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Article Writing ServicesBefore we talk about Article Writing Services, lets first get right into how to optimize an article. Simply follow the instructions laid out in the following video (For the videos on this page you may want to make them Full Screen by clicking on the button on the bottom right of the video):

If you haven’t yet downloaded the niche site checklist from the last tutorial, you can download it here.

How To Write SEO Optimized Articles

When writing or using article writing services for niche sites, we make sure the article meets the following criteria.

  1. At least 1000 words – We’ve tried as little as 500 words for our first articles in the beginning, and all but two of them didn’t end up doing so well.  Since then we’ve bumped up our word count to 1000.  Now, there were many other factors that could have led to our failure at that time as well, but 1000 words seems to be working well for us right now.  This may also be a healthy choice considering the panda updates.

  2. 1% Keyword Density – We find that 1% keyword density seems to work out the best and it doesn’t look overly spammy.  So if you’re writing 1000 words or having article writing services do it for you, try to use your exact match keyword around 10 times.

  3. Related/LSI keywords sprinkled throughout the article – In order to rank for your keyword and a few subkeywords as well, you may want to pull out the Google keyword tool and sprinkle in a few highly searched relevant terms.  For example, if I wanted to rank for “Article Writing Services”, some good sub keywords I might use, include: seo article writing service, article writing service, content writing service, quality article writing services, best article writing service, cheap article writing, etc. For best results, try to add the keywords that also have low competition. You can pull out Long Tail Pro to check page rank and links.

  4. Valuable, related, and readable content – If your content sucks, then it will have a hard time ranking.  Furthermore, your income will suffer because people will not want to spend much time on sites with junky content.  Does this mean you need to have scholarly novels on your page?  No, just make sure you or you or your article writing service has decent English skills and make sure you’re not writing paragraphs about “Cheerios” when your keyword is “Blue Sweaters”

Using Article Writing Services

So maybe you’re like me and you don’t like writing tons seo optimized articles on random topics. Well, there’s a solution for that… it’s called outsourcing. Basically, you can have other people who are experienced in writing, write for you. There are many places where you can find quality article writing services, but we like to get our articles from writers we hire on Odesk.com. If you choose to do this, you’ll want to make sure to filter through writers so that you’re only getting quality articles. If you don’t filter through writers, you’ll find yourself with many headaches later on. Believe me, I know this from experience.

quality article writing services

What was that? Did you say you want a tutorial for this too? And you want me to provide job posting scripts? … And you want me to give it for free?! Are you serious?! Well, alright, but only because you asked so nicely … and only if you scroll down and like and share this page, jk. You don’t have to like and share – you can be stingy :).

How To Get Writers From Odesk:

Job Posting Script

Alternative Option

If you don’t even want to spend any time filtering through writers and hiring them, we do offer alternative article writing services. That’s right folks, we are opening our own personal article writing team to you. These are the exact writers we used to get content for 200+ sites and rank at the top.

If you’re interested in this, you can send an email entitled “Article Writing Service” to us at sales@wsotesters.com.

In the email, just briefly tell us how many articles you are looking to have written and if we have an opening to write your article, then we’ll send you a form to fill out where you can input your keyword and article details.

Because this is really our own personal team of writers, we don’t want them getting too busy to write for us so there will be times when we cannot take any orders. If this is the case, we’ll kindly let you know in a responding email.

Just to let you know we’re currently pricing our articles at $1.20 per 100 words and we do NOT write product sales articles. These are general niche site optimized articles only and they work best for adsense sites – they are not built to persuade or convince someone to take action on anything such as buying on amazon, clickbank, entering in CPA, etc.

If you need persuasive article writing services, you may be able to find good ones on the warrior forum or digital point forum.

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We wish you all the best!
– Josh @ WSOtesters

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  1. Paul KostoffPaul Kostoff07-29-2012

    Keep up the tempo guys, you are a machines 😉
    One question i am curious about is what are your expenses until now for making these Adsense sites (i am talking about the whole process from the very beginning )?

    • AneAne07-29-2012

      see Josh’s previous posts

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-29-2012

      Hey Paul, were you wondering how much we’ve spent since we first started niche sites in March? Off the top of my head I would say around $5,000.

  2. RayRay07-29-2012

    Josh thank you so much for your tutorials. Hope you update it this frequently all the time 😉 It’s helping me alot as I’m getting closer and closer establishing niche websites. As for costs, since I can’t exactly afford a $20k investment. What is your tip for maintaining costs. Currently I can only invest just under $1k for the start-up.

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-29-2012

      Hey Ray, if you want to keep costs to an absolute minimum, I would suggest building the sites yourself and writing the articles yourself. This way, the only thing you’ll have to pay for is the domain names and hosting. You’ll also have to pay for a keyword research tool and a backlinking tool if you choose to use one. If we didn’t use any VA or article writers, I know we would be able to launch a 30 site campaign for under $1k. However, I do NOT recommend doing this much at the stage you’re at. We were able to do so because we had the budget, and if you read our posts back then, we failed in that initial attempt and had to shut it down. You should start of with maybe 3-5 sites for now and figure out what’s working and not working.

      • RayRay07-30-2012

        Thanks so much Josh for the advice. Could I email you for some help, regarding keywords? I don’t anyone else to see the keywords here.

      • MohamedMohamed09-27-2012

        Keeping costs low is critical but unless you can sit there and write 500 – 1000 word articles (which is very, very tedious) you will end up getting burned out. You should also check out Fiverr – I’ve found a lot of great writers on there and narrowed it down to a few that can write phenomenal posts, articles and reviews (each requires a different style of writing).

        You WILL need to spend some money – there isn’t much of a choice, unless you want to do things manually. Setting up 30 blogs is a pain and can be difficult to do if you do it by hand. Just imagine installing themes, plugins etc., for 30 domains.

        If you don’t want to buy you could use your CPANEL to create a “blank” WP structure with all your plugins etc., loaded and then COPY that to the new domain. You can do the same with MYSQL as well – but again it is time consuming.

        Although we don’t create hundreds of sites at a time, our experiments with niche sites is if we don’t use tools it will take 3-4 hours per site. With some of the tools we use (you can find them on our site) it takes us an hour (only because I’m pretty anal when it comes to making sure a site looks perfect) or less. Ideally you want to keep your site creation time low if you want to be able to launch 30 sites per month.

        Wow… I’ve just written enough for a post. 🙂

      • MohamedMohamed09-27-2012

        Josh – key statement “You should start of with maybe 3-5 sites for now and figure out what’s working and not working.” that everyone that is new should follow. You can quickly get into serious debt or cash shortage if you try to scale right off the start.

  3. DaliDali07-29-2012

    If in case I will use your writing services , what guarantee do I have that my niches won’t be used by you .
    Nice Article by the way

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-29-2012

      Hey Dali, good question. Honestly, all we can give people is our word. We’ve ordered level 3 ($16) and level 4 ($24) articles from textbroker, only to find out that our odesk article writers did a better job. So if people want to use us instead, the option is there. If they don’t, then that’s cool too. They can use textbroker or odesk or whoever. We’re not concerned about making article writing a big part of our business.

  4. EricEric07-29-2012

    Great job guys… Seriously. I have been working online for a couple years now with SEO and watching what you guys have done is very inspirational. Your videos are straight to the point. Keep pumping them out I am sold on your stuff.

  5. SlyteSlyte07-30-2012

    Did you order article spinning (for article directories) at Odesk, if so how much for 500 word in average?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-30-2012

      Yea, we get our VA to spin articles using The Best Spinner (we pay them hourly, so it probably ends up costing us $2 per spun article). In the past we’ve ordered articles to be spun using fiverr gigs.

  6. JojoJojo07-30-2012

    thanks josh, the prosesne theme you recommended works like a charm, I am now getting 10% click rates via this theme, i am even a little worried that it seems too high

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-30-2012

      Hey Jojo. Yea, prosense is a great free alternative. And I wouldn’t be worried about 10% click rates as long as you’re not directing people to click on it or getting false clicks. Our average CTR throughout all our sites is actually just under 10%.

  7. SteveSteve07-30-2012

    Brilliant series Guys, it’s really inspirational.

    Really looking forward to the back linking tutorial as I’m learning Magic Submitter and would love to see how you do it.

    One question for now – How do you monitor traffic to your sites? Do you use Google Analytics or something similar?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-30-2012

      Hey Steve, we have installed analytics on some of our top sites, but for the most part we’re not currently using anything to monitor site traffic other than the Adsense reports which show pageviews

  8. kunkun07-31-2012

    Hi mosa
    will you share “Magic Submitter & VA Link Building” strategy ?

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-31-2012

      Hey Kun, I’m working on this post and it will be up soon.

  9. rafarafa07-31-2012

    I noticed in the video that you make the post “sticky”.
    But why not create a new page instead and make it your static front page (general settings-> reading options), and then place the main article in the page body?
    The reason I ask this, is because I thought posting your main article as a sticky instead of a page would make it duplicate content on your own site (shown on your “www.domain.com” and “www.domain.com/postname”).

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-31-2012

      Thanks for the idea Rafa. To be honest, I’ve never even thought about that. We rank just fine having the post as a sticky…but maybe doing it your way could help sites rank even better – it certainly does make sense. We’ll have to try it out 🙂

  10. AshleyAshley07-31-2012

    Love the Videos!! After you post the 1000 word article do you post another 1000 word article after you rank in the top 10? If your website doesn’t rank do you just forget about it and move on? Thank you:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.07-31-2012

      Hey Ashley, that’s pretty much what we do. If it ranks in the top 10, then we add a 500 word article as a follow up. If it doesn’t rank then we leave it alone. Later on I try to do a manual review of all the sites that didn’t make it. If potential still exists then I might try to make something out of it – if not then it goes into the archives to possibly become part of a blog network.

  11. RyanRyan07-31-2012

    Hi, two questions. First one is do you only include one link in the articles which links to the money site or do you have 2 links, one to a different random page or external website. Also do you count LSI keywords against or with your main keyword density?

    Second do you guys register domain names with a different registrar for each and/or have different hosting providers for each domain?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-01-2012

      Hey Ryan, we include one link to the root domain, and then we have 2 outbound links to an authority site such as wikipedia.

      I don’t count LSI keywords as part of the keyword density. However, if the exact match keyword is part of a subkeyword, then I can count that as covering both the exact match keyword and the subkeyword.

      We have all our domains on Godaddy. We have our sites hosted across 7 hosting accounts at the moment. There are about 30-40 sites on each account.

  12. StephSteph08-01-2012

    Hi guys,

    Do you add any h2 and h3 tags?

    After you publish a post you social bookmark right away and how long usually does it take to rank?

    Do you install google analytics? I like to use WP Slim Stat. But If I flip a website is it hard to sell without google analytics?

    Thanks and keep rocking!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-01-2012

      We don’t put h2 and h3 tags. We social bookmark after we publish. And we haven’t installed analytics on many of the sites. If we plan on selling them we may install it one month before we sell. For flippa sales you probably do want analytics on it.

  13. AnnelaAnnela08-01-2012

    Hi Josh & Trevor, where do you get your images? Thanks for the informative videos!

    Thank you


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-02-2012

      Hey Annela. If it’s a product, then we just look for generic pictures of that product on google images. We also use some images off of flickr, depending on the topic.

  14. PaulPaul08-02-2012

    This is my new favorite website! I went through it yesterday and you guys know what you’re talking about. My questions about articles:

    – Do you usually analyze the comp. for the LSI keywords? What is the exact match searches do usually go for with the LSI keywords?

    – How much on average do you pay for a 1000 word article?

    Thank you!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-02-2012

      Hey Paul, well, I think there’s a slight confusion as to what LSI keywords are…and I probably didn’t specify this earlier, but LSI keywords are not the same as the Subkeywords that we go for. An LSI keyword is simply a related term that’s sprinkled throughout your article that helps the search engines “know” what your site should be ranking for. On the other hand, a Subkeyword is the actual keyword that you try to rank alongside your main keyword. You will want to put all your subkeywords in the meta keywords and meta tags (we normally pick about 5). I hope that all makes sense.

      All that being said, we do analyze competition for the Subkeywords. I’ve never made a cutting point for Subkeywords. I just try to choose the best search volume I can that still has low competition.

      We pay $7 on average for 1000 words.

  15. TristaTrista08-02-2012

    hey josh:) You are heading in the right direction…the best starts somewhere! For images you put on your website are they royal free or do you pick google images without having a problem on adsense websites?

    go get the $$$

    P.S Do you thing you guys are going to make close to 100K for the year!….I hope so you guys deserve it.

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-02-2012

      Trista, we hope we get there too! Also for images, honestly we go for the most generic images possible. So if your keyword was a product, we would go for the generic image of the product (similar to images you would find on amazon).

  16. JonJon08-02-2012

    Hey guys….Great job with your accomplishments. I wish I could work home! How long should a content writer from odesk take to write a 800-1000 article.? Does 8 dollars seem fair for a 1000 word LSI article?

    Thanks guys


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-02-2012

      If the article writer is a great writer then $8 is fair. Each writer writes at their own pace. You should ask the writer ahead of time how quickly they get articles done. For us, we’re in a different boat because we ended up building our own article writing system where writers have to reserve articles and get them done within 24 hours of reserving them.

  17. MaryMary08-03-2012

    Hi Josh, What do you tell your article writers what to write? I guess I mean:

    do you have them pick LSI keywords or do you choose them and how many per 1000 word article?

    Do you pick the title? Tell them to put h1 tags in etc.?

    How many articles should I give them to start?

    Thank you and I can’t wait for the back linking video….I will buy magic submitter through your link once I know how to use it:)


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-04-2012

      Hey Mary. We pick the Subkeywords out for them and require them to use the correct keyword density and number of words. We give them a few general directions to go with the article and we also instruct them to include a header about midway through the article that contains the keyword. Article writers can pick up to 3 articles from the start (we’ve built our own system of writers that’s similar to textbroker)

  18. angelangel08-05-2012

    Hi Josh & Trevor, is all your pictures you add unique or can we just look for them on google images without having a problem? So a 1000 word article should have 10 main keywords and the title and h1 tag is included as the 10?

    Thanks guys:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-05-2012

      Hey Angel, if it’s a product image then we go for the generic images (like ones you find on Amazon). If it’s not a product image we try to find images that have a creative commons license. These can be found at places like Flickr. Yes, a 1000 word article should have around 10 main keywords (anywhere from 8-12 though is fine). You can count the H1 header if you want. You just want to be close to about 1% keyword density… having 11 keywords or even only 8 keywords or whatever shouldn’t make much of a difference.

  19. timtim08-07-2012

    hey josh, is this how you do it…you write one 1000 word article and if it ranks you write a 500 word article with a different keyword? Thanks bud

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-07-2012

      Hey Tim. Yea that’s pretty much it… but just make sure that the follow up keywords are relevant to the original keyword. If your main keyword was “blue widgets”, your follow up articles might be about “red widgets” etc.

      • SufiSufi08-10-2012

        Been wanting to ask, do you leave it there forever after the follow up 500 article or do you have to keep updating it?

        • Josh E.Josh E.08-10-2012

          Hey Sufi. We ad about 3 articles and then just leave the sites at that. So far many of the sites we started with are still holding strong.

  20. TyTy08-08-2012

    Whats up Josh And Trevor? Seems like you guys starting to get successful like the adsense flippers! You said you add another article once your first article ranks. My question is:

    – Do you add another link with the subkeyword like you did with the main?

    – Before you add the second article do you enable pinging and if you do for how long do you keep it checked?

    – After the 2nd article when do you decide to add a third?

    Thanks guys!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-10-2012

      Hey Ty, for the second article we’ll link back to the original article and to the root domain. We’ll use the main keyword as the anchor text for one of them and a subkeyword as the anchor text for the other. Also we enable pinging right after we post the first article. We just add the third about a week later.

  21. dustindustin08-11-2012


    So after 5 hours I finally built my 1st niche site! I used all your affiliate links (bluehost,roboform,ctr,lont tail pro, & magic submitter) Found an excellent kw and built / optimized as per your directions. I ran into one problem….Adsense would not approve my account. They didn’t give a specific reason simply said they reserve the right to disapprove. Any ideas why? I’m assuming you never have problems with this on your sites, right? Any help is appreciated.

    • SufiSufi08-12-2012

      Hey Dustin,

      I think I might be able to help you out with this one. Last time getting an adsense account was easy Google pretty much approves anyone, however now Google has gotten much stricter to maintain integrity and reliability for their clients (advertisers) since they earn most of their revenue from advertising.

      Generally, if you are going to use one of your own domains (websites), it should be at least 6 months old, and have at least 10 pages of high-quality content. The website should not be participating in or promoting any ‘questionable’ activities such gambling, porn, etc., nor should it have any other contextual advertising on it.

      With this your chances of approval should be good.


  22. dustindustin08-13-2012

    Thank you! Adsense is new to me so I’m still learning the ropes. Luckily, I have a site that is content rich and over 1 year old. It was approved a couple of weeks ago but I automatically assumed I had to apply for each site. (now I know it’s not the case) Thank you again!

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-14-2012

      Glad it worked out in the end. And Thank You for all your support, Dustin! Keep us all updated on how that site does. It seems like a lot of work in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it then you’ll be able to speed up many of the parts!

  23. JohnJohn08-15-2012

    So if you have website such as MoneyKeywordreview.com do you use “Money Keyword” as Title of the post, tag, and category for your first article? You also mention it around 10 times within the article?

    How do you structure 2nd article? Do you write 1000 word article again with same structure just instead of “Money Keyword” you use LSI keyword?


    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey John, Yes, we would use “money keyword” as the title of the post and category.

      We do have the keyword mentioned 10 times within the article if it’s a 1000 word article.

      For the second article we keep it to 500 words. We use a subkeyword for this.

      • JohnJohn08-28-2012


        Thank you so much for clearing things out.

        Even though your first post is the Money Keyword, you rank your homepage for Money Keyword and not the post, correct?


        PS. Like your site by the way.

        • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

          Yea, we end up ranking the homepage for the money keyword.

  24. DougDoug08-17-2012

    For the SEO description that you use for the post, is this the exact same one you use in the Platinum SEO settings?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Hey Doug, we’ve actually been using a different description here. But, I don’t know if this makes any difference.

  25. DougDoug08-17-2012

    Hi Josh,

    Do you have a sample script of the article layout you provide to your writers?

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      Yes, we provide them with an outline so that they can effectively write out the article.

  26. MelMel08-23-2012

    hello, I’m new to adsense and was wondering when writing an article what font size or text style do you guys use? Does it matter since ads go on there. Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

      I have always just used the defualt text style. We’ve never bothered to change it, nor do we think it makes any difference.

  27. max waymiremax waymire08-25-2012

    Hi Josh and Trevor,
    I am soooo inspired following this blog. I have been into IM for a while with no success. Read through every page of this website. One of my question is; how many articles do you have per niche site?

    • TrevorTrevor08-26-2012

      Thank you Max, I’m glad you like what we have put together. We always start our sites with one article and if we feel like another one will help once the site has settled then we sometimes throw on more content. Being that these are niche sites and we are putting up so many of them, one article either does the trick and we are ranking well or it doesn’t and we generally move on to the next. Best of luck to you and your future success!

      • Max WaymireMax Waymire08-27-2012

        Thanks Trevor.
        Thought I heard that 1 page sites are not cutting it with Adsense any longer due to the several updates. Or is this one of the guru myths? I am quite happy to know I can rank well with just 1 article and scale up performance much later. Gracias.

        • Josh E.Josh E.08-28-2012

          Max, it’s 100% myth. We’ve been doing it like this for a while and we rank very well. Also there are several other people that we’ve run into that are doing it very similarly.

  28. mannymanny08-29-2012

    Hi Josh and Trevor! Can I use images from amazon without have a problem? If not would do you recommend flickr, google images with only commercial use? Thanks

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Manny, All of the above are acceptable.

  29. mariomario08-29-2012

    How many hrs a week does you VA work? Does he or she do seo setting up websites and all? For that what would be a fair hourly rate? Thanks again:)

    • Josh E.Josh E.08-29-2012

      Our VA gets around 40 hours a week. We find that $2/hr is a good starting point (some people start lower). As your business and income grows you can start to raise this rate.

      • MarcMarc09-02-2012

        Hey Josh you can find a decent VA for $2/hour? Although I’m new at this I’m willing to invest in a VA but not for 40 hours/week.

        How and where do I find a VA?


        • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

          Pretty much the same place you find article writers. We find them on Odesk.

  30. DarrenDarren09-03-2012

    What do you trust with a VA? Do you give them access to hosting and site passwords? I’m soo tired of setting up WP sites….I just haven’t learning how to hire an manage a VA. A tutorial would be nice 😀

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      We give them access to all wordpress sites, but not hosting at the moment. The only reason we haven’t done this is because I’m still worried that they could accidentally delete or move a file, which could really create headaches for me if I had to fix it. Besides, it doesn’t take long for us to handle stuff on the hosting end.

      I may make a tutorial on this in the future.

  31. jinjin09-04-2012

    Hi, I tried odesk and some writers that have good feedback asked for upfront % is that normal? Thanks

    • TrevorTrevor09-05-2012

      That is normal and it is completely normal for you to tell them that you only pay for articles once they are completed. I have yet to run into a writer that doesn’t accept those terms. Best of luck!

  32. nathannathan09-05-2012

    How many articles are your writers writing per day and how many writers do you have? On average how much is an average 1000 word article. Thanks guys!

    • TrevorTrevor09-06-2012

      We just recently hired a few more writers to add to the 5 that we already hired. Some writers will do three 1000 word articles a day, others will only do one. We also have days where we don’t get any articles completed (Hence why we hired more the other day). You could probably get away with 60 cents/100 words with most writers (Don’t pay anything up front).

  33. JohnnyJohnny09-07-2012

    Hi Josh and Trevor, is it normal for an article writer you hire for a cheaper rate have a little bit of grammar errors? Would google penalize your website if there are minor errors? Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      It’s happens. We try to filter and get the best of the best though. I don’t believe that Google penalizes you for such a thing unless it’s really really bad and none of the sentences make sense.

  34. wso testers fanwso testers fan09-08-2012

    Hi guys, so i can use images from amazon? I don’t have to edit the pictures?



    • Josh E.Josh E.09-08-2012

      Yea, you can use images directly from amazon without any problem. I believe Amazon even encourages you to use them.

  35. Adi R.Adi R.09-12-2012

    Hi guys, this is kinda off topic… so, how do you get images for your blog post? do you buy from merchant photos like istockphoto?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-13-2012

      Adi, I basically scrape the internet for creative commons images. I also sometimes use images that I personally screenshot from things like excel and then edit them.

  36. TiffTiff09-16-2012

    Hi josh and trevor.

    When you add a second article do you do the following?

    – add an image
    – use pingler
    – bookmark it

    Thanks Guys!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-16-2012

      Hey Tiff. We add an image, but we haven’t been pinging and bookmarking it. We let it index naturally.

  37. ChoCho09-17-2012

    Hey guys, I hired someone on odesk for an article writer and my budget was 50.00. He did an article for me and there are so many misspelled words. Should I pay him for that article? If I had a budget for 50 on contract can I end the contract without paying him that. He can’t SPELL!!

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Hey Cho, you can end the contract without having to pay them what you put in the budget. As you’re ending the contract, you will be required to select options on what to pay them. Just make sure you read and pick the appropriate options. Also make sure that you let future writers know that your reserve the right to accept and reject articles and have them rewrite it. Also, you need to be testing your writers before hiring them.

  38. BenBen09-17-2012

    Hey for the folloup article you write 500 words? Do you put another link category like you do in the tutorial for the main keyword?

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-18-2012

      Hey Ben, typically we have the follow up articles 300-500 words. And we may add a new link category if the article doesn’t fit into the original category.

  39. denisedenise09-23-2012

    Great tutorial!

  40. ReedReed09-25-2012

    Hi guys,

    When an article goes through copyscape does the article have to be 100%? I notice sometimes the article is like 7% on another article. It’s not word for word but uses some sentences. Is that Fine?

    Thank you

    • Josh E.Josh E.09-26-2012

      Hey Reed. That should be okay. As long as it’s under 10%, it’s pretty obvious that it hasn’t been copied. Your keywords are probably what’s making up that 7%.

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