Indexing and Social Bookmarking

So you’ve got your site set up and the article posted, now you want to get your site indexed so that it appears in the search engines. So here’s how you do it.

Sites/Tools Used In The Video
Pingler (Free Site)
QuickIndex (Free Site)

Now that we’ve finished that, we like to social bookmark right away. We do this using a tool called SocialAdr. This tool allows your content to be shared on real peoples social platforms which is a great way to add some links to your site to give it an extra boost and get it indexed quickly and correctly. Here’s a video tutorial of how we use SocialAdr:

Sites/Tools Used In The Video
SocialAdr (Affiliate)
The Best Spinner (Affiliate)
Overview of videos

1) Reactivated CBnet Ping Optimizer and pinged and set the pinging to once every 45 minutes.
2) Pinged our root domain using
3) Ran our site through to boost indexing speed.
4) Bookmarked our site via SocialAdr.

  • Spun titles and descriptions using The Best Spinner
  • Set submission limit to 25

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  1. Tyler HermanTyler Herman08-11-2012

    Videos are set to private

  2. mattmatt08-11-2012

    Ah bummers, the videos are set to private 🙁

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-11-2012

      Thanks for the heads up guys. I’ve fixed the issue. I’m getting the backlinking post up today as well 🙂

      • TimTim08-11-2012

        Thanks josh!

  3. TimTim08-11-2012

    Its private on my end too.

  4. CalvinCalvin08-11-2012

    Thanks for sharing these helpful videos.

    – After you enable ping optimizer and ping it do you always keep it enabled?

    – After you add more articles do you social bookmark them too?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-18-2012

      Yes, we leave the ping optimizer enabled from this point on. And no, we haven’t been social bookmarking the new articles… although I have considered doing this becauase it may help rankings.

  5. Hi guys! I’m following you all closely on how you do things. Always nice to see other people’s methods. Keep it up!

  6. DougDoug08-12-2012

    Hey Josh,

    When using Socialadr what is the best account to sign up to? I see they offer a discount for new users.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-12-2012

      Hey Doug. That completely depends on your budget and how many sites that you need to work on.

  7. SammieSammie08-13-2012

    Hi Josh, how long do you keep ping optimizer enabled after you ping it for 1 time in 45minutes? Can I add an article, indexing and social bookmarking all in one day without being too much? Thank you:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-14-2012

      Hey Sammie. We once we enable the ping optimizer the first time, we leave it enabled. And you should be able to add an article, do indexing and social bookmark all in the same day without any problem.

  8. BradBrad08-14-2012

    Hi Josh and Trevor, I’m a little confused on SocialAdr. How many credits do I have to buy to start bookmarking and Do you use the same social accounts when you submit different websites? Also, can I add adsense on before backlinking?

    Thanks so much

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-14-2012

      Hey Brad. We have two SocialAdr accounts. A free one and a membership one. You can go with whatever plan you’d like if you decide to go this route. With SocialAdr, you don’t submit the link from your own account, other people submit for you. And yes you can add adsense before backlinking if you’d like.

  9. A very quick way to index your new sites is by sharing the site inside Google Plus. I don’t mean you clicking on the Gplus button on the site .You have to go to your Google Plus Account and Share to Link. You can index your site with 2hours most times. tried and tested .

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-18-2012

      Hey Dori, thanks for the tip! We’ll have to try that some time!

  10. DougDoug08-17-2012

    Hey Josh,

    Do you run through the indexing process for all your inner pages as well or just the main url?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-18-2012

      We only actively index the main url and we let the follow up pages index on their own.

  11. DarrenDarren08-19-2012

    any reason you limit to 25 bookmarks? Is it because of the sheer quantity of sites you make? If i have fewer sites, wouldn’t it be better to raise the limit?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-21-2012

      Hey Darren. I just don’t find much of a boost from social bookmarks other than to get indexed well in the search engines. They don’t boost rankings all that much and it’s as you said, we have too many sites to submit to so that’s why we limit the amount.

  12. adamadam08-20-2012

    Hello guys! Happy people good like you are making it:) I’m new at this and was wondering what is the difference between only wire and socialadr? Say if i get you to do pad links first for me and I later do social bookmarks is that OK? Blasting 20-25 bookmarks and 150-200 pads links at the same time is to powerful you think to cause deindexing of the website?


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-21-2012

      Hey Adam. Never tried only wire. I have read a lot about both and found that most people preferred Social Adr, but the only real test would be to split test them both, which is something that we haven’t done. Normally we social bookmark first before we throw other links on the site, because social bookmarking really helps with getting the site indexed. Don’t take this as fact, but honestly I forgot to social bookmark some sites in the past and didn’t notice any ranking decline. I may look into this further one of these days.

  13. DougDoug08-23-2012

    Hey Josh,

    Just letting you know that since yesterday the “Quick Index” free site has gown down.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey Doug, I just checked and it seems to be working again.

  14. TimTim08-23-2012

    Hi guys, its been almost a week and my sight is not indexed yet. I used your methods and when I put in google site:mywebsite and nothing shows up. Am I suppose to social bookmark first and then let my site index or let it index then social bookmark? Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      We social bookmark before it gets indexed. That’s pretty much the bulk of what social bookmarks are good for because as far as link juice goes, they’re pretty weak.

  15. JoseJose09-08-2012

    Hoiw long does it usually take to get your sight indexed?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Hey Jose, It normally takes about 1-3 days for us to get indexed.

  16. jodijodi09-14-2012

    I had some sights not get indexed at all even using the profit instrument and social bookmarks. What would you do in this case….run profit instrument again?


    • Josh E.Josh E.09-14-2012

      Honestly we haven’t ever had a site not get indexed. Even sites where we messed up on and hadn’t added a single article yet got indexed in about a week. Are you doing all your on page optimization and meta tags? And how long has it been since the site was put up?

  17. CharlieCharlie09-17-2012

    Noticing you guys didn’t include a link to cb ping optimizer 2.3.3 which is step 1 in video 1. I googled the plug in and it hasn’t been updated in two years. Are you sure it is still effective? Are there other effective alternatives to this?

    Have you had any issues with forcing the pinging in this manner (as opposed to allowing Google to naturally crawl)?

    • CharlieCharlie09-17-2012

      Also, with the Profit Instruments quick index site, I took a look at many of those links that popped up and 90’s of them were coming as 404 or 503. Would have been beneficial to this article to perhaps explain more in depth what this service is trying to do, thank you.

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Hey Charlie. The cbnet ping optimizer is included in our posts about on page optimization. I have let some sites index naturally, but I didn’t notice any difference in rankings. So getting it indexed sooner than later just made sense to us. And yes, it still looks to be effective for us.

  18. JamesJames09-20-2012

    Hi Guys,

    I have a question about indexing. I have a site that is almost two weeks old and my content pages are not getting indexed… The privacy, About and Contact pages have, but not my content… I have submitted sitemaps and bookmarked on 5 or so social media sites with onlywire, but no progress… I removed the ads (I am using CTR theme) in case they were part of the issue? I can’t see any issues with the page or site structure..?

    Do you see this with your sites? Is it just a waiting game at this stage? Is there anything I have missed in regards to getting the content pages indexed?

    Keep up the great work



    • Josh E.Josh E.09-21-2012

      Well, normally our site will index within a 2-3 days using our indexing method. There hasn’t been a single case where our site hasn’t indexed. Even when we forgot to add the article on a site, it still indexed with pretty much nothing. Have you pinged your content and is the site meta tags and descriptions filled correctly?

      • JamesJames09-21-2012


        Everything looks fine. It’s odd that the Privacy, About and Contact pages indexed within a couple of days, but not the others. There are four content pages, one a page and three as posts. I have pinged and linked from a few social sites. Meta tags all seem fine. It is my second site, the first one indexed fine. This one is on CTR theme, the other wasn’t, could there be an issue in that? Also, is there a blacklist of sites? could my domain been in trouble previously?

        Thanks for your reply.


  19. SammySammy09-23-2012

    When you mean indexing does you website have to have the exact domain before starting back links? I notice sometimes the about us page gets indexed first. Should it be like instead of us/

    Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      Sammy, we typically wait until the main domain name gets indexed.

  20. JamesJames09-26-2012

    To update (for those that care 🙂 ) the pages did finally all get indexed.

    2 questions though:

    1) I noticed that I have two domains (of my 5 site empire..) that have dates that show in 2011 and 2010 in the SEO tool. On wayback, one had a niche site on it last year the other has a godaddy parking page. Is this a good or bad thing….? Does this make them “aged” domains?

    2) I now have 5 new (1-3 weeks old) niche sites set up, but no result (eg income), I am pretty sure they are set up well based on following the guides I found here, on Mike from Maine and Adsense flippers. I haven’t done much backlinking yet. Do I plough on expecting that I have it right and in a month or two they will start to earn? Or wait for proof of concept? (in this case proof I got it right) Any thoughts? Would anyone be willing to look at one of my sites and say “yup, you’re on track and if you do that more it will likely start to work” or “whoa whoa, you are doing it wrong!”?

    • JoshJosh09-29-2012

      James, we haven’t worked with aged domains yet so we can’t comment on that from our experiences. As far as your sites go, they can take 1-2 months to rank depending on what linking strategy you’re following. So if it were us, we would keep going with it and wait to see what happens.

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