1 shopping .org 2/17/2012 27,000 $1.67 yes 7 2,423 $249.84 $4,996.80 SOLD
2 pets .net 4/6/2012 720 $2.73 yes 1 471 $52.38 $1,047.60 PAUSED
3 pets .com 2/16/2012 2400 $1.24 yes 15 169 $19.52 $390.40 PAUSED
4 Auto .com 2/16/2012 1600 $1.93 yes 3 362 $19.86 $397.20 PAUSED
5 Health .net 6/11/2012 2,900 $0.72 no 1 3,117 $28.38 $567.60 SOLD
6 Education .com 4/6/2012 880 $3.94 yes 2 299 $27.74 $554.80 PAUSED
7 shopping .net 4/6/2012 590 $2.19 no 8 85 $8.11 $162.20 SOLD

(Last Updated 9/20/2012)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Trust You?

We built this blog with the intention of providing honest and share-worthy information.  Our passion to reveal our methods for free has helped to embed ourselves as trustworthy members of the online marketing community. We hold the highest standards for ourselves and for our sites.  Over the past few months we have built an increasing flow of passive income from adsense.  Following our inspiration from the Adsense Flippers, we are now ready to transfer some of these passive earners over to you!

Why Do You Hide The URLs?

With niche sites, it is often a good idea to keep the keywords you are ranking for hidden so that you can maintain low competition for that keyword.  So by only revealing the keyword to the buyer we help to ensure the value of the websites.  This is also why Private Sales can often be much more valuable then public sales.

Is there any way you can reveal more site information?

The keywords on niche sites are highly valuable and it is difficult to reveal information while protecting the site from keyword thieves.  To maintain the keywords and the value of the site for the future buyer we are requiring a 15% nonrefundable downpayment for anyone requesting to see our adsense and traffic screenshots/videos.

How Are You Pricing The Sites?

We are currently selling these sites at 20X their past 30 day revenue.  So if a site makes $10 per month then it will sell here for $200.

Do You Have Any Guarantees of Earnings?

We can guarantee that the sites passive earnings/traffic to date are accurate.  However, we can not make any guarantees on the future earnings/traffic of these sites.  Once we’ve transferred the site to you, the sites earnings, whether it be up or down is yours to keep.  Due to the nature of niche sites and the delicacy of their keywords, we do not offer any refunds.

What Do The Columns Mean?
  • Niche – This is the general category that the site is built in.
  • TLD – This lets you know if the site is a .com, .net, .org
  • Created – The date the site was created.
  • Searches – The number of Exact Local Monthly Searches according to Google Keyword Tool.
  • CPC – The Cost Per Click according to Google Keyword Tool.
  • Branded – Tells whether or not the domain has a brand in the URL. Often times a brand may include a trademarked term.  We have held several domains like this.  If we have held a branded domain for a few months and have not had any problems with it, then chances are high that there will continue to be no future problems for us or our buyers.
  • Rank – The Current Rank of the site in the Google Search Engine.
  • Views – The number of Pageviews that the site has recieved over the past 30 days (according to Google Adsense)
  • $ Last 30 days – The sites Passive Earnings in USD over the course of the last 30 days from Adsense.
  • Sale Price – The Price for you to buy the site today.
Is There Anything We Can Do To Improve The Site After We Buy It?

Certainly!  While many people choose to set it and forget it, other buyers opt to build sites up.  Adding more pages and backlinks can definitely increase a sites potential for earnings.  Another strategy that many buyers go with is to hold on to a site for a few months, build it, and then flip/resell the site down the road.

What Is The Transfer Process Like?

After you click the Buy Now and complete the payment process you will be automatically redirected to our transferring page where you will be prompted to provide the information we need to ensure a smooth transaction.  If you have any specific questions about this, email us at

Can We Pay Through Escrow Instead Of Going With Paypal?

Definitely! Just send an email to us at and if no one purchases the site by the time we check our email and find your message, we’ll gladly reserve the site for you and set up an Escrow transaction.  Keep in mind though, that we will require you to cover any Escrow transaction fees.