How To Set Up Your On Page Optimization

So you’ve done your keyword research and you’re ready to start setting up your site…but there’s one problem, you don’t know how!

Once again, we’ve got that covered…

Just follow our free zero fluff, straight to the point guide, and you’ll be well on your way to getting your first hosting account and setting up perfect on page optimization for your niche site.

  1. First of all, you need to set up a host if you haven’t gotten one yet. Here is a link to our free guide on How To Set Up A Hosting Account.

  2. Secondly, Here’s how we set up our On-Page Optimization (I go pretty quickly, so if you’re following along, you may need to pause or rewind the video to keep up. You may also want to make the video Full Screen by clicking on the button on the bottom right of the video.):


BlueHost – This is our preferred hosting which we demonstrated in ourย video.

CTR Theme – This is the theme in which we use to attain a high click-through-rate and achieve high adsense earnings. Other good themes we use include Prosense and the Niche Website Theme.

Niche Site Checklistย – This is the Excel Checklist that we used in the video.

FREE SEO Plugins
ย – Here are the plugins that we use for our niche sites.

Master Ping List
ย – This is the ping list that we insert into “CBnet Ping Optimizer”

As you can see from our videos, every tool we suggest is a tool that we use regularly and stand behind 100%. Some of the links above are affiliate links, so if you do use them – thank you very much – by doing so you’re helping to fund this website ๐Ÿ™‚

Why Bother With All This Set-Up/Optimization?
This set up is what we do to improve the chances of our sites ranking in the search engines. ย The strategic placement of the keywords and phrases allow search engines to properly index the site where we want them.

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  1. SlyteSlyte07-27-2012

    Very useful video. Looks like you forget to say few words about how to configure permalinks.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-27-2012

      Hey Slyte, I do mention how to set up the permalinks. It’s at 0:58 on the video. I go through it very fast though.

  2. darrendarren07-27-2012

    You don’t use askimet for spam comments or don’t enable commenting?

    What about seopressor to auto, alt tag, bold, underline, etc your pages/post?

    You mentioned somewhere that you divide up your hosting on your sites, how many sites on what host do you have? I am transferring my sites from It has had terrible load time and occasional down time. I’m also skeptical about shared hosting. The only constant reviews I’ve read have been on hostgator, but its a bit pricey for a beginner.

    Been following you for awhile. Good stuff and thank you.

    Long time follower. Thanks for everything.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-27-2012

      Hey Darren,
      For content spam you can install “Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin”.

      As far as seopressor goes, we did buy it, but I wouldn’t suggest it anymore. For those of you that don’t have it, you don’t need it – it’s just added expense, in my opinion. I’ll show you how to optimize articles for free in an upcoming tutorial

      We have about 30-40 sites per host and we have 7 hosting accounts. 4 of them are actually with Hostgator, but we’ve made the shift to BlueHost and they seem to work just as well, provide excellent support, and they’re cheaper. We haven’t experienced a single negative yet.

      • Josh E.Josh E.07-27-2012

        ** Update **

        I just added “Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin” into the FREE SEO Plugins.

  3. BeginnerBeginner07-27-2012

    Just want to ask better domain would be for keyword ( cool site for all) this or ?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-27-2012

      I’d go with I believe Partial Match Domains are better than a hyphenated Exact match.

  4. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff07-27-2012

    You are giving quite valuable information here and thank you for that. I hope next post will about in depth interaction with CTR and more particularly about Adsense code placement, color blending and so.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-27-2012

      Thanks for the input, Paul. That’s a great idea for a video – I think I just might do that!

  5. RickyRicky07-27-2012

    Thank you so much for sharing this! The video is so easy to follow:) For the CTR theme:

    – What do you check off for the ad layout?

    – What adsense codes do you put in?

    – Do you do seo for the CTR theme option?

    Thanks Guys!!

  6. Josh E.Josh E.07-27-2012

    Hey Ricky, I think i’ll make a video on this. But to give a quick answer, the first two ad layouts on the top work the best for us.

    – We put in the 336 x 280 and the 160 x 600.

    – We don’t do the seo for the CTR theme option, because the Platinum SEO Pack plugin takes care of this.

  7. JoeJoe07-27-2012

    Yes if you can put a tutorial video showing the CTR theme fully setup with a mock article added, ad placement (of course you can just sub a an static image for these since you don’t want people clicking on a live account), etc to get the full visual of what a completed site looks like. That would really help out alot of people I think.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-27-2012

      Hey Joe, I’m currently working on this at the moment. It will be up soon.

  8. RayRay07-27-2012

    Thanks for the information. I’ve got 16 websites to setup now. Once the backlinking post is done I will build the websites.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-14-2012

      Backlink post was finally completed ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. BeginnerBeginner07-28-2012

    Hi, can you write more about Building Backlinks?

  10. ZedZed07-28-2012

    Such generosity…thanks. You deserve to reap much success from what you are doing here!

  11. darrendarren07-29-2012

    Thanks for your answers. I just bought a year of bluehost through your aff link. I found hostgator for 30 bucks more a year with a coupon, but i’m still new and cheap.

    I’ve been writing my own articles for my MNS’s and I want to start doing things in bulk. Will you talk about your writers? This seems to be the most time consuming part of building the sites.

    I’ve built and ranked 3 MNS and they earn monthly. I might sell one to pay for Backlinking software and writers. Now I’m ready start building several at a time.

  12. HenryHenry07-30-2012

    Great post guys! I love the way you get right to the point. I have set up quite a few of these at this point, but I still found some nuggets in there:). Wish I would have had this video when I started:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-30-2012

      Thanks Henry. It’s the words of encouragement like yours that keep us making these posts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hitesh PatelHitesh Patel07-31-2012

    Great site Josh, really enjoyed watching your step by step video for on page optimization. Picked up a few things I didn’t know either.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-31-2012

      Glad to hear it helped Hitesh. As long as we hear that people are getting something out of it we’ll keep putting them out.

  14. KatKat07-31-2012

    What you guys are doing is very motivating! I’m just confused about backlinking. First you social bookmark and how long after do you use magic submitter? Would love to see you do a video on that! Thanks and best of luck.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-01-2012

      That video will be coming soon… ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Danny NguyenDanny Nguyen08-02-2012

    Referred to adsense privacy policy generator in your tuts in video. It is one copy of content for multiple users and it will caused duplicated contents and conflict with each others one another. I am not sure whether in pages privacy policy and disclaimer treated as normal content or not? And also should we allowed for G engine crawls those pages or not? Do-follow or no-follow? Please help me out. Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-02-2012

      Hey Danny, we don’t do anything to our privacy pages. We just add it on like we show in the video. I’ve never once heard that duplication of the privacy policy can hurt your site. If it does, it’s not enough to stop us from ranking.

  16. Alexander Bastian SmithAlexander Bastian Smith08-02-2012

    Fantastic article. May I ask why you have chosen Platinum SEO rather than All-in-One Pack like Pat Flynn and Spencer at niche pursuits?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-02-2012

      Hey Alexander. It’s been working for us up until now, but we may switch over. I believe all-in-one seo pack is the more updated of the two.

      • Alexander Bastian SmithAlexander Bastian Smith08-02-2012

        Thanks for your response. Loving your blog, keep checking back for your next updates! Am basically building my sites following your method. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. LongLong08-03-2012

    Hey Josh,

    Is an About Page really necessary? Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-04-2012

      Hey Long. I believe it is, according to Google.

      • LongLong08-04-2012

        I thought so, thanks Josh

  18. ChadChad08-04-2012

    I know you said you create a 1000 word article then a 500 word article if it ranks. Do you still target the main keyword with the 500 word article or another one?

    Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey Chad, we target subkeywords with the follow up articles.

  19. TerenceTerence08-05-2012

    Hey Josh how come you don’t enable the pining in CBNET Ping Optmizer? You added the ping urls and then uncheck enable pinging.

    How come?

    Great info too thank you.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey Terence, That get’s enabled once we’ve added the article and we’re ready to ping the site. That will be covered in the next video.

  20. RodRod08-06-2012

    Great video! Do we install the firewall and growmap plugin and just leave it alone? Is there a backlinking video I missed? Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

      Yes, install the two plugins. And I’m working on the backlinking video. It will go up along side the indexing videos.

  21. Danny NguyenDanny Nguyen08-06-2012

    Hi Josh, referring to the Contact Us page created using form 7 plugin in your tut. Do you use one email address across multiples sites or you used individual per email per site when create a new site? Waiting for your response. You guys are doing good last month. Follow up with you guys. Ps: One more thing a About Us page, is it compulsory to have About Us page for niche sites google Adsense. And it a must. Can you please show us simple structure how to write Adsense About Us Page Niche Sites. Regards, Danny Nguyen

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

      Hey Danny, We use the same email across multiple sites. Also I believe an about us page is necessary according to Google…or so I’ve read. The structure of writing these is whatever you want. Just write a brief paragraph of what your site is about and include the keyword you are going for. Don’t over think it ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. georgegeorge08-07-2012

    Hi Josh, how do I learn magic submitter? Do you recommend me build any other links to get started beside social bookmarks. Thanks-george

  23. dustindustin08-09-2012

    Excellent tutorial! That really simplifies things. I’m sure this is something you want to keep internally….but would you consider sharing your spreadsheet for optimizing the pages? (of course less any personal or private data)

  24. dustindustin08-09-2012

    I’m an idiot…..sorry I didn’t see where you provided it.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-10-2012

      Haha, no worries Dustin. Glad you found it useful ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Sean BradfordSean Bradford08-13-2012

    I am setting up my menus and I noticed that my CTR theme doesn’t have native support for themes but you have extra widget areas that I dont’ have with mine. Why does this tutorial show a widget area called “Header Navigation” as well as “Top Navigation?”

  26. Sean BradfordSean Bradford08-13-2012

    oops. i mean native support for Menus….

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-14-2012

      Hey Sean, I’m not sure why this might be…. Do you have everything updated to the latest version?

  27. JohnJohn08-15-2012

    I couldn’t find anywhere on your website how do you approach content on your website when starting out (length of the article, how many times you mention money keyword, do you use main keyword in title of first post etc.).

    I am sure you have heard of Profit Instruments before because I can tell you got some ideas from it or Ritoban did from you. If you are familiar with that program, did you change anything in terms of your content?

    Thanks and great site by the way.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-15-2012

      Hey John, I believe the post that you’re looking for is here.

  28. JohnJohn08-15-2012

    Thanks Josh. I will take a look at it.

  29. GeorgeGeorge08-21-2012


    I admire your persistence in building these niche sites! Great work!

    I have a question though about the EMD and keyword you are using in the example. I see that on the top ranks there are sites like ehow, etc. is that good or are these more difficult to outrank?

    I also see that you have lots and lots of content on this website at the moment,

    How is it ranking?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Seeing ehow, about, etc. are typicially good signs, but you’ll also want to check how well optimized they are for the keyword as well.

      This particular website is not that optimized to get search engine traffic, haha. I’ll probably make some fixes to that though.

  30. DarrenDarren08-23-2012

    Setting up multiple sites is soo slow. Probably you have you VA’s do it, but I’m not there just yet.

    I think I may use backup buddy or some other back up plugin to just upload a preloaded site. What do you think? I guess it would just save a few minutes, but that could translate into hours for my stage of the game.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      I’ve never tried backup buddy before, but anything you can do to save time is great. For us, going with a VA gets the job done.

  31. mannymanny08-29-2012

    Hi there, for tags do you put in your main keyword, some LSI keywords and the sub keyword? And the subkeyword is what you write your second article about? Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      That’s pretty much it, Manny. But as far as Tags go we just put the main keyword and the sub keywords.

  32. dustindustin08-30-2012

    anyone else’s cbnet ping optimizer giving a disabled by administrator error? I have cleared the log and enabled pinging, saved settings but get the same error.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Sorry Dustin, but I haven’t seen this error yet.

  33. GeorgeGeorge09-01-2012

    Hey Josh,

    I followed your steps to configure a wordpress, but it seems that the Easy Privacy Plugin is no longer being supported by its developer and cannot be downloaded from the official wordpress website.

    Can you share it here or let us know of a good alternative?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      George, it’s already shared on this page. In the original post I included it in the Free SEO Plugins.

  34. TimothyTimothy09-06-2012

    I’m a bit confused. How many LSI keywords do you put in your 1000+ articles and what keywords do you put in your tags? Sorry I’m new to this. Great website by the way!

  35. GeorgeGeorge09-11-2012

    I love this video but why in the section about cbnet ping optimizer do you disable it but still add a ping list. Dont you want the site to ping to those sites.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

      Hey George. We disable it because we don’t want the site to start indexing before the site is optimized and ready to be indexed. In the post on getting our first article up, we talk about re-enabling the plugin.

  36. CharlesCharles09-20-2012

    Thanks for this! Is it OK if I put a compensation disclosure on my adsense sight? Some people have that on there I notice.

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