and then finally you can expect to succeed.

We wish you all the best!
– The WSO Testers

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  1. Alex (Legit SEO)Alex (Legit SEO)04-13-2012

    I was wondering what happened to you guys. Good to hear that you are making money from the initial 16. That last Panda update was a real bummer, I’m also working on new strategies to get my sites ranked. Web 2.0, article directories, and social bookmarks seem to be the way to go now. Keep it up and I look forward to reading more updates!

  2. Tyler HermanTyler Herman04-13-2012

    Must be a little disappointing but nice to see you plan on keeping on. I am thinking, for low competition niche sites getting 5-10 quality links and some social bookmarking will become a better way to go instead of all the spammy techniques people have been using getting a million pr0 links.

    If you own the domains I think it may be better to get something up on those sites instead of waiting. Get whatever age you can on those domains, even if only 1-3 pages of actual content and no backlinks done.

    $30 a site seems really optimistic for a 1 month old site. For me $5-10 dollars is a big success at that point for the couple sites I’m building.

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