Backlinking Strategy – Magic Submitter Review

In this tutorial we’re going to cover a Magic Submitter Review and tutorial as well as another link building strategy that we use to rank our sites. We normally stress no fluff and we always get right to the point, but this topic is so popular and so opinionated, that I just have to give a somewhat fluffy intro especially for the new people in the game. Mainly, this is because I know we’ll get asked a lot of questions like “does this work after penquin?”…

Well, If these techniques were not working for us at this very moment, I wouldn’t have made this post. If for whatever reason this method no longer works, we’ll be quick to take it down or adjust the post to reflect the updates.

Another question we’ll probably get asked is “is using an automated tool like Magic Submitter really going to work”?… Well, here’s the thing about all the people that give a magic submitter review and say it doesn’t work: Either they never bought the tool and used it…or… They bought the tool, skipped watching the vast array of tutorials that Magic Submitter provides, and tried to learn by just clicking buttons and hitting submit. The problem here is that they ended up creating spammy links, they didn’t vary anchor text, they didn’t randomize profiles, they didn’t spin unique articles, etc. Then when they didn’t end up ranking they blamed it on the tool and said it doesn’t work! In the end, many assumed that the only working method nowadays must be manual link building – and then many of them went on to flame all the Magic Submitter Review threads…

The bottom line is, If you don’t know how to drive a Car then the chances of you crashing are high, so you might be better off walking.  Likewise, if you don’t know how to correctly use Magic Submitter, you might hurt your site, so you’re better off manual link building.  In the end, whether you’d rather drive or walk is up to you.

Alright, that’s the end of my little rant. If I see any questions similar to those that I listed above we’ll all know you didn’t read through this 🙂 So let’s get on with the show. Since we’ll be talking about this a LOT in our Magic Submitter Review, let’s talk about Spun Content!

What is spun content?

Spun content is the act of using “spintax” so that your content can be formatted to be read as several variations of that content. For example:

Spintax: The cat {jumped|leaped|hopped} over the {fence|cheeto}.

This one sentence in “spintax form” can be formated into 6 different variations. It can be read as:

  1. The cat jumped over the fence
  2. The cat jumped over the cheeto
  3. The cat leaped over the fence
  4. The cat leaped over the cheeto
  5. The cat hopped over the fence
  6. The cat hopped over the cheeto

Why Use Spun Content?

Using spun content allows your article to appear less copied and more unique. Unique content gets indexed faster and holds more value in the eyes of the search engines.

What Tool Do We Use To Spin Content:

the best spinner

The tool that we believe to be the best spinner for getting spun content is called… The Best Spinner…go figure. Not exactly the most creative name, but in our opinion it was named appropriately because it really is the best spinner. Using this tool we’re quickly able to take one piece of content and spin it into hundreds of different versions.

Things To Remember

  • Try to spin your content to at least 60%. This is done by spinning at the word, sentence and paragraph level.
  • Use your own content and spin it. Don’t get PLR content, or use other peoples content. If you’re using other peoples content, it’s very possible that that person has already spun that content hundreds of times.
  • Remember to always read over your spun content. Run a test spin and read over it to make sure that the content makes sense. If you spin the content and read it and it sounds like junk, then consider the fact that Google may also see it as junk. So take time to make the changes necessary to make the content readable.


Magic Submitter Review and Tutorial


Sites/Tools Used In The Video
Magic Submitter (Affiliate)
The Best Spinner (Affiliate)
Google Keyword Tool (Free Tool)

If you decide to use Magic Submitter, here are some campaign guidelines that we’ve taken directly from Magic Submitter Tutorials. The following applies to Article Directories, but the minimum and maximum words are pretty standard across all types of accounts.
– Letters and numbers only. No symbols!
– Do not start each word with a capital letter.

– Maximum 150 Words

– No links
– 500 Words Minimum

– Maximum 2 links (see “ARTICLE BODY WITH LINKS“ for format details)
– Maximum 150 Words

– Maximum 2-5 keywords
– Limit keywords to a maximum of 2 words
– In other words, you may have 2-5 keywords but a single should have no more than two
words in it.

– Limit to two links.
– For links, use only the code formats shown below. In either case, no additional spaces or
formats are allowed!
– with anchor text: <a
– without anchor text:

If you decide to purchase magic submitter through our affiliate links after reading our guide, thank you!

magic submitter review
Try it risk free at $4.95 for the first month
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Software/Pad Links

For many of our Domains, we have been using Software/Pad links. This began when we hired a VA service that worked on building what they simply called “High PR Backlinks”. The VA was very protective of the links his team was building because he wanted to prevent competition and maintain the longevity of his business model. However, when the results came in and our sites ranked, the backlinks started to get indexed and were showing up on MajesticSEO and SEOSpyglass. It was at this point I realized he was linking to software directories and inserting links into the PAD file. These links are very powerful because many of these software directories have been around for a long time and hold very high authority.

To better understand PAD files and how they are used, we purchased a training course called Simple Software Backlinks. The course is very straight forward. The guy builds an executable file from a powerpoint presentation, generates a PAD file with PADGen, Uploads the exe file and PAD file, then submits the file to the download sites. He also mentions the alternative route of getting PLR software from sites like: PLRAssassins, Master-Resale-Rights, and Tradebit.

Even though I understood the concept, this is the one process that I never bothered to do manually, so at this moment I can not confidently create a video on how to do this. If you really want video tutorials on this now, you can get them from the Simple Software Backlinks WSO. For now, the VA we use is very efficient and does this at a great rate for us, so we just let him do what he’s doing and pay him for his work.

PAD Links Done For You

Now we have been asked over and over if we would let people use our VA, and our answer is this… we can only afford to let other people use the services on the condition that we act as the middleman and regulate the process. Opening our backlinkers services freely to everyone is not worth the chance of him getting too busy to work on our own sites.

Now comes the question, “Can we trust you with our keyword?”

The only thing we have here is our word, and as a business built on transparency, we take this very seriously. This service is not meant to be a core part of our business. It’s merely something that we’re offering to our readers who already trust us and want to shortcut their way to getting backlinks done for them – if this is you, then you can email us at with the subject title being “PAD Link Service”. In this email you can simply let us know how many sites you need backlinked. If we have the opening for your order, we’ll get back to you and you can then send us the information we need such as URL and Keyword.

The current cost of this service will be $15 per site.

Once again, the email you can reach us for this is

PAD links vs. Magic Submitter

We’ve been using PAD links for most of our Exact Match Domains (EMD). With these links we’ve been able to rank domains in as little as one week! Some of our most profitable sites are using only these links, and their rank has been holding strong for months. They do work for Partial Match Domains (PMD), but definitely not as well. I have theories as to why this is, but I’ll leave that for another time. The bottom line is that they work for EMD’s and they absolutely dominate.

We use Magic Submitter for much of our Partial Match Domains (PMD). The only reason that we haven’t been using it for EMD is because the PAD links have simply been working better for these sites. We could double up and throw in both Magic Submitter links and PAD links, but so far we’ve been doing well with one or the other and it’s pretty cost efficient. If we notice that a site is lingering around the 3rd or 4th spot and we feel it could benefit from a little “boost” then we’ll add the other links.

Well, there’s still a bit that I feel I’m leaving out, but I want to get this tutorial out to everyone today because I know you’ve all been waiting for it. Just know that I’ll keep this updated often.

If you decide to purchase magic submitter through our affiliate links after reading our guide, thank you! We will do our best to provide you all the best support and keep you updated with the latest and greatest!

magic submitter review
Try it risk free at $4.95 for the first month
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

This Post Is Subject To Being Updated Often

All the Best!
Josh @

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  1. JCJC08-11-2012

    Another great write-up Josh!
    Sorry to go a little off topic, but I’m ready to take the leap! Step 1, buy Long Tail Pro.
    I noticed on some other sites they have a discount code that can be used when buying Long Tail Pro, do you have that? I would love to purchase the software through your referral link since you have already provided so much for me.

    You can email me at if you don’t want to discuss this off topic subject here, thanks!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-11-2012

      Hey JC. Actually, we just worked out a deal with Spencer, the creator of LTP.

      For a Limited Time, you can get LTP for just $77 via our link:

      The normal price is $97.

      Thanks for all your support! We really do appreciate it!

  2. EricEric08-11-2012

    Another awesome tutorial guys! You are really doing a great thing and it’s very inspiring to track your progress. I have one question however: After you have indexed and begin feeding your site to social bookmarking websites how long do you wait until you start the link building process? I am always wary of building links too fast and was wondering if there is a certain time period I should wait to build links after I have registered me site.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-11-2012

      Hey Eric, once the site is indexed we build links right away. I read stuff before about building links too fast and then I also read that some people say it doesnt matter. We tested both of them out and so far building the links right away hasn’t negatively affected our sites.

  3. steve wymansteve wyman08-12-2012


    The $15 is for one pad link? so one inbound link to the root with one keyword phrase/


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Steve,
      The $15 would actually be for the entire PAD linkinking campaign ran to one of your sites.

      • steve wymansteve wyman08-13-2012

        Hey Josh

        “typicallY” how many links do you see from one PAD run back to the money site?

        Is it limited to one anchor text per run as well?


  4. markmark08-12-2012

    so for $15 you will do backlinking/pad link for one website ?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Mark, yes, this is what we can do at the moment.

  5. JimJim08-12-2012

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for your awesome posts they are really helpful.
    But can you please describe to me PAD links are?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Jim, They are backlinks in which you build/get a software and submit it to a software directory and include your link in one of the files. Was there something else specifically that you don’t understand?

  6. BrianBrian08-12-2012

    How large are your sites, I mean typically how many pages?


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Brian. Not including the about us, contact, and privacy policy… the site starts up as a one article/one page site. The successful sites have grown up to 5 pages/articles in size.

  7. SteveSteve08-12-2012

    Great stuff guys. This is awesome.

    For your 500 word article for the back linking, do you get another new article written, or do you take a chunk out of the 1000 word article written for the site content?

    If a new article do you have a set keyword density that you use?



    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Steve. We get an entirely new article written for the 500 word article for backlinking. We keep the keyword density about 1-2%, but we don’t care too much about the article being high quality because we’ll get the article rewritten.

  8. DarrenDarren08-12-2012

    Are you saying that using a MS campaign for an EMD with your conditions is overkill, since the PAD links work well?

    If you used MS for your EMDs would that be considered more effective, worse, or just different than the PADs?

    How do the results differ with MS and PAD links concerning EMDs?

    thanks for the info, as usual. I have a set of 10 sites coming up, I think I’ll try this program.

    Also, how many campaigns can be ran at the same time?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Darren. MS for EMD is not overkill. It’s just that the PAD links seem to work better as far as instantly pushing the sites to the top within a week, and they are ranking a little better. Now there are a lot of factors that could be at play here, but this is what we’ve seen statistically so far. You can run as many campaigns as you want and they’ll just be put on the scheduler for Magic Submitter.

  9. DougDoug08-12-2012

    Hi Josh,

    I was wondering if you need to run proxies with magic submitter? If so do you have any good sources?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Doug, great questions! Yes, we run a program called HideMyAss. I’ll definitely be updating this post, because I know I’ve forgotten some things. I just knew that people were waiting on it so I pushed it out sooner than later.

  10. Alexander Bastian SmithAlexander Bastian Smith08-12-2012

    Josh, absolutely awesome. Loving these tutorials. You’ve really managed to give me a good ‘overview’ of everything – it can be quite confusing when you first start. Couple of questions:

    1. When you get the spun content back from Fiverr gigs, do you get this: The cat {jumped|leaped|hopped} over the {fence|cheeto} back from the gig or do you actually get one of the six options of spinning this content?
    2. Do you spin from the original from the money website or do you write a completely original article to base your spinning on? Do you then end up with 1 money article, 1 original article for spinning, 2x manually spun articles and 2x the best spinner articles?
    3. I want to spend as little as possible as I’ve invested into LTP, domains and content for my sites. Which additional expenses do you think are ‘musts’ at this stage? I was thinking about UAW, is this much different from Magic Submitter?

    Thanks so much for this, seriously!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Alex, always make sure to get the Spintax form of the articles.

      – We get a completely original article to spin. And we get 1 article for the site, one article written for spinning (which is then rewritten twice and then spun – then all are spun together).

      – UAW is very different in that it does not have the custimizability and option for strategic growth, however, I think UAW still works and it’s a decent option. I used it before with success and we’re thinking about using it again for experimental purposes. If we do, i’ll make a video on this as well.

  11. DougDoug08-12-2012

    Hey Josh,

    I have a different question. If there is no EMD available for the plural form of your keyword but the non-plural version is available, would you take it?

    E.g. is taken but is free. Would you still take this but optimize the onsite and offsite SEO for the “silverspoons” keyword?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Doug. I’m not sure….We’ve never done this on purpose, but we have gotten the non-plural and ranked for both the non-plural and the plural form.

  12. dustindustin08-12-2012

    Awesome post! This really should help me take over some of my own SEO. (I have been paying a com. to do it for up to now) MS is a great tool! I can’t believe they allow software such as this to be used in back linking campaigns.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      I don’t know if it’s a matter of allowing it to exist. I think Alex, the creator, just does an extremely good job of making it appear as natural as possible.

  13. DarrenDarren08-12-2012

    So this means you purchase a 1000 word article for the main page, a 500 word for the backlinking sites, have the 500 rewritten twice, and then spin?

  14. TedTed08-12-2012

    josh i am your honest audience who has been follower since this blog’s birthday :). read every your post and learned a tons of things, thanks.

    so can i simply consider the pad link is a document containing your link?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Ted, thanks for sticking around so long! I’m happy that we’ve actually made it this far. Looking back at our original posts, I realized we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, but we learned a lot along the way and kept adapting. And to answer your question, yes, you can consider a pad link a document containing our link.

  15. DarrenDarren08-12-2012

    Ah, sorry. I see you answered the article question, but….

    What kind of software did you create or have created for PAD submissions? Can you get away with a toolbar, screensaver, or powerpoint? Do you just change the name and link for each EMD?

    I ask a lot of questions and you always respond. Thanks for that. I hope others find it useful.

    Looking forward to the edits with proxies and future post as always.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Darren. Looking at SEOspyglass, I noticed that our backlinker just uses random programs. I’m assuming it’s just PLR software. Also he seems to change what he’s using quite often (name, program, etc.). When we have time, we’ll probably try to build some of these on our own without the outsourcer. I actually feel like I should’ve tested it on my own first, before I released this tutorial, but with all the people asking about our backlinking, I felt pressured to release it right away, haha. I noticed some people selling PAD links on warrior forum as well, but they are charging a lot to do it (like $60 or something like that). Maybe their links are stronger than ours… or maybe we just got lucky in finding a guy who will do it for cheap 🙂

  16. TimTim08-12-2012

    Hey Josh, using your method have any of your sights got hit by penguin? If so do you try to recover them or leave them alone? Also if you dont bother with them do you disable adsense? Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Tim. I haven’t noticed any significant drops in light of any Penguin updates. If they ever did go down, I don’t know if we would take adsense off… I guess we’ll decide on that if it ever happens.

  17. DougDoug08-12-2012

    Hi Josh,

    Another question for you 🙂 Does your VA use the actual software provided from the Simple Software Backlinks WSO to create the PAD links? Or do they use something else for creation and submission?

    Also, between buying a new EMD, to installing WP, to adding content, to indexing and then to backlinking. Do you have a set timeline in which you space these out or do you just hit a new site from the get go??

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-14-2012

      Not sure on that. I know there are a few out there. I read that PAD submit worker is not bad. The only spacing out that we do is we wait until the site gets indexed before we backlink. Everything else, gets done right after the step before it.

  18. MaggieMaggie08-13-2012

    Hi fellows! How many pad links for 1 campaign is built? Are they for 1 url and 1 keyword?



    • Josh E.Josh E.08-14-2012

      Hey Maggie. About 150-200 links get built per campaign. And yes it’s for one URL and it’s main keyword.

      • JoeJoe08-15-2012

        If all the links from the PAD campaign use 1 keyword won’t that affect our rankings due to the recent Panda updates? Will there be other keywords thrown into the mix as well?

  19. ConnersConners08-14-2012

    Hi guys, great post yet again.

    Quick question, how do you vary your keyword anchor text links? would you say:

    if you wanted 10% the exact keyword, just put in 10 variations in the anchor text in spin form?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-14-2012

      Hey Conners. That would be correct. You can manipulate your exact keyword density in the anchor text by just adding more variations. If you wanted lots of anchor text variation, but you still wanted a decent exact keyword anchor text density, then just input that exact keyword a few more times.

  20. NeilNeil08-14-2012

    Hello – Is all the pad links that your VA submits too different? Does your VA submit all the pad links at the same time? So, you submit to about:

    25 social bookmarks
    100 pad links
    for each website?

    Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-18-2012

      Hey Neil. The PAD link files do appear to be different in many of the links I’ve looked at, but i’m not sure if that really matters. Also I believe they are all sent at the same time. And if we’re using PAD links we send 25 social bookmarks and around 150 PAD links are built.

  21. JessJess08-15-2012

    Hi guys, You are very nice for sharing this! I’m keep going over the videos for magic submitter and it looks complicated. I’m sure I will figure it out. Questions:

    is high page rank backlinks and pad links the same as far as strength?

    Do you submit the pad links all at once or spread them out, if so how many days?

    Can any links get your adsense account banned?

    Thank you and best of luck:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-18-2012

      Hey Jess. High PR backlinks can come in many forms. Some High PR links are actually weak and useless while others are complete powerhouses. I believe PAD links are somewhere in the middle.

      Our outsourcer submits them all at once, but they get accepted and indexed through time. Links don’t get your adsense banned… If your backlinks are crap, then the worst that could happen is getting sandboxed or deindexed.

  22. rafarafa08-15-2012

    Hi there,

    Finally got to read the post and watch the video after being busy all week. Well worth it. Thanks!!

    My questions:
    -Over how long of a period do you schedual your MS campaign?

    (lets say for example you spread the campaign over 14 days)
    -Do you stop all backlinking after the 14 days? ( or do you build a much smaller campaign, lets say another 100 links, spread over 30 days, to “build off” the backlinking campaign)

    -If after the those 14 days your sites are not ranking in the top 100 of google, do you start a new (smaller)campaign.

    -If the answer to above question is no: How long would you let a site untouched after a backlinking campaign is finished, and it is still not in the to 100.


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-18-2012

      Hey Rafa, good questions. If we don’t see any movement after the campaign, we pretty much let it go and call the keyword a dud. Maybe it is, or maybe it isn’t… but for our methods we build many sites at a time and the winners usually show up right away. I haven’t completely decided what to do with all the “duds” yet, but they will likely become part of a blog network for building backlinks. Or maybe one day I’ll have a much more powerful backlinking strategy and just start ranking all of them.

  23. Helllo Josh , with the way you guys are going , I can only say that your success is going to the be multiplied . This is some great info about backlink building right here.

    So many people think that “building backlinks after Penguin and Panda is some sort of crime or sin. I have heard of the PAD backlink but ignorantly pushed it aside without trying it.

    Thanks for bring this to mind once again . Thanks for a million for sharing freely . God bless you guys !



    • TrevorTrevor08-17-2012

      Thank you Dori! Josh put a lot of work into all the recent tutorials and it’s great to know that it is appreciated : )

  24. DougDoug08-17-2012

    Hey Josh,

    Once the PAD submission has been completed, do you run through the indexing process for all your PAD links?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-18-2012

      Hey Doug. No, we let them index on their own. We feel this is more natural and some of the sites that haven’t ranked sometimes will show up out of nowhere after a couple of months.

  25. AndreAndre08-17-2012

    Josh you put together really good videos:) Everything is very easy to follow…I wish you guys the best for putting such great information out. Everyone should be grateful!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-18-2012

      Thanks for the kind words Andre, they are very much appreciated 🙂

  26. ArturoArturo08-18-2012

    You guys share great information here! I bookmarked this as my favorites:) Do you diversify your linkbuilding or are you guys just doing social bookmarks and Pad Links? What other backlinks would you consider besides pad links that would be effective for low competition websites? Cheers

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-21-2012

      Hey Arturo, thanks for the support. We’ve been using Magic Submitter for some of our sites as well. For low competition sites, I know that some people are still using UAW with success as well. Basically as long as you’re using or spinning good content you can submit contextual links and do well.

  27. TimTim08-20-2012

    Whats up josh? I dont know much about pad links but is 15.00 a decent price for 150-200 links? What do people usually charge? Are these pad links high page rank? Also, what about diversifying your links…bookmarks, padlinks and what else would you do if your ranking was on the 2nd page after doing those backlinks?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-21-2012

      Hey Tim. I don’t if there’s a normal charge for this type of link because I just haven’t found many people selling it. I know a guy on warrior forum charges around $60-80, but I also don’t know the quality of his links. Maybe they’re a lot better than what we get? or maybe they’re worse… I haven’t bought from him so I can’t give an accurate assessment. I do know that the links that we have built for us work and they give a great return on investment in the end. The PAD links do come from high page rank. As far as diversifying, you can always throw article directory and web 2.0 links into the mix. Or if you have or know someone with a reliable private blog network, then you can go with that.

  28. Grant GGrant G08-20-2012

    I know you guys use mostly pad links I believe but is MS too powerful for low competition EMD keywords? Do you guys use the same campaign using MS for each different website? No need to use another service for bookmarks if MS can do bookmarks..right?

    Thank you guys!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-21-2012

      Hey Grant. You can use MS on the low comp EMD as well and it should be fine. We’ve done this and it seems to work as well. We use the same campaign structure, but not the same content. And yes, you can skip doing extra bookmarks if your already doing it with MS.

  29. paulpaul08-21-2012

    Is it OK if i add adsense on then use Magic submitter? After a MS campaign how long should I wait until i build other links? If so what links should i add? Thanks Much!!


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

      Hey Paul. You can add adsense prior to starting the backlinking campaign. Also we haven’t yet continued building links after we run the first campaign. If you want to do this you can as well. As far as what type of links, you can just run more MS campaigns or try PAD linking campaigns. Just don’t build thousands of spammy links.

  30. Alexander Bastian SmithAlexander Bastian Smith08-21-2012

    Hey Josh, joined Magic Submitter recently. Couple of questions:

    Do you start the profiles AND attach blog, articles and rss to each profile prior to starting campaigns? Seems like a waste of CAPTCHA credits if you are going to randomise? Also it’s quite time consuming – I get LOTS of failures when doing the auto submission, wonder if I’m doing something wrong.

    Thanks for what you’re doing so far, might order some PADS! Look good… will experiments first though as these are my first sites.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-22-2012

      Hey Alex. Yes it does take some time and captcha credits, but if you think about how long it would take you to do this manually, then you know that you’re saving a ton of time as well. Also I don’t remember if I mentioned this in the video or not, but we use the same profiles for similar niches, which means you don’t have to create new accounts for every single site.

  31. Alexander Bastian SmithAlexander Bastian Smith08-23-2012

    Josh thanks for the reply. I noticed in Campaign mode that if you attach from e.g. Bookmarks 3 to Bookmarks 4 the profiles used stay the same across the board. You can change them but then when you check at the one you copied it from, I find that it is using the same profiles! So it seems when you ‘attach’ it uses the exact same data. Bit annoying, so I am doing them manually now. Not sure if you had noticed this on your campaigns!

    I decided to do the CAPTCHA as you’ve suggested. It’s indeed a time saver. For other people trying this out, you have to realise that services fail sometimes. When I tried to sign up for deathbycaptcha (the only affordable service) it was down, which is why so many of the submissions were failing as the CAPTCHAs were not being solved. You should also expect a 70-80% success rate in successful sign ups to services.

    Sorry to do this to you but I have a couple of other questions!

    Do you need to make sure that you open MS at the right time prior to the next schedule submission? Or will it just run if it’s overdue? Also, if you accidentally click the ‘start scheduler’ button when editing a campaign that has already launched, will it redo the submissions (and thus run risk of penalties), or will it just continue where it left off so to speak and not change anything?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey Alex, if it’s overdue it should just pick up where it left off. If you click the scheduler on accident, just check on the Magic Submitter schedule to see if it lists it under new tasks. This way if you accidentally started it again you can easily remove it.

    • JayJay08-30-2012

      Hi Alex,

      I don’t know if you already have the answer for this – -> “I noticed in Campaign mode that if you attach from e.g. Bookmarks 3 to Bookmarks 4 the profiles used stay the same across the board.”

      In case you haven’t got the solution for it, send me an email to and I’ll help you.

  32. jaysonjayson08-24-2012

    Awesome sight! To make that kind of money you must have many sights in the top 5. If they reach high in the serps like top 3 do you continue to back link to keep that postion? If so what kind of links do you use after pad links or magic submitter? Thnaks

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey Jayson, we normally will use one or the other. Sites will jump up to the top with these and if they don’t we normally ignore them. We have doubled up on the links before and we did see a slight increase in rank.

  33. ChrisChris08-28-2012

    Hi Josh, thanks for sharing this review.
    May I ask you one question – how about “keeping” the results?
    Do you have any website linked only with Magic Submitter for more than one year? or you mix it with other (for example Pad) links?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey Chris, we don’t have any site that old yet. Our oldest site with Magic Submitter started in March. Mixing it in with PAD links couldn’t hurt. Also you can probably consistently run Magic Submitter campaigns to the site. We just haven’t done this yet because our sites haven’t been dropping and if we can cut costs somewhere, then we might as well.

      • ChrisChris08-28-2012

        thanks for the answer!

        • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

          You’re welcome! Thanks for the shout out on your site 🙂 BTW, love your site as well.

  34. Tung TranTung Tran08-28-2012

    Just grab Magic Submiter through your affiliate link 🙂 I will put it into testing immediately

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Sounds great Tung. Let us know how it goes or if you have any questions.

  35. JCJC08-29-2012

    About how long does it take for PAD backlinks to start showing up?

    I recently purchased some PAD backlins to one of my sites (about 3 days ago) and so far only 2 of them are showing up on Ahrefs.


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Hey JC, they tend to drip in over time and not all of them will show up. I think some new links are still just showing up from campaigns we ran a couple of months ago.

  36. RyanRyan08-29-2012

    Hey, thanks for this cool info. Do you use this same tier structure today? Obviously it depends on the keyword and competition but how are you rankings after 10 days? What do you do after the 10 days, run the same campaign?



    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Yes, we still use this structure today. After 10 days, we normally don’t see much of a change. If anything the sites end up bouncing around a little bit. After a month or so the sites start to settle in. Within a couple of months we’re normally ranking for our keyword.

  37. MannyManny08-29-2012

    Hey guys after you social bookmark and the website gets indexed when do you add pad links? Also, when do you call the keyword a dud after the campaigns? Thanks man!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Hey Manny, we add the PAD links pretty much right after the site gets indexed. We call the site a dud if after a couple of months it doesn’t rank.

  38. JayJay08-30-2012

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for this info, it is really helpful. However, I have question regarding Magic Submitter and HMA. Let’s say you have 16 campaigns running per day, do yo need to set down there and change IP manually every campaign run?

    I know that you can set HMA to change IP automatically but my concern is that the submission might fail when it changes the IP while the article submission is currently running. I would really appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Jay, I just set it to change automatically and then let MS run in the background. I’ve never considered if it failed or not while it was changing IPs, but if it does, then it shouldn’t affect too many submissions. Basically, we haven’t ran into any ranking issues by doing it this way.

      • JayJay09-10-2012

        Thanks for the answer Josh. 2 more questions (sorry :))

        1. What is the time internal setting in HMA, 1 hour, 30 mins?
        2. How many campaigns per day can you run with Magic Submitter?

  39. michaelmichael09-02-2012

    Hi, once your website is the #1 spot do you still build any links to maintain the spot? After your VA submits the pad links how long does it usually take to hit the top 10? Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Michael, at the moment we don’t build any links to the site once it’s ranking and earning. We might do a test with this soon though because we have some sites that we know could benefit from a little more link juice.

  40. tami Dtami D09-02-2012

    Great Tutorial…what is the average page rank of your Va pad links? Is there a way to find out when the next google update for penguin or any of those other creatures? thank you

  41. JoyceJoyce09-05-2012

    Hello guys and great job at what you do and helping us out. Is doing pad links time consuming? How long does your Va usually take to do pad links? Thank you

    • TrevorTrevor09-06-2012

      Joyce, it normally takes about 1-2 days… and not very time consuming at all.

      • TimTim09-06-2012

        Is that 1-2 days per website?

        • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

          Yea. The Outsourcer may put the site in que for up to a week, but the actual work seems to take him about a day.

  42. NathanNathan09-05-2012

    How long does it take you VA to create 150 pad links? Thanks again:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      The actual work itself probably only takes the guy an hour or so.

  43. RyanRyan09-05-2012

    If you website is on the 1st page and is not moving up any longer what would you do to increase the spot especially if you need it in the top 3 if you have low search volume. Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      You can always use Magic Submitter to run another campaign to it. Technically magic submitter was made so that you could be drip feeding links at all times to your site at a constant flow. However, since we have so many sites, we can’t have campaigns constantly running over and over to the same sites unless we get more computers (something that we’re actually considering).

  44. JodiJodi09-14-2012

    Hi guys! After you throw some padlinks to your sights how long usually do you notice your page ranking in the top 10? Also, if you are stuck on the 2nd or 3rd page with the methods you use what would you do to bump it up? You must have a good seo guy because I used pad links in the past and I had no luck:(

    Good luck

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      Hey Jodi. We typically get ranked within a couple of weeks after the campaign starts. If sites get stuck on the 2nd or 3rd page, we’ve sorta been ignoring them. But I think we’ll start taking a look at many of those sites and experimenting with them. We’re also considering experimenting with ezarticlelink and UAW again.

  45. AshAsh09-14-2012

    Could you please do a UAW tutorial…always wanted to use that. Thanks!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      I’ll see what I can do. I have a lot of methods that I’d like to try at the moment. I’ve actually tried UAW before, but we were still a little inexperienced so we might not have used it to it’s full potential. If we end up testing UAW again and it ends up working well, then I’ll make a tutorial for it.

  46. RoyRoy09-15-2012

    Hey guys….Great job! Have you tried UAW? I have been using padlinks for a while and notice they don’t have as much link juice. I been having a lot of luck with UAW. I put 3 links in my article and set it as 20 submission a day.

    Good Luck

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Hey Roy, great to hear that you’re having success with UAW. We’ve tried it before, but at the time we were using PLR articles and spinning them. I think if we tried again this time we’d get unique articles and spin them instead. The PAD link situation is interesting at the moment. The old sites have not been affected much and our income has not dropped. However, new sites that we’re adding PAD links on don’t seem to be ranking as highly or as quickly. We’re going to have to run a few more tests before we jump to any conclusions.

  47. fredfred09-21-2012

    Any more backlinking videos coming! How long does it take you to get ranked in top 10 with a pad link campaign and a MS campaign?

    Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      Once we do a few tests we’ll probably be launching more videos. It’s been taking us anywhere from 2 weeks to a little over a month to get ranked.

  48. BrentBrent09-21-2012

    Awesome tutorial!!

  49. ZoltanZoltan09-25-2012

    Hey there!

    I’m now a bit confused. Should I create 6 profiles (JUST profiles) or should I create 6 profiles + accounts for ALL of them?

    Thank you.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      Hey Zoltan, every profile needs accounts for MS to run.

  50. LeoLeo09-25-2012

    Nice video but… Why do you set keywords to your money site settings? You only set article directories + blogs to it, and those will have a backlink using what you put in the resource boxes as anchor text.

    If you used RSS or bookmarking then they would link using the anchor text + link (if you left #link#).

    Is this really your FULL backlinking strategy that is working aside from pad links? No blog comments? No high pr forums?

    Thanks guys, I hope to some day be able to make what you guys are making now.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      It is our full strategy at the moment. We’re working on some other methods for split testing purposes as well. We’ll talk more about those later though. Keep in mind the competition for the keywords we’re trying to rank is very low.

  51. LeoLeo09-25-2012

    I am referring to your Magic Submitter process by the way*

  52. LeoLeo09-27-2012

    Ah I see. What other methods are you looking at? Are you trying a different software or simply different type of links? I.e Guest posting?

    And I re-read my post and I don’t think it made too much sense, but I was curious over if you realised or not that when you set the settings to the money site, there is no need to input keywords (3 times money keyword + long tail keywords), because all the backlinks you set up to the money site have their backlinks + anchor text within the content (article directories and blogs). Or am I missing something?

    • JoshJosh09-29-2012

      We’ll talk more about our tests in later posts, Leo. As far as what your mentioning on MS – the campaign will refer to the tier above it when it grabs the anchor text.

  53. ZoltanZoltan09-27-2012

    Do you guys think that SeNuke XCR can be as effective (or much more) than Magic Submitter if I use the same template as in the Tutorial?

    Because I think SeNuke XCR has a bit more links to submit, right?

    • JoshJosh09-29-2012

      Hey Zoltan, I haven’t used SeNuke before, but I have read about it. From what I’ve read so far, most people have rated Magic Submitter as the better of the two programs. That being said, if you like SeNuke, i’m sure you could follow the template as closely as possible and it would be fine.

  54. MarkyMarky09-27-2012

    Hi Josh, great tutorial!! I have MS and I recommend this to everyone. For the padlinks do you have you VA change the IP for all the padlinks sent to different websites? Thanks guy!

  55. JamesJames09-28-2012

    Hi guys,

    Is a tool like MS worth the investment someone starting out with say 5 sites so far? It seems like a catch 22, not sure I am on track so don’t want to fork out $67/mth for a tool, but seems like it will be pretty tough to get the few sites I have to rank without a tool…? What is the most efficient poor man’s backlinking, so as to see if the sites will work before spending more money? Or is a it a case of without spending a little I won’t make anything?



    • JoshJosh09-29-2012

      James, you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the mark here. You have to invest something to get something back in this business. If you can find someone who has the program or backlinking tools that you want to use, then you can always pay them to do it for you.

  56. LeoleoLeoleo09-28-2012

    Guys, have you noticed any difference in your rankings/traffic? google just announced EMD update!!

  57. ChrisChris09-28-2012

    Hey Josh

    In the video you skipped over the bookmarking setup while in the campaign which is self explanatory like you stated, but when your adding bookmarking like you showed us in the video and linking it to the blog and article directories, What links or link do you link to? since your barely setting up the campaigns you dont know the actual links of the blog or directories where your article is posted.

    So what link do place in the link section. I wouldnt think you would place your money site link since your not bookmarking your money site your bookmarking the blogs and article directories…..

    Can you clear this up for me please…. kinda stuck on this small task… would appreciate it.


  58. JCJC09-29-2012

    So with the recent update that was supposed to target EMDs with low quality content, it seems like some of my sites got hit hard. No changes noticed with your sites Josh?

    Maybe my content isn’t quality enough even though I write it myself… Josh, do you know of any good write-ups explaining how to write quality SEO content?


  59. JCJC09-29-2012

    Or maybe some guidelines to follow to make sure the content I produce passes the tests when it comes to these updates.

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